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  1. Brandon B

    Felt on speaker baffle?

    What is the correct felt for applying to the baffle arouind a tweeter to minimize reflections? I'm looking in McMaster care at the SAE graded felt F-1 to F-26. THe F-1 is very hard and incompressible, the F-26 very compressible and softer, fluffier, but far less actual wool content. The...
  2. Brandon B

    Pro audio amp inputs

    Tried this thread over in the conections area, not getting any info. Soo . . . If I am running a 2 driver sub off an amp (a crown with both XLR and 1/4" TRS balanced ins), instead of Y-ing the IC, can I run into one channels input (say the XLR) and then treat the other input on that same...
  3. Brandon B

    Stuff a PR sub?

    Building a dual HE15 sub with 6 of the 15" PR's from Stryke, and as this effort is going veeeery sloooowly (no time for fine woodworking between job and kid), I put together a dirty but solid cube per the original single HE15 with 3 PR's design. I lined it with polyfill, but did not stuff it...
  4. Brandon B

    Crown's handle 1.5 ohms

    Getting close to hooking up dual stryke HE15's to an amp. Since in series, these end up being 6 ohm drivers and in parallel they are 1.5, which way is better? My amp is a Crown Macrotech 3600VZ. Probably more than enough power either way. It's stable down to 2 ohms no problem, so is 1.5...
  5. Brandon B

    MMG efficiency

    I am building some speakers that are rated at 8 ohm 90 db 1W/1m which can handle 100W, and wondered how they will compare to a pair of Maggie MMG's I am presently using. The MMG's I believe claim to be 87 db 1W/1m when used with an amp rated at 150W into 8 ohms. IIRC, someone stated this...
  6. Brandon B

    ABS Drain pipe for ports

    I've come across a type of pipe for drain waste vents which is ABS inside and outside, with a layer in the wall (which is called "cellular core" by the mfr) which is a very hard foam. Its purpose is to negate the need to use iron drain pipes in walls to deaden the water running sound. It is...
  7. Brandon B

    Sherwood R-963. Any news/reviews?

    Anyone heard/seen more on this unit other than Sherwood site's info or RemoteCentral's review? BB
  8. Brandon B

    Subs need feet?

    I'm building a variation on the Stryke dual HE15.6, which will be a 6 foot tall triangular tower rather than the box design, same volume. Question is:; Bottom is to be a 0.5" thick aluminum plate, under .75" MDF. It will be sitting on a wood laminate floor (1/4") laid on concrete slab with...
  9. Brandon B

    Lowend DVDP that plays DVD-R

    My dad is looking for a lowend DVD player that is compatible with the most formats (particularly DVD-R, but also CDR, CDRW, etc.) Suggestions on the most versatile model for $300 or so? Picture, features, etc are very secondary, he will be buying high end HT stuff at a later date. This is to...
  10. Brandon B

    MMG offer

    Anyone with an itch for some Magneplanar speakers, Magnepan has an intro offer for their MMG pair, $550 direct from the mfr with a 30 day return policy and possible 1 year upgrade credit. Cool deal. BB
  11. Brandon B

    Center channel bass amp match?

    I am building a 7.1 system, and my front 3 speakers will be semi-active bi-amped (2 way with passive XO and a bass module for each with an active XO at 250 Hz). I have a Crown macrotech 2402 to power the left and right bass modules (10" Lambda driver in a 2.75' sealed box). I'm looking for a...
  12. Brandon B

    Sony destroys your speakers

    I heard a news story this morning on a network affiliate (KNX Los Angeles) radio that a new Sony CD copy protection scheme would introduce watermarks which when copied digitally would create segments of howling distortion which could damage or ruin speakers. I am assuming this is severe...
  13. Brandon B

    Pionner Receiver at Costco

    Costco has a Dolby/DTS 5.1 Pioneer receiver with preouts, 5.1 input and total 500 watts for about $280. I have forgotten the model number. Anyone familiar with this unit and think it's a good deal? BB ------------------
  14. Brandon B

    Driver for sealed 10" bass module

    OK, just one more question. I am building a set of bass modules, preferably a sealed box with a 10" driver, to complement and act as stands for Joe D'Appolito designed Aria 5A's. These are MTM's with Focal 5K4211's and an Accuton C2-12 tweeter. Driver needs to be 8 ohms, handle 150 watts or...
  15. Brandon B

    Stryke Dual Power15.6

    Any reason this kit can't be built with the drivers in the lower half? Floor creates boundary problems or something? If the unit were made about 10-12" taller to accomodate a housing for an amplifier underneath, would this matter/help? Or is that just a plain bad idea with the magenetic...
  16. Brandon B

    Speaker vs Driver Power ratings?

    I am building a DIY 7.1 surround system this summer, and am unclear on what determines a speaker's power handling capability. I am building 7 MTM's and am adding bass module for the LCR mains. The tweeter I am using carries a rating of 100W, and the midbasses as a pair carry the same. On the...
  17. Brandon B

    Which sub driver

    I will be building one or two "few holds barred" subs later this summer and wanted opinions on drivers. I have been leaning towards the Mass 2012's (or maybe the newer 3012's when they are available), but since the preorders for Stryke HE15's is tomorrow, I need to sort of make this decision...