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  1. ChrisBEA

    2010 at the Box Office

    I know it doesn't mean much, but locally The Lovely Bones was outselling Book of Eli.
  2. ChrisBEA

    Time to Throw Down! 2009 Top Ten Lists

    Sorry, my full viewed list isn't up.... but I have seen somewhere around 140 theatrically in 2009. Here are my top films: District 9The Road(500) Days of SummerUpMoonInglourious BasterdsWatchmenCoralineStar TrekThe Brothers BloomThe Hurt LockerKnowingDrag Me to HellPreciousOrphanHangoverPublic...
  3. ChrisBEA

    *** Official STAR TREK (2009) Discussion Thread

    There is no time machine.
  4. ChrisBEA

    *** Official PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Review Thread

    This movie got under my skin. It builds te dread and does not let up. This is a wonderful accomplishment (I am also a fan of TBWP). Those other endings are quite intriguing, but I think I like the one they used the best, storywise.
  5. ChrisBEA

    Marie Antoinette - was i the only one?

    .... by the projectionist. (just had to complete that for you)
  6. ChrisBEA

    *** Official THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE Review Thread

    I did not care for it that much. It has some good ideas and concepts, but I did not think McAdams and Bana had much chemistry.
  7. ChrisBEA

    Weekly RoundUp 7-21-2009

    Watchmen and Coraline for me!
  8. ChrisBEA

    2009 at the Box Office

    Star Trek is still on top with north of $240M.
  9. ChrisBEA

    WHV Announcement: Friday The 13th Extended Killer Cut (DVD/Blu-ray)

    THanks, the layout is a bit confusing in that way. Still not sure about the pulsing of colors on the FBI warning and rating screens, everything else plays fine.
  10. ChrisBEA

    WHV Announcement: Friday The 13th Extended Killer Cut (DVD/Blu-ray)

    Any problems reported with this release? I go to play it and the initial FBI warning screen colors pulsate, then the New Line HD logo s OK, then the R rating screen pulsates and the movie starts. I get no choice of which cut and I cannot find the option in any of the menus..... This is rather...
  11. ChrisBEA

    Weekly RoundUp 6-9-2009

    Iron Maiden: Flight 666 - documentary and concert chronicling their 2008 World Tour. Amazon: 11.99 Best Buy: 11.99 Best Buy exclusive Blu-ray (everywhere else on 7/7): 14.99
  12. ChrisBEA

    2009 at the Box Office

    70%, 58% top critics
  13. ChrisBEA

    Moon - Starring Sam Rockwell

    I am really looking forward to this, along with Pandorum.
  14. ChrisBEA

    *** Official SUNSHINE CLEANING Discussion Thread

    No connection between the two, other than both being good and worth seeing.
  15. ChrisBEA

    MP3 & phone app deals/freebies (Amazon/Starbucks/etc.)

    Sorry, should have been more clear. I got them on the deal days, I stumbled across the Cornell and have been checking since. This is the firs i have seen this thread.
  16. ChrisBEA

    MP3 & phone app deals/freebies (Amazon/Starbucks/etc.)

    Just discovered these deals, I've picked up a few: Chris Cornell, Whitesnake, Dethklok, Spearhead. and some of the free downloads.... Thinking about M. Ward....
  17. ChrisBEA

    Who is your favorite film composer?

    John Williams and Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer are around the top. Some that are growing in my eyes include Tyler Bates, Bear McCreary, Alexandre Desplat, Javier Navarrete, Clint Mansell, Michael Giacchino
  18. ChrisBEA

    9 - new animated feature

    Not sure the name of the song, but the band is Coheed & Cambria.
  19. ChrisBEA

    Premium glasses for 3D movies?

    I would also suggest the increased price is not merely for the glasses, but to help pay for the expensive projectors needed for 3D, not to mention the increased cost of the prints. I have no numbers to back this up, but it seems logical.
  20. ChrisBEA

    Best Films of the "Decade:"

    First movie on my mind is Children of Men
  21. ChrisBEA

    Which Movie Should I See?

    I rank Gran Torino over the other two. Easily.
  22. ChrisBEA

    500 Days of Summer--romantic comedy with Gordon-Levitt and Deschanel

    Looks interesting. Have to say the teaser felt a little odd. Like many, I like Zooey, but I am also glad to see Levitt getting what could be higher profile work, he is a really good actor.
  23. ChrisBEA

    *** Official THE UNBORN Discussion Thread

    Saw it today, wanted so badly to like it, but I did not. Appears Goyer is only good when adapting material. Also, is it me or does Odette Yustman look like Megan Fox, but with a bit more soul? Also: It appeared the ghost could inhabit other people's bodies at will, why did Jumby (hehe)...
  24. ChrisBEA

    2009 Film List (Reviews, Discussion & Tracking)

    Ratings: :star: - :star::star::star::star::star: Total Films Seen = 1 *2008 Films Seen in 2009 = 1 Best of the Year = Worst of the Year = January = 1 01/03/09: Bedtime Stories* :star::star:1/2
  25. ChrisBEA

    Track the Films You Watch (2009)

    Ratings: :star: - :star::star::star::star::star: First Section is Theatrical Second is Film on DVD Third is TV on DVD Films Seen: 1 January = 1 1/3/2009Bedtime Storiesx**.5 1/9/2009Valkyriex** 1/10/2009Gran Torinox**** 1/13/2009The Unborn*.5 1/14/2009Frost/Nixonx***.5...
  26. ChrisBEA

    new punisher movie....

    "The fat one's mine, he stole my applesauce." Loved it. over the top, goofy, and bloody. It begs borrows and steals from a ton of other flicks. This is the definition of a great bad movie. I can watch this many times over without getting bored. By no means a good movie, but there is no way...
  27. ChrisBEA

    The Uninvited

    After seeing the trailer, I feel I've seen the whole thing. Not a good trailer.
  28. ChrisBEA

    2008 at the Box Office

    Yeah... granted a lot of horror films are bad, but in my eyes Quarantine is not one of them (I still need to see [REC]). It is effective, scary, and left me looking over my shoulder when I got home at midnight to a dark house. It may not be an "important" film, but still deserving of a space...
  29. ChrisBEA

    2008 at the Box Office

    Why do they have to be stupid?
  30. ChrisBEA

    *** Official BODY OF LIES Review Thread

    I really enjoyed it, more than I was expecting to. I liked the interplay between Crowe and Dicaprio. I am leaning towards a 3.5, but I do need to reflect on it a little, see how it holds up over night.