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  1. Glenise

    FF Crashing in Vista

    I'm not using Vista but have you installed FF 3.0.4? Does it crash when you login on the same machine as a different user?
  2. Glenise

    need help ,want to build a home theatre on he cheap projector and surround

    Separate speakers and a receiver will probably give you the best sound but will cost more than a HTB. Ex. Mirage speakers and Yamaha receiver.
  3. Glenise

    My Home Theater and Lobby are finally up and running!

    Your room is very nice! Love your concession stand!
  4. Glenise

    need help ,want to build a home theatre on he cheap projector and surround

    Spend more on your speakers/audio. You can always upgrade to a better projector later. You can also upgrade to a better audio system in the future and put the old one in another room. You can also build your own screen to save money. I'm still using this projector. Sanyo PLC-SU07N lcd...
  5. Glenise

    he *Official* Yamaha firmware update - DTS pop thread

    I wish I knew the answer to that. Yamaha's customer service is 800-292-2982.
  6. Glenise

    he *Official* Yamaha firmware update - DTS pop thread

    I apologize if someone has already posted these Yamaha DTS bomb somewhere else on the forum. The firmware installation pdf files are included in the firmware zip files by the way. RX-V3800 FIRMWARE UPDATE NOTICE (USA Model) http://www.yamaha.com/yec/softwareup...V3800-0016.zip...
  7. Glenise

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Pan's Labyrinth -- in HD & BD

    I still don't know how to rate this movie. Yes, it is violent in some areas.
  8. Glenise

    HD DVD demo disc?

    I was wondering when AVS folks would post in the HD and BR forums.
  9. Glenise

    Caution: HDMI 1.3 - one chip is obsolete and one has Advanced audio capability.

    I'm still using old school equipment so I prefer the 2 cable approach. Why can't Toshiba include two HDMI outputs so that I could run HDMI cable #1 to my projector for video and HDMI cable #2 to my receiver for audio? I would rather do a straight connection to connection instead of relying on...
  10. Glenise

    What receiver???

    I'd get a Yamaha or a Pioneer. http://www.yamaha.com/yec/avreceiver...l?CTID=5000400 http://www.yamaha.com/yec/avreceiver...l?CTID=5000300 http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pn...069809,00.html
  11. Glenise

    Yamaha HTR-5790 volume drop??

    I'm no expert but I'd contact Yamaha's tech support. https://www.yamaha.com/yec/customer/...l?CTID=5010270 My first and current receiver is a HTR-5250.
  12. Glenise

    Before and after pics of my theater

    Wow! The red really makes the room pop! Very nie!
  13. Glenise

    She wants to keep it brick! I need a compromise!

    How about some nice curtains to hide the bricks?
  14. Glenise

    DIY Candy, Concessions, and Soda Counters

    http://www.jarcoindustries.com/images/conc2.jpg http://www.jarcoindustries.com/images/con24.jpg http://www.jarcoindustries.com/images/portable3.jpg http://www.jarcoindustries.com/images/portable2.jpg I guess Jaco Industries doesn't make concession stands anymore. I went to their website...
  15. Glenise

    BJ's and Amazon.com - Sex and The City Sale

    That's a very good price on the ultimate box set! I've gotten the majority of my "Sex and The City" box sets using gift cards and gift certificates. I said I was going to get a total to see how much I spent on all (7) box sets. Thx for the info about Costco!
  16. Glenise

    An Inconvenient Truth DVD - FREE

    A while ago they had a link where it was free for teachers.
  17. Glenise

    BJ's and Amazon.com - Sex and The City Sale

    BJ's has Sex and the City individual box sets for $17. Amazon.com has some of them for $20.99. Best Buy has them on sale for $19.99 this week. Amazon.com was a better deal for me since I used a gift card for two of the box sets. I ended up getting two box sets for $16.98 with a $25 gift card...
  18. Glenise

    DIY channel airing a HOW TO show on Home Theater construction!

    I don't get this channel. Oh well.
  19. Glenise

    Movie Poster Question

    I was going to put posters in my theater room but changed my mind because of my subwoofer. I think if you can put the posters in a room before you enter the theater would be better. (The entrance, etc.)
  20. Glenise

    Want to build HT for my husband as a surprise gift

    Whatever happened to Shanice's home theater for her husband?
  21. Glenise

    Talked to a Salesman @ a local specialty HT ctr. today, is he accurate?

    Yes, you don't need that many lumens, especially if your room is dedicated and/or 100% of the walls are black. My old Sanyo has less than 1000 and it looks great.
  22. Glenise

    Talked to a Salesman @ a local specialty HT ctr. today, is he accurate?

    Real crazy question, what if your projector is mounted in the ceiling. What about someone who is using ceiling tiles? Has anyone used a ups in which your projector is ceiling mounted? If so, where is the ups in relation to the projector?
  23. Glenise

    Has anyone used karaoke in their theater?

    I was invited to an Xmas party last Dec. and the people throwing the party had a karaoke machine. What a blast! Has anyone purchased a karaoke machine or built and/or used a laptop/desktop for karaoke? I think I've found a new addiction, karaoke. I've been going to this karaoke forum daily...
  24. Glenise

    Best webstites for Hometheater accesories, best ideas for gifts ??

    Here is a mini list that I created a while ago in .doc and .pdf format. I'm sure the list needs updating badly. http://webpages.charter.net/glenise/...20minilist.doc http://webpages.charter.net/glenise/...20minilist.pdf
  25. Glenise

    Help a noob out (HT advice req.)

    receiver: Denon or Yamaha speakers: Mirage or Klipsch
  26. Glenise

    The best sex scenes in movies (merged)

    When I was still living at home, my Mom caught me watching "The Postman Always Rings Twice" with Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson on cable tv. Boy was I embarrased.
  27. Glenise

    High Definition DVD: What is Holding You Back?

    I haven't got a display capable of showing these HD films yet... 1. Price - I don't want to even pay $500 for a HD DVD player 2. Price - I don't want to pay $30-$40 for HD-DVDs 3. Price - All the movies that I want would probably come on both formats
  28. Glenise

    WANTED: THE POLAR EXPRESS Best Buy Exclusive Bonus DVD (Sealed or Mint)

    You've got me interested in this bonus disc now!
  29. Glenise

    Ceiling Pant... should I paint it black???

    I think black looks sexy but then I guess it depends on your room colors and other accents.