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  1. Peter Apruzzese

    Weird Ad Behavior

    Ad blocks are obscuring the posts and can’t be scrolled over. Safari, iOS 13, iPhone 7+. Screenshots:
  2. Peter Apruzzese

    Warner Archive: The Thin Man (1934) coming in July!

    According to a video on the Warner Archive Facebook page, looks like The Thin Man (the first movie) is coming to Blu very shortly. The video shows them opening up a Blu-ray case with the disc inside.
  3. Peter Apruzzese

    Directors Stanley Donen, RIP Hell of a career. RIP Mr. Donen.
  4. Peter Apruzzese

    Question about iTunes/AppleTV/4K

    Simple question, but I haven' been able to get a clear answer from searching. I don't currently have 4K capability in any of my HT components. I'm thinking of adding an Apple TV 4K soon after the holidays, and over the next 18 months upgrading my receiver and my projector to 4K. My question is...
  5. Peter Apruzzese

    Broadway, etc., Cast Recordings Sellers?

    I was recently given about 75-100 CDs of Broadway and other cast recordings that I don't wish to hold on to. Are they any reputable retailers who buy cast recordings in bulk? I've done a Google search and come up almost empty. Thanks.
  6. Peter Apruzzese

    RIP Sir Roger Moore So much more than just James Bond, and he used his fame to spread good will and charity.
  7. Peter Apruzzese

    THE LOVED ONE (1965) - Coming to Blu-ray from WAC

    The Loved One (1965) NEW 2017 1080p HD REMASTER BD 50 121:00 English SDH DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 MONO- English ORIGINAL ASPECT RATIO - 1.78:1-16 X 9 FULL FRAME BLACK & WHITE Special Features: Featurette "Trying to Offend" (SD); Theatrical Trailer (HD)
  8. Peter Apruzzese

    FAHRENHEIT 451 on Blu-ray: Wal-mart Exclusive 3/7

    Marked as "50th Anniversary Edition" so I would hope for some extras, but not counting on that. Currently $7.96
  9. Peter Apruzzese

    RIP David Shepard, Silent Film Preservation Giant
  10. Peter Apruzzese

    Finally upgrading iPhone 4 to iPhone 7 Plus - what can I expect?

    Title says it all, my ancient 4 is finally just about unusable with home button failure and general slowness. I've read some of the iOS 10 and iPhone 7 reviews, so have an OK idea - but are there any surprises or traps I need to watch out for? Using Verizon. And is doing an iTunes Backup and...
  11. Peter Apruzzese

    They Were Expendable coming from Warner Archive

    THEY WERE EXPENDABLE BD50 NEW 2016 1080p HD MASTER 1.37:1 DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 - English Mono Subtitles: English SDH, Francais & Espanol 135 Min Theatrical Trailer (HD) Supplies are dwindling. Troops are hopelessly outnumbered. But even in defeat there is victory. The defenders of the...
  12. Peter Apruzzese

    RIP Patrick Macnee of "The Avengers"

    and many other films and television programs:
  13. Peter Apruzzese

    Philips Hue Question

    For those of you with a Philips Hue setup (either color or Lux), can the app/remote make the lights slowly dim all the way down to off? And then dim back up from there? I want something for six ceiling fixtures in my HT and have been disappointed with TCP Connected and GE Link as the bulbs do...
  14. Peter Apruzzese

    3D An Advance Look at "3-D Rarities" from the 3-D Film Archive and Flicker Alley

    As announced here: Bob Furmanek gave me the opportunity last night to preview the final (almost - the menus are unfinished) version of the "3-D Rarities" Blu-ray...
  15. Peter Apruzzese

    RIP Edgar Froese, Founder of Tangerine Dream

    Only 70 years old.
  16. Peter Apruzzese

    3D A Quick Preview of Arch Oboler's "The Bubble" Coming in 2014

    Just wanted to post some impressions of the upcoming 3-D release of Arch Oboler's The Bubble, courtesy of Bob Furmanek's 3-D Film Archive and coming to Blu-ray 3D in 2014 via Kino Classics.Bob invited me to preview a check disc of the film and it was quite a treat. The Archives' technical...
  17. Peter Apruzzese

    Rear Window converted to 3-D?

    Somebody please tell me that this is some kind of elaborate Internet hoax:
  18. Peter Apruzzese

    Salute to Film Preservation coming 11/12 & 13 to Suffern, NY

    I hope this is of interest to my fellow HTF members. === The SALUTE TO FILM PRESERVATION is coming November 12 & 13 to the historic Lafayette Theatre in Suffern, NY. An incredible two-day festival honoring the heroic efforts made by film archives around the world to preserve our motion...
  19. Peter Apruzzese

    The HorrorThon comes to New York 10/22 & 23: 3-D, Karloff, Hammer, and more!

    The HORROR-THON Film Festival at the historic Lafayette Theatre in Suffern, New York presents seven illustrious and entertaining horror movie programs — including several rarely shown titles including HOUSE OF WAX in double-system 3-D — from the golden age of cinema, all on the Lafayette...
  20. Peter Apruzzese

    A Few Words About... The Alligator People (1959)

    Fox's recent DVD of Roy Del Ruth's science fiction picture The Alligator People is another beautifully rendered release. One of my personal all-time favorites, the film holds up perfectly to modern viewing, with Mr. Lon Chaney's performance at the very top of his game. Beverly Garland, Bruce...
  21. Peter Apruzzese

    Classic Films on the Big Screen in New York

    (I hope Ron & Parker will forgive this little PR message) Back for our third big year! The Spring 2005 season of Big Screen Classics begins this Saturday March 12 at the historic Lafayette Theatre in Suffern, NY with the western favorite, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. Showtime is 11:30am - doors...
  22. Peter Apruzzese

    The Lafayette Theatre is in USA Today!

    A shameless self-promotion follows As some of you know, I'm the Director of Film Programming for the Big Screen Classics series, held at the historic Lafayette Theatre in Suffern, New York. We have been honored today by USA Today newspaper as one of the "10 Great Places to Revel in...
  23. Peter Apruzzese

    "Spectacular Science Fiction" Film Festival in Suffern, New York

    (Thanks to Ron & Parker for allowing me to post this message). The SPECTACULAR SCIENCE FICTION Film Festival comes to the historic Lafayette Theatre in Suffern, New York with nine classic films to be screened on September 10-11-12, 2004. The SPECTACULAR SCIENCE FICTION Film Festival at the...
  24. Peter Apruzzese

    3-D Film Festival comes to Suffern, New York!

    We are proud to announce the 3 DAYS OF 3-D Film Festival at the historic Lafayette Theatre in Suffern, New York, on February 27-28-29, 2004. 3 DAYS OF 3-D will present 10 of the best classic films made during the 1950s in the miracle of Third Dimension, including KISS ME KATE, CREATURE FROM...
  25. Peter Apruzzese

    THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY on the Big Screen!

    THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY - The Restored Version - on the Big Screen! Yes, this Saturday's Big Screen Classics presentation (11:30am on November 15th at the historic Lafayette Theatre in Suffern, New York) is the Sergio Leone widescreen epic THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY. More...
  26. Peter Apruzzese

    Schedule for Fall 2003 Big Screen Classics in Suffern, NY

    Some of the good members of HTF have expressed interest in the classic film series that I run at the historic Lafayette Theatre in Suffern, NY (a 1250-seat neighborhood movie palace). I've just finished booking the fall season and thought I'd share it with you (note, we still have SINGIN' IN THE...
  27. Peter Apruzzese

    THE RECRUIT to be a MAR (Modified Aspect Ratio) release only.

    The 2003 film, THE RECRUIT starring Al Pacino, is to be released on May 27. In theaters, this was a 'scope presentation (2.40, derived from a Super 35 negative) and looked very nice. But check out this ad copy from Touchstone regarding the DVD release:
  28. Peter Apruzzese

    New Big Screen Classics series in Suffern. NY!

    Here we go again, folks Following is a list of the first 2003 series of classic films to be presented at the historic Lafayette Theatre in Suffern, New York. The Lafayette is a huge 1250-seat, single screen movie house built in 1923 and features a genuine Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ...
  29. Peter Apruzzese

    THE HAUNTING (1963) on the big screen in New Jersey!

    Just wanted to post a head's-up that tomorrow night (Thursday the 17th, at 8pm) there is a presentation of Robert Wise's 1963 classic, THE HAUNTING, at the Galaxy Triplex in Guttenberg, New Jersey (just minutes from NYC). The screening is in 35mm Panavision and glorious Black & White in the main...
  30. Peter Apruzzese

    New Big Screen Classics Film Series in New Jersey

    Article here: Bergen Record Pertinent information: "The weekly Big Screen Classics film series will allow moviegoers the unique opportunity to experience classic films in the way they were meant to be seen: in the glory of 35mm on a huge 45-foot movie screen. This special series is...