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  1. Jim Benard

    Finally, a new Portable DVD worth checking out:

  2. Jim Benard

    Can someone tell Madonna we have the technology?

    She hasn't done a live concert in 8 years and this is what we get? I guess money is tight for her? Pro-logic and 4x3! HBO & Madonna thanks for nothing. No HDTV, No DD 5.1 How can HBO go from Springsteen in HDTV to this? What a waist for a big event like this. ------------------
  3. Jim Benard

    Woo Hoo, Battlefield Earth on HD HBO tonight!

    It's been pretty slow lately in HDTV programming so i'm looking forward to this even though the critics hated it!
  4. Jim Benard

    C-Band problem with Sparklies

    I've been having a strange problem with my big dish that I can't figure out. The sparkles start showing up on G5 and west of G5. Everything on G9 - east is perfect. I thought it was trees but now I have a good sky, next I tried replacing the LNB, no effect. It starts happening on the...
  5. Jim Benard

    Sopranos on any other day than Sunday?

    I'm not home this Sun. night. Does HBO refeed the HD Sopranos after the 9:00EST Sunday time during the week?