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  1. Gavin K

    Official Digital Bits 4th annual "Bitsy Awards" discussion thread

    The whole Disney decision seems to have a flaw in logic. If you are willing to cast aside all of the wonderful features on the BTTF set, not include it in any positive awards, and even call it worst video, simply to make a point to Universal - then shouldn't you toss out all of the wonderful...
  2. Gavin K

    HTF REVIEW: "The Country Bears" (with screenshots)

    Disney has lost money from me as well. I would have purchased Snow Dogs, Ernest Goes to Jail and Country Bears if they had been presented OAR. What are they thinking? They will probably cite high sales of the MAR version of the Princess Diaries in their favor. I had to order this online because...
  3. Gavin K

    LOTR EE vs. Ultimate Gift Set

    I got my gift set from Amazon for 44.95 with freee shipping. So I only paid about twenty dollars more than the 4-disc set. The cards and mini-mag are fluff, and the pretty box will sit in my closet mostly. The bookends are pretty cool however, and I love documentaries, so while on whole I...
  4. Gavin K

    Joseph Bottoms, Kirstie Alley, Marina Sirtis, & Keir Dullea in 1984's "Blind Date"

    They need to put the radio spots on the disk. They were fifty times better than the film itself. Great deep voiced announcer, cheesy copy (she forgot... TO STAY HOME!), and some of the most intense, graphic stabbing sounds and screams I've ever heard. It was quite amazing for an ad in 1982...
  5. Gavin K

    Warner/Blockbuster market plans DVD

    Also, all of the artwork for the Spiderman rental card/free DVD offer pictures a FULLSCREEN copy of the disc. (and they raised the price 5 bucks from their last few offers) :frowning:
  6. Gavin K

    Netflix's New Distribution Centers?

    Me: Dallas, TX Netflix: Houston, TX My 6-7+ day turnaround has been shortened to 3-4 days. :)
  7. Gavin K

    Your thoughts on the original Men in Black...

    I loved this movie, and have watched the DVD several times. Will Smith's style of humor was perfectly balanced by the rest of the movies deadpan. Tommy Lee Jones and Rip Torn were perfect. The production design was amazing, and the film was wonderfully clever and witty. A few of my...
  8. Gavin K

    The Swarm coming to dvd!

    Portions of this film were shot in one Houston tower, the building my Dad worked at. I actually got to watch them film some of it. I haven't seen it since its theatrical release, but to an 8 year old it seemed really cool. I'll definitely pick this one up.
  9. Gavin K

    HTF & DVD ETC. MAGAZINE POLL: "The Top 10 Videos you can't get on DVD"

    1. The Stupids 2. Warlords of Atlantis 3. Phantasm II 4. Remo Williams 5. Clash of the Titans 6. Dragonslayer 7. The Inglorious Bastards 8. Ruben & Ed 9. Vernon, Florida 10. Miller's Crossing
  10. Gavin K

    Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

    Escape From New York SE was supposed to be out in early 2002 as well from MGM. You can't trust 'em until it's officially announced, and even then they can still change their mind.
  11. Gavin K

    Magazine Poll:

    1. Non-OAR, non-anamorphic titles. 2. "Americanized" versions of foreign films, especially HK films. 3. EPK filler posing as documentaries, and repetitiveness in features. 4. Documentaries with more film clips than substantial other footage. I already watched the movie. 5. Commentaries...
  12. Gavin K

    Dvd Etc. Magazine Poll: All Members Please Respond

    T2:UE - great movie, audio/video qualty, menus, and comprehensive supplements. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid - cool menus, great making of piece, interesting commentary, and you get to read william Goldman's memos to and from the studio! This is how an older catalog title should be done...
  13. Gavin K

    MOULIN ROUGE (merged thread)

    The whole Sound of Music bit, and the dizzying effect of the first entrance into the club, and the goofiness of Nirvana had me about ready to turn it off. Then Nicole Kidman made her entrance and I was hooked. She was radiant, beautiful, captivating, and damn good at 30's style slapstick...
  14. Gavin K

    Van Ling: Disc Features

    One of the poll questions was 'DTS or Inifinifilm type features?' How about DTS on the film on disc 1, and extras on disc two. I don't like the movie being broken up to get to the features, or having to fast forward to the white rabbit, a la the matrix, just to get to the extras. And the...
  15. Gavin K

    Forrest Gump

    Have you read the book yet? I was hooked on the movie up through the Viet Nam sequence. Then it just drug on and on for me. The whole running across the country sequence was too long and was too inconsistent with the rest of the movie. And the whole aids thing didn't sit right with me. I...
  16. Gavin K

    Anybody seen Jimmy Neutron?

    I loved this movie. I took my six year old daughter and we both loved it. It is fine for adults too, even if you don't have kids. There might not be a lot of 'adult' humor, whatever that is, but it is not 'kiddie humor' either. It is smartly written, clever, goofy humor that most anyone can...
  17. Gavin K

    What we are up against...

    Call me a "stick in the ass" OAR zealot, but all of this talk of forcing opinions down people's throats reminds of why we're having this discussion iin the first place. Because studios have been forcing P&S down our throats for years. I don't even think VHS should be P&S. OAR only in all...
  18. Gavin K

    Easy Money - missing scene from DVD?!?

    I, too, saw this movie at the theater. Thought it was hilarious. So, of course, when it came on HBO I had to watch. The boxing scene was on HBO, and I distinctly remember thinking, "Hey, where did that scene come from?" I was only about 12 or 13 at the time, so trust me, any glimpse of...
  19. Gavin K

    Just watched Swordfish...Spoiler or two.

    Why does everyone like the beginning so much? Sure, the dialogue was cool, but what was with all of the in and out of focus and shifty camera work? I'm all for style, but in this case it just seemed like directorial masturbation. And a huge case of the pot calling the kettle black. And then...
  20. Gavin K

    funniest moments in TV history

    Charles In Charge: After boasting to Jennifer Runyon that he could speak Chinese, a chinese food delivery guy brings enough food for an army. Of course by this point Charles is stressing out over a hundred different things and when Jen tells him to take care of it because he can speak chinese...
  21. Gavin K

    SHREK is a must buy, even though 1.33:1 on Disk 1 is a waste.

    "I see nothing wrong with the DVD's. The FF version had the kiddie extras and the 16x9 version has the adult extras." This is precisely what is wrong with this. It perpetuates the myth that children prefer FF.
  22. Gavin K

    Anchor Bay's Infamous DVD Difficulties

    "The director was probably watching the old VHS version. That is how many commentaries are done." I find this hard to believe since most directors can't stand to see their films in such poor quality and all hacked up. He might have recorded the commentary while watching the LD version if the...
  23. Gavin K

    Movies on television

    I'm also curious, because I have seen plenty of movies on cinemax, (such as Warlords of Atlantis), that have never had a video release in the U.S. How do the cable stations get a copy to broadcast?
  24. Gavin K

    Supposedly "Great" Movies You Just Couldn't Warm Up To, and why...

    Forrest Gump - Lost me after Viet Nam. Long winded, rambling, boring, yecchhh. And what was with the running across America? I hated this movie so much I was intrigued to read the book, just to try and comprehend what in the hell the movie was about. Reading the book only made me hate the...
  25. Gavin K

    Directors You favorite "The Far Side" cartoon strip...

    My fave is the prehistoric courtroom: "Is this your atlatl Mr. Og?!"