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  1. Grady

    Panasonic RP 91

    I have an Elite 510 and a Sony 9000es. I've been toying with the idea of trying the RP 91 because of it's ability to avoid the dreaded "lock in full" mode. Before I do I was wondering if the RP 91 has the ability to allow you to adjust sharpness like the 9000es? Also, with a progressive 4x3...
  2. Grady

    ISF Certification or not?

    I have an Elite 510 and I'm waffling on the issue of an ISF. When I first got my set it had a problem and my dealer sent out his ISF Certified tech who fixed it. He told me the focus(electronic and mechanical focus I believe is what he said)looked very good and he didn't believe it could be...