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  1. AntonS

    Do amplifiers go bad???

    I have Sherbourn 5/1500A amp. I bought it about 3 years ago and it's been working very well - until recently. Not long time ago I started noticing that the sound "breaks up" or becomes uneven. It doesn't break completely, it's even hard to tell from the listening position what exactly is...
  2. AntonS

    If TV has DCDi, player doesn't need it?

    I'm trying to upgrade both TV and DVD player. I'm looking at the Samsung HLM507W for TV, which already has DCDi. Does this mean that there is no benefit from having a DVD player with DVDi? Or am I missing something?
  3. AntonS

    Adire Rava disappointment

    I just received Adire Rava sub. Hooked it up to the LFE channel of my HK AVR8000, went into calibration, and... oops. Well, it does play. It does produce some bass. It does go someplace low. What I found is that my Paradigm Studio 100s (running of Sherbourn 5/1500A amp) go lower and what's more...
  4. AntonS

    HK AVR8000 review

    Well, the review has sort of two parts in it. Lets start with the first one. I have 5.1 setup with Paradigm Studio 100s in front, Studio CC in the center, and Studio 20s in the back. Mid-grade DVD player with optical output. Nothing fancy like SACD or DVD-A so I cannot really test analog...
  5. AntonS

    HK AVR8000 as pre/pro?

    As the idea of of getting AVM-20 from Canada for a pretty good price has flopped, I'm looking for a pre/pro again. As I don't see too many choices on the pro/pro market, I'm toying with the idea of buying a good receiver (online) and using it as pre/pro. Basically I have narrowed down my...
  6. AntonS

    Sherbourn dealers?

    Does anybody know who sells Sherbourn amps in FL? There is no information on Sherbourn web site regarding dealers, and they did not answer my e-mail that I sent them few days ago. Or maybe somebody sells amps online?
  7. AntonS

    B&K Ref 7270 amp ?

    Anybody heard this amp? Any comments? I've never had experience with B&K amps. How do they compare to Rotel or Parasound amps in general?
  8. AntonS

    Denon is strange

    It looks like Denon will have absolutely killer processor in the 5803. Every possible feature, excellent DSP and DACs (Denon is famous for pure direct sound), THX Ultra 2 certified, including complete set of video conversions. Now, they have crossed $4000 barrier with the price, targeting...
  9. AntonS

    First "oops" about the 950

    In case somebody did not follow the forum at outlawauio.com there has been discussed a serious (at least to me and it to some others too) flaw in the 950 design. It seem that 950 cannot memorize the volume levels separately neither for inputs nor for modes. That means that the subwoofer level...
  10. AntonS

    770 amp or other alternatives for 950?

    Does anybody know how good is going to be the Outlaw 770 amp? Am I right that nobody has seen/heard it yet? Are there any other good reasonably priced 7-channel amp alternatives?
  11. AntonS

    Is one sub enough?

    I finally decided to buy a sub. As I listen to music a lot, I'm only looking at musical subs, something like ACI Titan II, Vandersteen, or REL. Probably I'll end up with the ACI. Question is, as my budget is not allowing me to buy two subs, will one sub be enough for music? I'm pretty sure it...