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  1. Rob Willey

    Need Advice on Sub Hookup

    I'm looking for advice on wiring my subwoofer to my receiver. The sub hookup on the receiver takes one RCA plug. The sub has not one, but two pairs of standard right/left hookups. I can use bare speaker wire or banana plugs there. Do I need one length of standard speaker wire customized with...
  2. Rob Willey

    DirecTV Local HD's Via Satellite

    I've been keeping an eye out for the eventual rollout of local HD channels via satellite on DirecTV. I had lunch today with one of my vendor reps who also lives here in the Bay Area and he told me that DirecTV has already begun rolling it out with no fanfare. He happened to call at end of...
  3. Rob Willey

    FS: New Samsung DVD-HD841

    * * * SOLD * * * Brand new, open box. Selling because the player is incompatible with my existing equipment and the e-tailer I bought it from doesn't take returns. Don't bother looking for me on the GTL, this is my first sale (but you may catch me in a few of the pictures from the recent...
  4. Rob Willey

    Fundamental DVD Player/DVI Question

    My ED plasma (480p) has a DVI hookup. I am wondering if I could get a better picture via DVI than via the component hookup I am using on my current 480i player (Pioneer DV-434). All of the DVI capable players I have looked at upscale to HD resolution. I don't need my player upscaling just to...
  5. Rob Willey

    South Park - 04/17/03

    I thought this was one of the funniest episodes ever. When they brought in Ben Affleck, I thought "Oh no, they're not going to go there. This is an eight-year old boy's hand we're talking about here." But Matt and Trey went directly there: "Eww, Ben Affleck spooge!" And I loved the ending...
  6. Rob Willey

    New Season of SOUTH PARK

    Saw the first one last night and it had a few laughs, but wow, who would've thought Kenny could stay dead! Rob
  7. Rob Willey

    Paramount - Thanks for Moving the Copyright Warnings

    As each studio has one-by-one made their discs more user friendly by allowing us to skip the FBI warnings at the beginning before we can get to the content, I've been waiting on one of the last holdouts to get their legal dept. to lighten up -- Paramount. After perusing my Beverly Hills Cop...
  8. Rob Willey

    Did You Know What "Rosebud" Was The First Time You Saw CITIZEN KANE?

    If you've seen the film you know what I mean. If you haven't, get out of this thread and go see this movie!! Arguably, the greatest film of all time with a plot structure that makes "Rosebud" perhaps the ultimate movie spoiler. I imagine knowing or not knowing the significance of Kane's...
  9. Rob Willey

    Soderbergh Goes Minimalist For His Next Film

    No, not Ocean's Eleven. I'm talking about his next one, How to Survive a Hotel Room Fire. One of the actors reports that the first page of the script says: "Please be advised of the following: 1) You will drive yourself to the set. If you have someone else drive you, fine, but you'll be...
  10. Rob Willey

    NBC's Salt Lake City Olympic Coverage To Be Delayed on West Coast

    I suppose we're all accustomed to Olympic coverage being broadcast on tape delay when the Games are staged half way around the world as they were in Sydney last year. Next February, the Winter Games will be staged right here in Salt Lake City. NBC has announced they will provide live coverage...
  11. Rob Willey

    The History Channel's HITLER'S HOLOCAUST

    This Friday marks the 60th anniversary of a defining moment in modern history, the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union which kicked the War in Europe and the Holocaust into high gear. The History Channel is running a six-part series on the Holocaust. It started last night and continues the rest...