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  1. Casey Trowbridg

    Release dates for WWE DVDs in 2008

    The list for all of the WWE's DVD releases in 2008 including DVDs for: Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect, Starrcade, Edge, The Rock, Hell in a Cell and many more can be accessed here I have a hard time believing we'll actually see a Sting DVD given his relationship with TNA and the fact that he's...
  2. Casey Trowbridg

    2006 MLB Season Discussion

    With the season starting today and getting in full swing on Monday, its time to put the offseason to bed. A lot of things have happened in the offseason from investigations to free agent defections and trades. How will it all play out? We'll find out over the next few months. Predictions...
  3. Casey Trowbridg

    2006 NFL Offseason Discussion Thread

    With Free Agency days away from starting, with or without a new Collective Bargoning agreement, its time for an offseason discussion thread. Talk Free Agency, the draft, the giant potato-chip some in Kansas City seem to want...
  4. Casey Trowbridg

    THE HTF TV on DVD Challenge 2006

    Its time for the 2006 HTF TV on DVD challenge: The rules… 1.The Goal is to watch all the TV on DVD in your collection, be they best of releases, individual episodes, or complete season sets. 2.What counts for TV on DVD? Anything covered by TV Shows on is up for the...
  5. Casey Trowbridg

    2005-06 NBA Season Discussion

    I would've thought we would've had one of these already with the season starting on Tuesday. I don't have high hopes for the Kobe/Phil soap opera round 2. Its funny because a couple years ago the East was the joke conference, but now it might be more competitive than the Western Conference...
  6. Casey Trowbridg

    2005-06 MLB Hot Stove Discussion thread

    With the season over and the world Champion Chicago White Sox having been crowned its time for everybody to start to build towards next year, so its time for an offseason discussion thread. The Braves have named a new pitching coach with the departure of Leo Mazone to Baltimore. The new man...
  7. Casey Trowbridg

    SpikeTV acquires rights to Star Wars film franchise.

    From Variety via Pro Wrestling Insider That's a lot of coin.
  8. Casey Trowbridg

    TNA Wrestling DVDs...

    Wal-Mart to carry special TNA anthology set Lets see, you get Victory Road, Turning Point, and Lockdown 3 awesome Pay Per View events, I know since I've seen them all, and you will be able to get it for under $30? That's a heck of a deal, and if you've put off watching TNA until now, this DVD...
  9. Casey Trowbridg

    Build your own TV Network.

    This idea was done before, but with a lot of new people in the forum now, and it doubtful that anyone would think to look for something like this, I thought it might be fun to reintroduce this concept to see what people can come up with, plus there's a lot of lists being made lately, so why not...
  10. Casey Trowbridg

    Warning for those buying the ECW 1-night-stand DVD.

    Thanks to Wrestling Observer I'm not really disapointed by the music switch WWE has done that before, but bleeping the swearing...blarrrrrg. It took until the DVD was released, but they finally managed to screw up the ECW PPV.
  11. Casey Trowbridg

    WWE: Best of the 80's DVD match list.

    Here it is from Wrestling Observer I want it for the Chitown Rumble match and for the War to Settle the Score match most of all.
  12. Casey Trowbridg

    The Cosby Show is coming%

    I did a search, and didn't find anything on this news directly so here it is. The Cosby Show is coming thanks to for making this announcement. No date has been announced, no distributer has been named but as the article says if they're looking to buy banner ads then they're...
  13. Casey Trowbridg

    Star Trek Animated Series 3/15/05?

    according to this news item March 15, is the date that is floating about, but I use the question mark in the subject because it sounds like it is still waiting to be varified. I haven't bought any of the Trek series up to this point, and the only one I really want is TNG, but having said that...
  14. Casey Trowbridg

    DVD release of the Nannie pulled completely? has the scoop I'm not a big fan of this show but it is growing on me. I wonder what that road block could be? Hopefully for big fans of the show, a way to get some feedback to Sony can be found.
  15. Casey Trowbridg

    All in the Family season 4 in April?

    According to this news item it sure looks that way, and this would as the bit mentions be the shortest turnaround between seasons.
  16. Casey Trowbridg

    Your top 10 TV on DVD releases for 2004?

    After compiling my list of the top 10 DVDs of 2004 for this Thread I thought it would be fun to find out everyone’s top 10 TV on DVD releases for the year 2004. They can make your list because of great extras, top quality transfers, or just the joy of having a long time favorite on DVD. So...
  17. Casey Trowbridg

    Almost done, Friends: season 9 3/8/05 news item I'm now pretty confident we will conclude the show in 2005 possibly during the summer.
  18. Casey Trowbridg

    News Radio: 5/24/2005

    News item It will be interesting to see what the specs end up being when the official announcement is made given that the production of extras was the big cause of the delay in
  19. Casey Trowbridg

    King of Queens season 3: 2/22/2005

    News Item I'm looking forward to this, I bought the first season blind and have enjoyed the show ever sense, but I don't catch any of the episodes when they air on TV so the DVDs are the only form I see the show regularly.
  20. Casey Trowbridg

    MLB Steroid scandal discussion thread (merged)

    There is a lot of sentiment in the hot stove thread that the steroid issue should have a thread of its own. Its a valid point since the hot stove is mainly about which free agents are signing with whom, and given that there was a seperate thread for the discussion of the Pistons/Pacers brawl...
  21. Casey Trowbridg

    Mad About You Collection 2/8/2005

    According to this News Item from, it will be a 4 disc set listing at just under $40 and will contain episodes from all 7 seasons, and participation from the 2 main stars on special features. I never bought the 2 previous season sets but I might spring for this collection. If...
  22. Casey Trowbridg

    NBA Dynasty Series, The Boston Celtics, and Larry Bird a Basketball Legend.

    I did a search and nothing turned up. The NBA continues to put out some fantastic DVDs with the help of Warner. For those of you that complained when the NBA released the Lakers and Bulls dynasty series DVDs last summer, because you wanted them to release some for the Celtics you have your...
  23. Casey Trowbridg

    Married with Children season 3 1/25/2005

    Story from Well, we've all known about the music for a week or more now, 1/25 is when things will get interesting. We discussed the change in the other thread, but I thought it made sense that the announcement have a thread of its own.
  24. Casey Trowbridg

    Paul Hamm gold medal situation resolved...finally!

    Hamm allowed to keep gold medal My favorite quote… That quote came from the final arbitration pannel. They are absolutely right; but the article goes in to more detail about the decision. Good, the right decision was made and it is finally over there can be no further appeal.
  25. Casey Trowbridg

    Saved by the Bell season 5 dropping in summer 2005

    The potential date mentioned Here is July 5. Good news for fans of the show that season 5 is coming...kind of a long wait though.
  26. Casey Trowbridg

    Unsolved Mysteries more volumes in January/February

    Unsolved Mysteris volumes 4, 5, and 6 Announced I rented disc 1 of Ghosts, and it brought back good memories, I want to buy these as it was a great show, but I'm gonna have to start with Ghosts/UFO's.
  27. Casey Trowbridg

    NCAA Basketball 2004-2005 discussion

    Midnight madness starts tonight...and ESPN has released its top 25 I thought it would be a good time to get the ball rolling so to speak on the 2004-05 NCAA Basketball discussion. The top 5 1. Wake Forest 2. Kansas 3. Georgia Tech 4. North Carolina 5. Syracuse Personally, I like...
  28. Casey Trowbridg

    Gilligan's Island season 2 01/11/2005

    link I still have to get season 1, but its good to know that in spite of the fact that I haven't purchased it yet, that season 2 will be hitting the shelves soon. Jan, 11 is 3 days after my birthday...hmmmm. Any money I get might just go towards season 2.
  29. Casey Trowbridg

    Paramount has huge plans for 2005!

    Paramount plans for 2005! Go Paramount! More Andy Griffith...The Brady Bunch Finally...Charmed...lots of Cheers and Frasier...Nick Jr....Enterprise...and much much more. This doesn't even include stuff like South Park, and I don't believe that Happy Days/Mork and Mindy/Laverne and...
  30. Casey Trowbridg

    Sanford and Son season 6 1/25/2005

    according to I'll be glad to have the whole series by the end of January. The news item didn't say either way, but I'd be surprised if we got any extras on the final season, which to me is kind of a shame but I'll buy it anyway.