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  1. Cliff Olson

    Any Impressions on the Hughes HTL-HD Directv HDTV Tuner?

    I just received the new Hughes Directv HD Box yesterday, and it gets installed tomorrow afternoon. I've heard this is nearly identical (internally) to the Sony HD300, which I almost bought. I was wondering if anyone has any feedback on the HTL-HD - good or bad. Thanks in advance!b
  2. Cliff Olson

    Raw Silver Wire for speaker cables, Link please?

    Hey everyone. I know it's been posted before, but I'm looking to make my own silver speaker cables, and I was wondering if someone could post the link for silver wire manufacturers. I remember most agreeing with one make over most others. I thought I had it bookmarked, but I can't find it. Also...
  3. Cliff Olson

    Crest Manufacturing Contact Name/Number (Cracked SACDs)

    Sorry for the repost, if this has been posted before. I've left several messages with Crest about the 3 cracked SACDs that I own. No return call yet. I'm simply trying to find out what Crest is willing to do about this, and if they have remedied the problem. It's not an isolated case, I only...
  4. Cliff Olson

    DD vs. DTS Comparison Thread

    I had about 30 minutes last night to compare DTS and DD on one soundtrack. I am going to make a serious effort to thoroughly compare the formats in the coming weeks, granted I find time in my life. It would be easier to do with someone who cares (other than me ), but my wife knows how to change...
  5. Cliff Olson

    Toy Story UTB vs. Toy Story 1 & 2

    Does anyone know if the transfers - both audio and video, are different on the Toy Story UTB compared with buying the two movies seperately? I am not an "extras" person, but I like the best sound/video editions available. Thanks.
  6. Cliff Olson

    FS: Harmony SST-768 HT Remote Control (Blue!)

    I have a BLUE SST-768 for sale in perfect condition. I have all packaging and paperwork. I just don't have the time to set it up properly, so it's virtually brand new/never used. Lists for $300, I'll take $175 including delivery anywhere in the US. PayPal or Money Orders are fine. Check out the...
  7. Cliff Olson

    Mitsubishi Internal Scaler?

    I read in Stereophile's Guide to HT, that the Mitsubishi Diamond (WS-65909) has a built-in internal scaler for standard def (ie. digital cable) signals. See: I used the coax output on the Directv receiver, and plugged it into the AntA...
  8. Cliff Olson

    Sony SAT-A4/Directv Problem

    I have a Sony SAT-A4 Directv Tuner, and every once in a while, there is no audio on certain channels. It only occurs on channels broadcast in Dolby Digital, and mostly on STARZ and SHOW (channel 543). I know it's not my pre/pro - it's been tested. I've also called Directv, and they say it's not...
  9. Cliff Olson

    Anyone Know When More 1080i Games Will Be Released?

    Does anyone know when more games will be released in 1080i for the XBox? Thanks.
  10. Cliff Olson

    Mitsubishi HDTV and 720p Problem

    I have a question for anyone with a Mitsubishi HDTV. Are we able to receive broadcasts in 720p that are NON-terrestrially broadcast? Once satellite finally starts broadcasting more HD, are we going to be able to receive any 720p stations without down-converting to 480p? I believe that ABC is...
  11. Cliff Olson

    Which 5.1 Music Format Do You Prefer?

    I'm new to multi-channel audio, and with the 2+ formats available, DVD-A, SACD, and DTS (DVD-A that uses the digital out!), it is quite overwhelming. I don't have multi channel inputs on my Lexicon, so I can only play SACDs in 2-channel format (I have Sony's 999ES). I am pleased with SACD...