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  1. AntonS

    Do amplifiers go bad???

    I'll check with the dealer tomorrow. Chu, what do you mean by terminated? You mean connectors? I have fork terminals soldered on both wire ends, and they are just tightened on the amp and speaker connectors. I used a tool to tighten, not just by hand. I think they make pretty good contact. Do...
  2. AntonS

    Do amplifiers go bad???

    I haven't called Sherborn yet. I will. I'm trying to get some info first and make sure I'm not crazy and it is really the amp. I cannot provide sales receipt anyway, and they have pretty scary warranty policy: http://www.sherbourn.com/warranty.php Looks like I'll be 'expressly excluded' from...
  3. AntonS

    Do amplifiers go bad???

    I did try doing that - of course the first thing I suspected was bad connections. It was not the case. If I pick a time when it's happening bad on one of the channels and connect a different speaker to it - it started to happen for that speaker. I also did try another amp - the one in the...
  4. AntonS

    Do amplifiers go bad???

    I have Sherbourn 5/1500A amp. I bought it about 3 years ago and it's been working very well - until recently. Not long time ago I started noticing that the sound "breaks up" or becomes uneven. It doesn't break completely, it's even hard to tell from the listening position what exactly is...
  5. AntonS

    Official Panasonic DVD-S97 Specs (Faroudja is back!)

    I've browsed through the manuals and found a statement that the player cannot play neither DVD+R nor DVD+/-RW disks. That's kind of silly for a DVD player, if it's true...
  6. AntonS

    The New Harmon Kardon AVR 7300.

    I wonder what's the reason for putting a deinterlacer in the receiver? Now we'll have 3 deinterlacers - one in the DVD player, one in the receiver, and one in the TV. In a decent home theater setup they will all be of similar quality if not running the same Faroudja chip. Why pay for extra...
  7. AntonS

    If TV has DCDi, player doesn't need it?

    Thanks Daniel. I felt that I was missing something. Btw I live in Largo ;)
  8. AntonS

    If TV has DCDi, player doesn't need it?

    I'm trying to upgrade both TV and DVD player. I'm looking at the Samsung HLM507W for TV, which already has DCDi. Does this mean that there is no benefit from having a DVD player with DVDi? Or am I missing something?
  9. AntonS

    Pioneer 711 + Paradigm Studio 100?

    To me buying Studio 100s and driving them with a receiver is pretty much waste of money. If you don't plan on getting an external amp any soon, better buy Studio 40s with a decent sub (you'll need it anyway) and save yourself some cash. I've tried running Studio 100s with H/K AVR800, but even...
  10. AntonS

    Outlaw Audio

    I thought the ICBM was a concret example of Outlaws design innovative think-tank group since you refered to 'Outlaw products'. ... Sony didn’t, Eastech didn’t. Outlaw did. Why would Sony want to mess with a small and inherently short-lived product like ICBM? They make players with bass...
  11. AntonS

    Outlaw Audio

    Mary, ICBM was a neat product at the time, but it's not fair to compare it to the 1050 or 950. ICBM is just a bunch of crossovers, nothing spectacular in terms of design and development. Now, what's so innovative about 950? It's just another sound processor, tinkered to the lower-end...
  12. AntonS

    Outlaw Audio

    Mary, what's your point? That Outlaw did not design the 1050 nor 950? Well, then you made it. I may disappoint you regarding Outlaw's R&D practices. The way Outlaw had chosen to develop their products (namely to outsource R&D) is only seemingly more cost efficient, but it is in fact one of...
  13. AntonS

    Outlaw Audio

    David, are you sure Outlaw did the design in case of 950? My understanding was that 950 was designed completely by Eastech. Outlaw may have been one of the companies that [kind of] spec'd the board, but writing specs is far from doing the design. Go to the Eastech web site (they have English...
  14. AntonS

    attn avr-8000 owners...logic7 question

    It happened to me few times, always when watching cable and most often (what's strange) when it was some kind of talk show or live performance on TV. I don't remember it ever happening during a movie. I've heard that this is normal for Logic 7 and even happens on Lexicons. It's like Logic 7...
  15. AntonS

    Got my HK AVR8000 from OneCall

    Just want to add my $.02. I have a Jan 2002 built receiver(never new it until I read the thread), which I bought around July. There is no hum from center channel whatsoever, but the difference is that I'm running a separate amp. Maybe one day when I have time I'll connect the internal center...
  16. AntonS

    new Bose headphones

    I had a chance to compare the Bose noise-canceling headphones with some Sennheiser (don't remember the model, is was bought for around $100) and old Sony MDR-600. The noise cancellation in Bose works well, but soundwise I found them to be pretty crappy. Both Sony and Sennheiser were better.
  17. AntonS

    Receiver VS. PreProcessor as a Prepro..Which and why?

    Go with a receiver. A pre/pro would cost you at least twice as much as a receiver of the same quality because of the economies of scale. It's a mistake to think that pre-ous of a receiver are "afterthoughts". Preouts of a receiver are fed from the same preamps that are connected to the...
  18. AntonS

    Bose 3-2-1 system...anybody tried it?

    Even if buying for somebody who has limited knowledge or does not want to run wires for surround channels, you still can do much better by buying a decent receiver and 3 speakers (mains and center). You may even have some money left for a small sub. I think all modern DSPs can create you some...
  19. AntonS

    HK AVR8000 setup questions

    Jerome, many cable boxes have digital audio output. Mine does (coax). The sound is a lot better via digital than analog from the box. I think all cable these boxes have pretty bad D/A converters, so it's much better running coax directly from the box to the receiver, if available. Another...
  20. AntonS

    AVR8000 does not do Logic7 from 5.1 sources.

    It does L7 on top of DD 5.1 just fine. After you switch to L7, check out the speaker settings again. I think H/K keeps all settings separate for every mode, so it may have reset itself to 2 speakers after you turned on L7. I'm not sure if it's really the case, but check anyway. It should work.
  21. AntonS

    Keep the Outlaw 950 or go "backwards" to a new receiver as a pre-amp?

    Dan, here is a thought. If you think you are not happy with the 950, send it back and try someting else. Try to buy something you can return too, maybe from CC (they carry H/K line) or something like that. If you decide that the 950 was the way, you can always buy it again!
  22. AntonS

    Outlaw 950: review and discussions.

    The 950 was a novelty more than a year ago, when it was first "scheduled" to appear. Many manufacturers caught up since then. Latest generation of receivers use same or similar electronics and able to deliver comparable (in some cases allegedly superior) sound quality, but offer more features -...
  23. AntonS

    DTS LFE problem and H/K 520?

    If H/K is right about all DTS decoders setting LFE at -10dB, I wonder is there a reason for that?
  24. AntonS

    S&V H/K 8000 review is in Oct issue

    Gregory, on H/K preamps and amps are physically separated and are just jumpered on the back of the machine. Remove the jumpers, and you can use preamps and amps as you wish.
  25. AntonS

    S&V H/K 8000 review is in Oct issue

    John, it was nmot me who referred to internal pictures. AVR8000 has pretty good amps. H/K dos not play games with specs, it's true 110 watts with all channels driven, and even that spec is probably very conservative. Look at the Denon 5803 wattage at thir site, they state 200w/ch into... 6...
  26. AntonS

    S&V H/K 8000 review is in Oct issue

    Kevin, I think H/K started shipping AVR8000 around February-March 2002. So it's not that old.