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  1. Jim Rankin

    True Blood: Season Two

    I don't know why several people are down on the Maryanne storyline. I find her fascinating, and she scares the crap out of me! If I was Sam I sure as hell wouldn't want that chasing me down. I'm just having a hard time figuring out why she wants Sam so bad. I know there was some history between...
  2. Jim Rankin

    'John Adams' HBO Miniseries

    After watching the series finale - just have to say another rewarding and well done program from HBO. While the finale was fairly sad, I guess it's inevitable when someone lives to be as old as John Adams did to experience the heartbreak that he did. I guess when it comes down to it...
  3. Jim Rankin

    'John Adams' HBO Miniseries

    I thought it was another great episode. Talk about Ben Franklin basically throwing Adams under the proverbial bus!! I'd like to touch on the job Laura Linney is doing as Abigail. When she knew John was leaving again and that she was once again going to have hold down the fort was powerful...
  4. Jim Rankin

    'John Adams' HBO Miniseries

    Love this series so far. The criticism of Paul Giamatti is unfounded IMHO. I especially liked the scene where Jefferson, Franklin and Adams are starting to fomulate the Declaration of Independence, the looks that Adams and Jefferson exchange while Franklin is "editing" the declaration was...
  5. Jim Rankin

    The Wire: Season Five (see post #1 re: SPOILERS)

    It was absolutely heart breaking how Duquan betrayed Prez - even though they both knew how it was playing out - it was sad to see. I'm fairly satisfied about the endings for most of the individuals except Randy Wagstaff - they really didn't show how he was going to turn out. I know Namond was...
  6. Jim Rankin

    The Wire: Season Five (see post #1 re: SPOILERS)

    Good to see Avon is still in the game. I think Marlo was just a little surprised to see him in prison. Also I'm glad they are spending some time on the Bubs storyline - I've always had a soft spot for him. As far as the media angle to this season I am loving it. I feel for the editor who...
  7. Jim Rankin

    Universal going Blu too?

    I would just like to go on record saying I saw the article and posted the link. I am not vouching for the credibility. Was researching stocks and saw it listed as news under the General Electric stock information. (Admin note: added a question mark at the end of the thread title since it's...
  8. Jim Rankin

    Has anyone gone Blu since Friday?

    No the player was $399 - they told me I could pick out any BD that retailed for $34.95 or less. I was shocked they had Blade Runner listed for that price, I would of thought it would be a lot more. I figured all in all I got 8 movies that would be permanent in my collection - roughly worth...
  9. Jim Rankin

    Universal going Blu too?

    I didn't see this mentioned but I was researching stocks tonight and came across this article: Universal Ending Its HD DVD Exclusivity: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
  10. Jim Rankin

    Has anyone gone Blu since Friday?

    I went Blu on Monday as well. Best Buy had the Sony BDP-300 promotion - I got to pick out 5 Blu-Ray discs in store and still send away for the 5 free by mail promotion. I already had purchased the Toshiba A2 back in October and don't have any regrets with it. I was shocked Best Buy let me...
  11. Jim Rankin

    Okay, Let's Start Over: Please Explain How These New HD Soundtracks Work...

    Thanks Nick, Jim and Jeff. I myself have been trying to understand how this works as well and I think I have it now. I currently have a 42" Sony Grand Vega which only has a DVI input - so there really is nothing to worry about at the time until I upgrade my television with HDMI. The only way...
  12. Jim Rankin

    The Wire Season 4

    Just noticed Amazon has The Wire Season 4 up for pre-order. Looks like a December 4th release. I can't wait to get this one - definitely one of my favorite seasons for this show.
  13. Jim Rankin

    After almost a year, still glad to be sitting out format war

    I agree with most of you guys - no need to jump in at the current time. I like the ideas most of you have about upgrading other equipment while waiting for a definitive conclusion to this mess.
  14. Jim Rankin

    **Official HTF HD Formats Ind./Retailer/Studio Support Thread-*SEE POST 3176, p. 106*

    As a person who was just getting ready to take the HD plunge - I am definitely going to hold back now - a few things I want to see developed further: 1. HDMI 1.3 2. BD interactive features and ethernet connectivity 3. BD players coming down in price a bit 4. Major video rental companies -...
  15. Jim Rankin

    Holy Smokes - November Criterion!

    Wow November is normally a good month for Criterion but this one takes the cake. 1. Berlin Alexanderplatz - Fassbinder 2. Sawdust & Tinsel - Bergman 3. Drunken Angels - Kurosawa 4. Lady Vanishes - Hitchcock What a great slew of films - definitely looking forward to the Fassbinder and...
  16. Jim Rankin

    John from Cincinnati - Season 1

    Just had to keep looking I guess - here is the link from Hollywood Reporter announcing it's demise: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/...016636f2150c35
  17. Jim Rankin

    John from Cincinnati - Season 1

    Anyone else hearing HBO cancelled the series already? I've seen people posting on other boards that they axed it already - but can't find a link to confirm it.
  18. Jim Rankin

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Cría Cuervos

    Thanks for the review Matt, I've been sort of sitting on the fence on this one, mainly because I am not familiar with the director's work. Sounds like a pretty good film, and I was blown away by Ana Torrent's performance in Spirit of the Beehive - which I saw for the first time last year.
  19. Jim Rankin

    What's the most impressive restoration you've seen? / Documentaries about restoration

    My vote would be for Criterion's Seven Samurai. I thought their first release was pretty good, compared to what they had to work with - the re-release last year was remarkable.
  20. Jim Rankin

    Ingmar Bergman 1918-2007

    I have a hard time with being sad about his passing as well, of course I feel for his family and loved ones, but if one could accomplish a fraction of what he did it would indeed be an eventful life. I know The Seventh Seal and Fanny and Alexander get the most play, but by far my favorite...
  21. Jim Rankin

    Which series could you watch a 12 hour marathon of?

    The Wire - Hands Down Great story - Great acting, never gets old.
  22. Jim Rankin

    John from Cincinnati - Season 1

    Zippy is the bird.
  23. Jim Rankin

    The Sopranos Season 6, Part II - April 2007

    Just watched it again, paying real particular attention to the last scene - I don't think Bennie is there. On a more somber note - the scene where Tony, Bobby, and Sil were sitting at the table, Tony and Sil were "playboxing" with each other, first time I saw it, I got a chuckle out of it...
  24. Jim Rankin

    The Sopranos Season 6, Part II - April 2007

    Anyone else find it kind of ironic that Janice pushes for Bobby to have more responsibilities within the family - ultimately causes his undoing?? Another point - after last weeks episode where Tony and Carmine unsuccessfully tried to meet with Phil - Why the hell does Tony need to be told by...
  25. Jim Rankin

    Rome Season II

    Re-watched Ep. 2 again last night - the look exchanged between Pullo and Cleopatra was priceless! :)
  26. Jim Rankin

    Little Miss Sunshine to street 12/19

    I would of liked to have more input from the actor's on the special features. Whether it was their participation in a commentary, or short interviews about their thoughts on the script, the way the story developed or even their thoughts on working with each other. The film was a pretty good...
  27. Jim Rankin

    Little Miss Sunshine to street 12/19

    I agree with Brent on this film not transferring to Holiday financial sucess it's simply not a mainstream film. I could see it pick up a little more steam if it has any sucess at all during the upcoming awards sweep. I do disagree about the quality of the film - I enjoyed it immensely, but...
  28. Jim Rankin

    What did eveyone get for Christmas?

    We had to do our Christmas early because the wife has to work on Christmas Day. Was pretty pleased with the loot - got Little Miss Sunshine, and The Wire Season 3. Bought myself Double Life of Veronique and Pandora's Box right before Christmas. Family has a hard time finding Criterion dvd's...
  29. Jim Rankin

    Rankin/Bass Christmas Specials

    Here is a link with some info on Rankin/Bass stuff - they promise to announce upcoming films but I didn't see any mention of it. http://www.rankinbass.com/ Seems to be only mainly about the music, figurines etc. It would be great to get a definitive compiliation of their work on dvd - I...
  30. Jim Rankin

    THE WIRE season 4 (see post #1 re: SPOILERS)

    I have to admit, I was kind of skeptical about this season after the Stringer Bell/Barksdale storyline was played out last year. But, this show is one of the most involving, well created shows I have ever seen on television.