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  1. Joe D

    *** Official The Prestige Discussion Thread

    Well, The Prestige is coming out this Friday, and I'm very excited. Im suprised there hasn't been very many reviews released yet, it seems like Flags of our Fathers is getting all the reviews (good and bad) over at Rotten Tomatoes. I hope the movie is well received and makes money so...
  2. Joe D

    I need a new Car CD Player

    I know nothing about car audio, so I need some help. I need some help picking out a new Car CD Player for my 99 Chevy Lumina. I plan on ordering from Crutchfield because they give you free installation instructions, wiring kits, adapters, and all that other nonsense. So, what is a good...
  3. Joe D

    AMD Sales Tops Intel

    AMD sales topped Intels in September for the first month ever. Considering the price and performance point of AMD chips vs Intels this makes a lot of sense. Here is the full article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/pcworld/2005...pcworld/123043
  4. Joe D

    Digital Camera Newbie: Need Serious Help

    Ahhhhh! I am looking at getting a digital camera but I don't really know what I want or need as well as where to begin looking. In two weeks I am going to the Redwoods in California and I would like to be able to take some nice pictures of my trip. I also have started to travel more and I...
  5. Joe D

    DVD's FT - Dark Crystal, Gladiator, LOTR, Se7en & More

    Hello, I have the following DVD's For Trade: The Dark Crystal: Special Edition LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring - Widescreen A.I. Artificial Intelligence - Widescreen Hollow Man Cliffhanger Willow Se7en - 2 DVD Platinum Series Memento Gladiator Ali Greatest Moments in Super Bowl...
  6. Joe D

    Guitar Equipment For Sale, 2 pedals, Pod 2.0

    Everything has been sold. Thanks for looking.
  7. Joe D

    Third Rock From The Sun

    I just recently started watching the show, Third Rock From The Sun, and I must say that it is absolutely hilarious. I laugh out loud for the entire 30 minutes, which never happens. John Lithgow is extremely hilarious. I hope someday I'm like that :D I love the writing on the show. So I'm...
  8. Joe D

    Anyone else not care for the Enya Song "May It Be" on the LOTR Soundtrack?

    I just got done listening to the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack, which I quite enjoy. But I find the Enya piece "May It Be" to be totally worthless. This is hardly the conclusion I'm looking for this great soudtrack. I do enjoy The COuncil of Elrond piece done by her. I love the six note...
  9. Joe D

    Who's the Best Director of Photography Working Today

    Hi folks. I was just looking at a free Ali poster that I received, and I saw that Dante Spinotti was not the D.P. for this film, so I was kind of dissapointed since I really love his work with Michael Mann. So it got me thinking, who is your favorite D.P. working today? Please state a...
  10. Joe D

    Some DVD's FT

    Hello, I have the following DVD's for trade: True Lies Shrek Special Edition Hollow Man Special Edition Cliffhanger Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Wanted: Touch of Evil - Willing to do a 2 to 1 for this title. Wonder Boys Nashville I am open to other offers. Thanks...
  11. Joe D

    Guitar Equipment For Sale, Pod 2.0, 2 Pedals

    Hello folks, I have the following guitar equipment for sale. DOD Ice Box Stereo Chorus (FX 64) $15 - Pending DOD Stereo Flanger (FX 75 C) $15 Both of these pedals sell for $40 in Guitar Center/Mars. They are both in excellent condition, and contain original box and manual. As well as the...
  12. Joe D

    Any chance of a Adventures of Baron Munchausen Special Edition?

    Hi, I bought Criterion version of Brazil a while back, and I absolutely adore it, and I'm planning on picking up the Time Bandits Criterion version and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen release from Columbia. Is there any word on a Special Edition of this film anytime soon, especially since...
  13. Joe D

    Who Likes "Disarm" by Smashing Pumpkins

    I enjoy Smashing Pumpkins to a degree, they put out some great stuff, however, I just love the song Disarm. The song is so beatiful, with the acoustic guitar providing the rythmn, but with the orchestra coming in and adding a nice touch. Billy's lyrics and voice is just great on this song, "A...
  14. Joe D

    DVD's For Trade or Sale

    Hi folks, I have the following DVD's for Trade or Sale: Alfred Hitchcock's Rope-$12.50 Pending - The Abyss, 2 DVD's-$12.50 U-571 and Platoon have been sold. Shipping is not included, buyer decides what kind of shipping they want. I don't have a PayPal account, sorry. DVD's I'm looking...
  15. Joe D

    U-571, The Abyss, Ten Commandments, Rope DVD's FT

    Hi folks, I have the following DVD's for trade: U-571 DD/DTS. The Abyss 2 DVD's Alfred Hitchcock's Rope All are in mint condition. The Abyss is missing it's UPC code. Last I looked I was at +6 or 7 feedback here on HTF for trading. I am looking for the following DVD's, but I am open to...