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  1. Paul_Nyman

    Hard Drive concerns

    Tuesday night I came home and our PC Win XP is on, but the screen had a message that it couldn't boot up. I went out an bought a new harddrive and installed XP OS. What concerns me is that at the moment during the OS install the monitors blue screen lists a growing list about 55,000 (or now upto...
  2. Paul_Nyman

    AMC to remake The Prisoner for TV

    I'm sorry but looking around I didn't see a thread dedicated to the announcement by AMC for a New production of "The Prisoner"
  3. Paul_Nyman

    ? replacing a fuse in Laserdisc player

    I should have asked that the person power it up so I knew it worked before I got home late last night. Anyway I am borrowing a Pioneer CLD-S104 Laserdisc player. Just now I went to plug it in and no power. I removed the cover carefully and see the fuse (2amp/125 Volt) is blown (glass is all...
  4. Paul_Nyman


    The last two days I'm getting swamped by Pop-Ups which were not happening earlier this week. I've installed two spybot programs, Microsoft Defender is the recent one I tried. I still keep getting 'em. Can anybody suggest something they have had success with?
  5. Paul_Nyman

    inexpensive DVD player for DVD-A

    I'm thinking about picking up titles on DVD-A while many are still out there. Can anyone recommend any low price name brands that playsback DVD-A? I have a Sony model DVDplayer which doesn't support DVD-A discs, but I can plug in for the amplifier and it has DTS decoder in it, it just...
  6. Paul_Nyman

    Peter Jackson's King Kong Production Diaries $14.99

    Saw this posted by DoctorGonzo over at DVDTalk tonight: Amazon has King Kong - Peter Jackson's production Diaries now priced at $14.99, with standard shipping total came to $17.97. Here's the link:
  7. Paul_Nyman

    Fifth Element UE Superbit $9.44 @ Wal-Mart

    Nice deal! I heard about this over at DVD Talk. Stopped in and picked up Fifth Element Ultimate Edition 2 DVD set at Walmart for 9.44. There's no glossy outer slipcover on any of the copies on the shelf, But I can live without it.
  8. Paul_Nyman

    Want to upgrade HDD to older computer SCSI to IDE/ATA??

    Not sure if this is worth doing, but if anyone can offer some guidance I would appreciate! I was wondering if it's possible to take an older computer with two SCSI hardrives (3GB & 9.18GB Ultra2 LVD SCSI)and swap them out to install a 40GB IDE/ATA harddrive? Can this plug into the...
  9. Paul_Nyman

    Anyone suggest a HT Universal remote

    I recieved a Sony RM-AX4000 Home Theater Remote Control as a gift during the holidays. I tried setting it up with my satellite providers equipment, DVD/AV system, DVD-Recorder, and our older VCR. I can't get it to work the satellite except to power on & off. I decide to return it and was...
  10. Paul_Nyman

    Hum removal software from audio?

    I've tried to clean up an old recording on a CD-R from a relative using various software (nero, audacity, goldwave, etc) but in the background there's an annoying hum running through the whole file. Can anyone recommend something which would remove it? When I have tried to use the 3 softwares I...
  11. Paul_Nyman

    How to connect up VCR & DVD Recorder in my HT

    I'm not sure what the chain order should be for my set up to use a VCR both to view & record programs and a newly purchased DVD Recorder to also view & record programs. Also my 5.1 reciever has a 5 DVD/CD player in it which is used for all DVD's watch with family and friends. I'm thinking a A/V...
  12. Paul_Nyman

    Problem reading backup files on CDR media

    I cannot read files off my Backup CD-R disc. What can I do? Is there any way to see the contents on this disc or recover data from CD-R media? This is the only copy I have of the data. I never finalized the disc and I wonder if that is why it won't read it now. I didn't have any problems before...
  13. Paul_Nyman

    Best Buy 10% off coupons

    My wife is already using the 10% off any DVD we got in the mail today. If anyone wants the other two coupons drop me an email. I believe they are for 10% off $299 or more on merchandise and the other is for Digital cameras/camcorders.
  14. Paul_Nyman

    editing home movies from DVD source

    A relative gave me 2 DVD's containing old color home movies which they transferred earlier this year. I viewed them and want to find a way to edit the material down for another family project. I'm not sure what I would need to do to get the contents on my harddrive, then what do I need to do to...
  15. Paul_Nyman

    Home Alone upgrade or SE coming?

    My brother asked me about this the other day. Is there any upgrade for the holidays this year of an upgarde of Home Alone? I thought 20th Century Fox mentioned something about this at a past chat here on the HTF.
  16. Paul_Nyman

    DVD/CD Multi-pack cases/Group buy?

    I could have sworn there was a thread around here for DVD Cases and it mentioned a newer company selling a 4-8 disc (CD or DVD) replacement case. The case was a hard plastic binder-type with flip pages/pockets inside to store the discs. I believe there might have been a "Group Buy" to get them...
  17. Paul_Nyman

    Buying Swedish releases R2

    I was wonder who offers the best deal on pricing and shipping to the states of Swedish titles? Thanks, Paul
  18. Paul_Nyman

    Star Wars Trilogy - Share The Love

    If Anyone wants a 10% off pre-order for the Star Wars Trilogy Widescreen edition DVD set, please let me know by response Midnight tonight Tuesday 3/30/04 in this thread. I'll email each of you a STL "Share The Love" order link early tomorrow.
  19. Paul_Nyman

    Movie Gallery rentals B2 Get 2 free

    We just had one of these Movie Gallery video rentals open up a month ago, now I found out through DVDTalk Bargain thread they are have a 3 week sale on Previously viewed rental DVD/VHS/Video game titles. Buy 2 titles get two more for free! I just picked up four DVD's I didn't have yet...
  20. Paul_Nyman

    Alice In Wonderland DVD recalled?

    I was shopping through Wal-Mart today and asked a staffer where Disney's Alice In Wonderland SE DVD is, as none where on the shelf? He said it was returned back to Disney per a internal memo recently? Was it a production problem???
  21. Paul_Nyman

    American Grafitti/More Grafitti 2pk quality?

    Saw this is repackaged in a paper Jukebox shaped digipack offer both films for $15.99, back cover details are stating Anamorphic widescreen + mono sound, except More American Grafitti features surround sound enhancement? Anyone see a new review for this package? Looks a pretty good deal for...
  22. Paul_Nyman

    Coldplay live 2003 CD/DVD

    I just recieved this for my birthday this week. I'm really enjoying both discs, but especially the included DVD and the that DTS sound mix!
  23. Paul_Nyman

    Used Projectors?

    My wife and I just bought a house. We plan on upgrading the basement (15x34 foot open, paneled room) 5-7 years down the road for a nice home theater, workout area. Can anyone offers some suggestions on what used projectors brands to look at, or offer a good value for general viewing. At...
  24. Paul_Nyman

    empty dvd cases, singles, doubles, white

  25. Paul_Nyman

    20,000 Leagues/The Love Bug SE lowest?

    Any special pricing on release date for either of these? I see has The Love Bug for under $15 (Canadian), after shipping costs though I wonder if a better deal will happen at the local B&M?
  26. Paul_Nyman

    The Girl Can't Help It DVD?

    Was wondering...does 20th Century Fox still own the rights, and any chance of DVD of this film? I'd love to see the early R&R performers in this more than on VHS.
  27. Paul_Nyman

    Lowest price of Jack Ryan Collection?

    Most of the reviews for this sound positive. Will Sunday's store circulars beat the online pricing?
  28. Paul_Nyman

    Beatles: Anthology @ Best Buy Pre-order

    Best Buy has this through a link on for $52.99 + Free Shipping as Pre-Order deal online. Any better prices out there yet?
  29. Paul_Nyman

    Das Boot SUPERBIT Features?

    Any idea what else besides higher bitrate picture, DD & DTS audio? Can't find anything online yet?
  30. Paul_Nyman

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding @ Circuit City

    I swung by the mall where are Circuit City is, they have it priced at $14.99 this week if anyone has not already picked up a copy.