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  1. J. Casey


    Just got this in....another of the new transfers by VCI from Universal's elements. Looks great for a raw scan. Unfortunately, it is BD-R over 2 least from Amazon. The last one of these I bought (THE VANISHING SHADOW) was a pressed disc. Curiously, THE ROARING WEST DVD was...
  2. J. Casey


    Had a chance to view a classic Universal serial from 1934 this week, courtesy of VCI BD--THE VANISHING SHADOW. This is one of the first of VCI's recent series of masters from Universal's vault materials. All 12 chapters are included on one dual layer (BD50) disc. The only complaint I have is...
  3. J. Casey

    Karloff-Lugosi Collection from Shout?

    I've heard that this is supposedly coming from Shout, and includes THE BLACK CAT(1934), THE RAVEN(1935), THE INVISIBLE RAY(1936), and BLACK FRIDAY(1940). Can anyone confirm this?
  4. J. Casey

    Warner Archive Blues

    With the announcement today that WarnerMedia is closing down the streaming service FilmStruck, I worry about the future of the Warner Archive division. Can anyone reassure me????
  5. J. Casey

    THE THING (1951) Streaming Tragedy

    Was just watching THE THING (purchased from Amazon in HD. Surprised to find it there in HD and further surprised that they have framed it in 16x9 widescreen! Surely WB knows that it's a academy ratio film! Hope if it ever makes it to blu-ray, it will be presented at 4x3, the format it was...
  6. J. Casey

    Indicator's FOOTSTEPS IN THE FOG

    Does anyone else have this? I've been very happy with their releases in general, but this one looks quite off to me. I know they can only use the transfers the licensors provide them with, but this looks little better than the DVD-R Columbia released a few years ago in terms of the color*...
  7. J. Casey

    Kino/Zeitgeist BOMBSHELL

    Just a quick note for anyone who might be interested regarding this week's blu-ray release of BOMBSHELL: THE HEDY LAMARR STORY. I'm a big fan of old Hollywood and love documentaries on the subject. This one is really well done and fascinating. It surprised me in many ways. I knew about the...