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  1. Ivan Lindenfeld

    Elton John Greatest Hits 1970-2000 half price!

    It was marked $19.99 and rang up for $9.99!!! It's $20.99 at Amazon, for comparison right now. Where? Best Buy. Whodathunkit?? This is replacing all of my Greatest Hits tapes.
  2. Ivan Lindenfeld

    Low tech theater solution needed: cheap switch for multiple video sources?

    I bought my inlaws a DVD player for Chanukah. I forgot that 2 years ago when we "lent" them a spare VCR I had to go through huge hoops to wire everything together. Here is the situation: 1 cabinet TV from the 80's with only composite in video and coax in. I think it also has L/R audio but not...
  3. Ivan Lindenfeld

    NYPD Blue 5/20/03

    Please merge if I missed the thread. This was a great episode and the ending was completely shocking. Anyone not watching Hitler tonight? I actually had more fun watching this than 24 and 24 was very enjoyable. Can I get high five here?
  4. Ivan Lindenfeld

    John Doe 10/4/02

    I don't think anything I wrote below is a spoiler. If you catch it point it out. Hmmm. Mixed bag this episode. My wife and I both agree that this is Fox's official attempt to resurrect The X-Files. But with less style and worse writing. It even starts at the same time the X-Files did. The...
  5. Ivan Lindenfeld

    On-air TV antenna to Denon 3801. How?

    I am asking a question I have never asked before. I have had cable TV since I was 12. I am now 31. I just had a Dish installed (Dish Network, PVR, Everything Everything) and I hooked it through my 3801 tonight. I gotta say it was great and horrific at the same time to hear DD 5.1 through my...
  6. Ivan Lindenfeld

    Announcement on front page about Sneak Peeks has incorrect month

    It says September 29, betcha that's supposed to be November.
  7. Ivan Lindenfeld

    Toshiba DVD player owners: Are the latest models better than past models?

    I have owned a Tosh SD-1008 (2008 without Colorstream) for 3 years. I have generally been happy with it and have viewed thousands of hours of DVD's on it. Since it works 99.9% of the time perfectly it's hard to fault it. HOWEVER, it does suffer from the audio dropouts problem on DD on certain...
  8. Ivan Lindenfeld

    ER: What was the reason given for Susan's return?

    I missed the season premiere. I actually haven't watched ER regularly for years, but I always had a soft spot in my heart for Sherry Stringfield and guess what? It's still there! So, can someone remind me why Susan left (the character not the actor) and tell me what plot device they used to...
  9. Ivan Lindenfeld

    Easy way to cover speaker and power wires on floor

    Great choice for a new forum, admins! I finished installing my theater but now I have wires running along the side walls of the room to the speakers. I am looking for advice on some kind a plastic or rubber runner or strip that I can put over the wires to keep them away from the cats and...