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  1. Sean Conklin

    Looking for best HTiB under $1000

    you can build a decent seperate system for that price nowadays. kinda just popped in to see whats up lately. home theater has come a lonnng way since i joined here.
  2. Sean Conklin

    Insignia 37" LCD 1080P

    Not a Sharp, a Sanyo. lol Anyways getting back into the HT loop, and this looks like a good starter TV for my HT bedroom. My surround system is done, Pioneer, Sony, etc. Now it really kicks ass. Now I have to figure out whether to get a PS3 or a Sony Blu Ray player tomorrow. Sweet!!
  3. Sean Conklin

    Insignia 37" LCD 1080P

    Hi, been a long time, anyways after like 8 years I got a new TV, it was pretty cheap and has an awesome picture. I like it. I was using a Samsung 30" Tube widescreen and a Sharp 26" LCD 720P. Ive heard good and bad things about these TVs. But so far, after a calibration (do these things ever...
  4. Sean Conklin

    the best $250 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!... ehm... hint Klipsch :D

    That is awesome, Im going to garage sales tomorrow. :D
  5. Sean Conklin

    Connecting Bose 48 to 30 acoustimass

    Oh no! A Bose Maybe contact Bose support, I think they have good customer support, they should anyway.
  6. Sean Conklin

    Taking Grill Off Z-5500

    I doubt it, unless a Logitech service person sees this. Hmmm, My TV is working well, I think I'll take it apart and find out why. ;) Kidding Well good luck.
  7. Sean Conklin

    Picture quality of current DVD players? Options

    I dont think the cables are the problem, unless they are really beat up. Maybe make sure the dvd player is set for progressive-auto (might be a little switch on the back of the dvd player), or make sure its set to display Film source.
  8. Sean Conklin

    Taking Grill Off Z-5500

    Why do you need to take the grill off?
  9. Sean Conklin

    need car advice

    Get a Mopar.
  10. Sean Conklin

    What Kind Of Fish Do You Keep?

    Used to have a 70 gallon Sea-Clear, but now I just have a Beta in a big vase.
  11. Sean Conklin

    What is my weakest link

    Save a little more and for $1000 you can have a nice direct view 30-32" Widescreen TV.
  12. Sean Conklin

    dts problem

    Maybe the dts chip is bad.
  13. Sean Conklin

    Do i need 7 speaker for DTS 6.1?

    I play dts ES with a 5.1 receiver and it sounds just fine, the surrounds are discreet and sounds excellent. I think Chris is right, there is normal dts 5.1 information on the ES format and the 6th channel info is just a bonus as its discreet and does nothing to hinder the discreet sound if you...
  14. Sean Conklin

    Help, I got something nasty on my car.

    Try some rubbing alcohol in an inconspicuous spot, maybe its sap.
  15. Sean Conklin

    How do you watch TV?

    60 dollars an hour??!!, now thats an expensive cable company.
  16. Sean Conklin

    Speaker Interference

    They can sure cause damage to TVs and monitors.
  17. Sean Conklin

    Analog Output Problems

    Try that and let us know. :)
  18. Sean Conklin


    Directly from the TV? Using the left and right audio out? If so probably the TV. What kind of TV?
  19. Sean Conklin

    Trading in a car.

    Depends on the car. Usually they don't care about stuff like that.
  20. Sean Conklin

    Speaker Distances??

    I think the sound would just be delayed if you told your receiver your speakers were farther than they are. I would recommend setting the distance correctly for proper delay. Thats my opinion.
  21. Sean Conklin

    component placement on top of rptv?

    Get the catv box and DVD player off the top too. :D I would put my stuff on the floor or just wait before I put anything on top of my monitor.
  22. Sean Conklin

    Home theater in a box question

    Can you borrow some good speakers from someone to test this? Loudness is subjective, do you mean like way below reference levels? roughly 75dB? Do you have your speakers set to "small"?
  23. Sean Conklin

    Subtitle confusion!

    So the player only displays what the disc tells it to?
  24. Sean Conklin

    Subtitle confusion!

    The player generated sub-titles seem to butcher up the original dialogue too. Lots of missing dialogue and substitution words. At least on "Real Genius", as I found out the other day.
  25. Sean Conklin

    Center channel placement.....

    I also use under screen placement angled up, it is closer to the level of the mains. In the above position the center would be too high and imaging may be off balanced, thats my experience anyway. Welcome to HTF Dallas. :)
  26. Sean Conklin

    Center channel placement.....

    ooops double post, sorry.
  27. Sean Conklin

    Home theater in a box question

    I wonder about the capability of the HTiB speakers tweeters too. Have you tried diferent speakers? Might save you some down time sending in the amp.
  28. Sean Conklin

    I hear voices...

    What method, format and media type are you recording onto? Probably doesn't matter, but it might help to pinpoint the unwanted voices. Maybe your satellite is picking up some foreign signals. Sorry, thats not much help, I'm sure someone with experience with this kind of thing will show up...