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  1. TimGRA

    XBOX 360 Limited Edition Modern Warfare

    I have a PS3 and love it. I am finally setting up the dedicated theater room and I have some nice, very hi end, equipment that should do the gaming stations some justice. I don't have an XBOX yet and thought I should do it, so I have it all. Does anyone know if the Limited Edition will have...
  2. TimGRA

    mp3 player with digital out?

    Does anyone make an mp3 player with a digital out? I will be using it with my home theater equipment more than anything else and would like it to hook up to my processor digitally. If not, what player has the best out and sound. Price is not an issue. I am looking to buy one that will...
  3. TimGRA

    Anyone in the Portland, OR area have Rocket 750's I could hear?

    Looking for anyone in the Portland / Vancouver area who has Rocket 750's I could listen to. I am considering them. tim
  4. TimGRA

    any talk about the JVC DP10 or 20 reciever?

    Has anybody used one of these? The features are amazing and IM curious why there is no talk of this reciever?
  5. TimGRA

    Parasound AMP/Pre-Pro HELP!

    I have just purchased a 2205A amp and a 2500u Processor. I cannot turn the gains up to THX level without the right front speaker cutting out. Yes I have checked all connections. And the white noise I am getting is unreal! Please help- tim
  6. TimGRA

    Parasound Amp/Pioneer A/V Reciever/Poping

    I'M about to pull the trigger on a new Parasound 2205 Amp. I am currently testing it with a Pioneer Elite VSX 36 receiver. I have lifted the ground on the amp to eliminate the hum but am getting allot of popping in the speakers. All I am trying to do is buy a little time before purchasing a pre...