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  1. Jim Benard

    RIP Christopher Plummer

    Another great performance, Somewhere in Time
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  3. Jim Benard

    General Discussion Best Final Line in a Movie

    Eyes wide shut. Look it up🤐
  4. Jim Benard

    No Great Pumpkin this year?

    The post must have helped sales. Amazon went from shipping in 2 days to now not shipping until 11/3
  5. Jim Benard

    Eddie Van Halen RIP

    Never will be anyone close to his skills. Enjoy:
  6. Jim Benard

    Beatles Anthology $47.99 at Bestbuy.com

    Sam's was a no go for today. Nowhere in site. Rumor is Costco will have it for 45.99 tomorrow so that's the one to beat.
  7. Jim Benard

    Beatles Anthology $47.99 at Bestbuy.com

    Anyone know what Sam's will be charging? I went there today and they didn't have it out yet. They've put titles out early before so I'm checking tomorrow also.
  8. Jim Benard

    Super Bowl on DVD

    They should master every Super Bowl broadcast onto DVD and charge some outrageous price for each one. People would pay any amount for the classic SBs. But I agree it will never happen :frowning:
  9. Jim Benard

    Need more NFL on DVD?

    This would be huge if it could ever happen. Sell a 2 DVD set of each Super Bowl with as much as possible. Charge us whatever, it's worth it. The NFL has protected it's Super Bowls forever for some reason. Never any indication of this happening be it DVD or VHS. I would love to know what the...
  10. Jim Benard

    Discovery HD channel launches today on Dish Network

    I can't wait!!! It's free right now until Aug. 1st, starting July 1st, 6000 Dish owners can order a new plug-in to add to their unit. If you order the annual subscription, the module is free. This is not the OTA HD module you might already have it's a new one that plugs into a 2nd slot. Here's...
  11. Jim Benard

    Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman on TV Land starting 5/31

    I never thought this show would show up anywhere. I sure hope we get a DVD of it at some point. It would be a great set inspite of the 300 shows. It's the type of show you need to watch over and over. So many new viewers can get sucked into this bizzard hit.
  12. Jim Benard

    4.24.02 Enterprise

    Is anyone bothered by this recent introduction of 'human' aliens? Last night they did it again. We find a race that 'appears' human! This isn't a big deal in the Star Trek timeline? I can't remember any old shows that dealt with this issue. If today we were to discover another planet...
  13. Jim Benard

    Anyone else have a problem playing Jeepers Creepers???

    Just got back from BlockBuster with my 2nd copy and same problem, will not play at all on WS or P&S on my Pioneer DV-37. Any updates from MGM on this?
  14. Jim Benard

    Raiders in HD

    I thought the quality of the video was much better on the Temple of Doom vs. Raiders. Might be because of the age of the originals? It will be interesting to see if Raiders on DVD doesn't look as good as Temple of Doom on DVD. Anyone have any ideas on the timeline for the 4th Raiders...
  15. Jim Benard

    Raiders in HD

    I got tired of the commerials also. I will just wait for the DVD. I hope we get a H.Ford comment track. There is a great story about the scene with the big sword and the black Ninja guy getting shot that only he should tell.
  16. Jim Benard

    Glitter sets DVD sales record???

    Well I rented it today, haven't seen it yet, but only because I had a .99cent rental coupon. I can't wait to see what all the bad press is about.
  17. Jim Benard

    Do you believe in life on other planets?

    I believe there is life out there but we probably won't find out for sure in our lifetimes. I would love to be around if we found another civilization just like ours. It would be astonding to "compare notes" between the two worlds. Imagine studying all of their history, battles...
  18. Jim Benard

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "Almost Famous - Untitled - The Bootleg Cut"

    I can't believe that HBO premiers this great flick last week in 4x3. If that doesn't help drive up the DVD sales I don't know what will.
  19. Jim Benard

    X-Files Season 4: Anyone gotten from TAU yet?

    Mine showd up last Wed. I'll bet there is going to be some people getting 2 copies from TAU. Please be nice and send them back the 2nd if you get 2. They have been a great company to deal with!
  20. Jim Benard

    Beatles for Christmas?

    Forget these single titles, e.g., A hard days night, now more than ever, we want "Anthology" on DVD!!!!!!!! Some on the recap's on George's death said he was doing interviews a year ago. Maybe the suits are putting together more clips to be added to the Anthology DVDs as extras....
  21. Jim Benard

    NBC to broadcast portions of the Winter Olympics in HD

    It's too bad that our local NBC (WESH) is too cheap to buy an HDTV IRD. They've been 4x3 480p for a while now with no plans to go HD because they tell us they are waiting for NBC to approve the type of receiver to use. They can't just buy any old receiver if it's not on the 'approved' list...
  22. Jim Benard

    X-Files Season 4: Anyone gotten from TAU yet?

    I sent them an email saying mine hasn't arrived yet. Their contact web page says they will respond in 24 hours. I'm still finishing up set 3 so I'm not in any hurry.
  23. Jim Benard

    What a surprise..."Grinch" widescreen DVD

    Costco is starting to p#@$ me off, Cats and Dogs was the same way. They had tons of them all full screen. I waited until the WS Cats and Dogs came out and Costco STILL didn't get any Widescreens.
  24. Jim Benard

    Pioneer Elite PRO-720

    Is there some kind of trade-up or upgrade for people who have the 710's? Please let us know the details.
  25. Jim Benard

    Problems w/Godfather and Toshiba SD-3109

    I've got the same problem on my DV37, anyone had any feedback from the studio on this issue yet?
  26. Jim Benard

    Any questions regarding the reviewed ELITE MARQUEE DISPLAY UNIT - please post here.

    I would also be in favor of the piano black finish. The only other suggestion is a problem with all these types of units. I wish someone would come up with a good clean way to seal the unit to keep out dust!!! It's a royal pain to keep dust off all of the DVD covers. I don't know how you do...
  27. Jim Benard

    Installing Win XP over Win ME

    I have not found any problems/issues upgrading since Win2K. I've done many 95/98 to 2000 with no problems at all. I would expect the same with ME to XP. Microsoft had done one hell of a job with their upgrade coding since 2000 came out. It has handled everything I've thrown at it upgrading...
  28. Jim Benard

    Response from District Manager of BlockBuster on OAR!

    We won the war on DIVX, we WILL win the P&S war. Keep up the pressure. Studios want to sell. If they start to see their bottom line dropping with P&S only DVDs maybe they will come around.
  29. Jim Benard

    Thank You Warner Bros for the Chat

    Thanks also for your time. Hopefully we can continue some questions for your consideration for those of us who didn't make it in tonight: When will Big Top Pee-wee come out on DVD? Please consider having the same great commentary track as the first w/ the director and Paul Reubens.