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  1. Glenise

    he *Official* Yamaha firmware update - DTS pop thread

    I apologize if someone has already posted these Yamaha DTS bomb somewhere else on the forum. The firmware installation pdf files are included in the firmware zip files by the way. RX-V3800 FIRMWARE UPDATE NOTICE (USA Model) http://www.yamaha.com/yec/softwareup...V3800-0016.zip...
  2. Glenise

    BJ's and Amazon.com - Sex and The City Sale

    BJ's has Sex and the City individual box sets for $17. Amazon.com has some of them for $20.99. Best Buy has them on sale for $19.99 this week. Amazon.com was a better deal for me since I used a gift card for two of the box sets. I ended up getting two box sets for $16.98 with a $25 gift card...
  3. Glenise

    Has anyone used karaoke in their theater?

    I was invited to an Xmas party last Dec. and the people throwing the party had a karaoke machine. What a blast! Has anyone purchased a karaoke machine or built and/or used a laptop/desktop for karaoke? I think I've found a new addiction, karaoke. I've been going to this karaoke forum daily...
  4. Glenise

    Anyone use karaoke in their home theater?

    Just curious, anyone use karaoke in their theater? I went to a karaoke xmas party last Dec. and it was a blast!
  5. Glenise

    FS: DTS Laserdiscs

    These are all DTS laserdiscs My Dad has these for sale. Anything not listed as new or unopened has only been viewed once. Shipping is $5 for the first disc and $2 per disc after that. Shipping is in the U.S. only. Anyone interested, please email me at [email protected] and I'll forward...
  6. Glenise

    FS: THX Demo DVD

    THX Demo DVD $80. Contain THX Wow, THX trailers and other stuff. U.S. post office money order or check only. Sorry, no pay pal. Email [email protected] for more info. Please use the subject demo dvd so I'll know that it's not spam. Will take pictures later on today and post. Thx
  7. Glenise

    Which OS Are You?

    http://www.bbspot.com/News/2003/01/os_quiz.php I'm windows xp.
  8. Glenise

    Help! - having problems with Nvidia 6600GT

    I've checked the forum and was unable to find this answer. How in the world do I get 1440x960 to stay with a crt projector? (Using the vga port by the way) I tried Nvidia's display control panel and powerstrip. When using Nvidia's control panel, the pc will only go back to 1440x576. Right...
  9. Glenise

    DVDs for Sale or Trade

    I'm on the good trader list. I have "Saw" and I want one of the following movies for trade. I'm looking for: "Ice Age" - widescreen "Chappelle's Show Season 1" "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" - widescreen "The Iron Giant" (Special Edition) (1999) - widescreen Brother Bear...
  10. Glenise

    FS: DTS Demo #4, #5, #6, Fox and The Hire BMW DVDs

    U.S. post office money order or check only. Sorry, no pay pal. Email [email protected] for more info. Please use the subject demo dvd so I'll know that it's not spam. Thx Fox Demo Disc #2 - $10 each shipping included BMW The Hire - $10 each shipping included DTS Demo #4, #5...
  11. Glenise

    Amazon.com Visa $30 promotion offer

    (I thought I was going to get $30 off some dvds that I ordered) I recently got an Amazon Bank One visa. www.amazon.com/visa From what I understand on their website, once you make a purchase you are supposed to receive a $30 promotion offer in your account/shopping cart. I contacted Amazon...
  12. Glenise

    DTS Demo Discs #4, #5 and #6 - these are out of print

    US Post Office money order only. No paypal. Any questions, email [email protected] I'm on the good traders list on www.hometheaterforum.com by the way. http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htf/...d.php?t=148315 Demo #4 $25 - shipping included (runtime 39:26) SAVING PRIVATE RYAN DANCES...
  13. Glenise

    Popcorn not popping correctly, need help.

    I just tried some Snappy popcorn. What am I doing wrong? I heated the kettle about 10 mins as my popper instructions say. I heated the oil about 4 mins. I then put in the Snappy popcorn. The popcorn is dry but when I start to chew there is a hard something left. Basically, my Dad has...
  14. Glenise

    eBay video arcade cabinet ripoff - "DJ Sasquatch! vs. Money 4 Life"

    Have you guys seen this? "DJ Sasquatch! vs. Money 4 Life" http://www.flavacountry.com/archive/...tml#2003-12-02 Listen to the mp3 after going to the above website. I just listened to the mp3 today. Sounds like something from the Jamie Kennedy show...
  15. Glenise

    What brand popcorn do you use for your popper?

    I haven't tried it yet but bought some snap paks from Snappy. I've tried my Dad's Mega Pop and it tastes great! I've tried one pack of Chief's Choice and it didn't taste all that great. The popcorn was very hard. Can anyone tell me their experiences?
  16. Glenise

    Damaged merchandise from Red Octane

    I just received my merchandise from Red Octane. I ordered two arcade style cases with playstation pcbs. http://www.redoctane.com/arcadecasepcb.html Both items arrived damaged. The black lexan near the word Red Octane is damaged. The plexiglass is also cracked and scratched. This is my...
  17. Glenise

    Do guests pay for candy in your theater?

    The reason I ask this is because I have some relatives who want everything for free. My Grandmother purchased 10 $1 boxes of candy from The Dollar Tree. These are huge boxes of candy. Basically, she paid $10 for the candy. She says people are going to have to pay $1 for the candy. I told...
  18. Glenise

    Sunbeam wine/soda cooler $139 at Home Depot

    Home Depot has a 47 bottle capacity wine cooler/60+ soda capacity for $139. I know a lot of people bought this same wine cooler for $129 last year. The model last year was BC-130A. The model this year is BC-130D. I think the difference is an interior light in the top of BC-130D. This cooler...
  19. Glenise

    DTS Plaques from www.showoffdisplays.com

    My Dad has been trying to get a DTS plaque from www.showoffdisplays.com Does anyone know if Rick is still in business? My Dad left three voicemails and spoke with someone who said they would call him back. I assume he spoke with Rick but I'm not sure. Is there any other place online that...
  20. Glenise

    I'd like to see diy home theater intros featuring your friends and family

    When I get a digital camcorder I plan on creating a home theater intro featuring family and friends. It will be similar to what Magic Johnson does in his movie theater intro. Has anyone does this? I'm not talking about home theater intros like CinemaWise or the other folks but an intro...
  21. Glenise

    Paragon popper power buy

    Maybe when Adam sees that a bunch of people are interested in getting Paragon poppers, maybe we can get another power buy started. I didn't get a popper the 1st time around. I'm not sure if Adam frequents this forum though. http://www.stargatecinema.com/cart/c...home.php?cat=2...
  22. Glenise

    Free "Recliner" cd download - this is legal of course!

    This is legal guys, don't worry! Music group "Recliner" http://a388.g.akamai.net/7/388/1603/...r/recliner.htm Wish they had a group that I knew about.
  23. Glenise

    The would be cute for the lobby

    This would be cute for the lobby.
  24. Glenise

    Warning: DPC International

    Just wanted to post a current experience I'm having with a company. I recently purchased a FIC motherboard from DPC International. The company's website states that after so many days, all motherboard repairs must go thru the motherboard manufacturer. Well, FIC, the manufacturer, has...
  25. Glenise

    Theo Kalomirakis Redesigned Website

    Has anyone see the new redesigned website? The pictures are gorgeous!
  26. Glenise

    Bringing Down The House

    Anyone who purchased this DVD just to make sure I'm not crazy, did anyone not get a dvd chapter insert on the left of the DVD case holder? I only had an insert that was a promotional piece for Chicago.
  27. Glenise

    Nostalgia mini kettle popper.

    This would really be cute for home theater decor. I think this one is cuter than the mini hot air popper.
  28. Glenise

    Found this theater while surfing

    I assume this place is for the public but I'm wondering if he shows movies, wouldn't he get in trouble showing DVDs and laserdiscs to the public? I also wish he had bigger pictures of his theater and concession stand. http://www.cacaas.com/miniplex.html
  29. Glenise

    Has anyone seen this popper?

    http://www.helmangroup.com/pages/new/newproducts.html I have the old fashioned popcorn and hot dog machines for decor. I wonder who is the popper oem or the kettle oem?
  30. Glenise

    Look at these popcorn popper prices

    I just happened to be looking around and found this website. I hope no one has purchased a popcorn machine from these people. http://shop.store.yahoo.com/kkapers2/compoppop.html