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  1. Frank Soyke

    Other CBS Shows VEI could release

    Wouldn't count on anything pre mid 70's from VEI. They seem adversed to any b/w series or anything earlier than about 75.
  2. Frank Soyke

    Hey Guy's Been Awhile

    Stopping back in after a lengthy absence taking care of my elderly parents. My father died in June and taking care of my mom following the transition has proved to be another full time job. See not a lot of news the past 6 months or so. I was nice to see a Beverly Hillbillies release, although...
  3. Frank Soyke

    What Is The Oldest Show Where A Complete Cast Reunion Is Still Possible?

    Love Boat is the oldest I can think of.
  4. Frank Soyke

    Here’s a Film Quote One I Need Help With

    Supporting character- “ You’re going to regret this” Main character - “ I know I will, I regret everything.” This one been bugging me trying to figure it out. Been wracking my brain on it for a while now What film is this.
  5. Frank Soyke

    Completing the 70’s

    For the hatrick, same parameters, chances on: Chico and the Man Baretta Switch Family Knots Landing Carter Country Fantasy Island Love,Boat Room 222 New Dick Van Dyke Show Little People
  6. Frank Soyke

    Completing The 60’s

    same as previous 80s thread. Major shows (multiple seasons)stalled/unreleased. I left off Peyton Place and Gunsmoke as those have picked back up, at least for now. What are current chances on release/ completion of: Hawaiian Eye Burke’s Law Defenders Hillbillies Petticoat Junction Bonanza...
  7. Frank Soyke

    Completing the 80s

    I realize the problem with most of the shows on my list and the follow up list are Fox/Sony/Universal which is probably most of the problem even not considering music rights. I just wonder if any of them will ever see the light of day. Fall Guy and Silver Spoons are the main 2 I would like to...
  8. Frank Soyke

    Completing the 80s

    major shows still incomplete. No one season wonders. What are the odds on these stalled /unreleased? Fall Guy Silver Spoons Falcon Crest Knots Landing (70’s overlap) Head of the Class Dear John Midnight Caller St. Elsewhere LA Law Trapper John (70’s overlap) It’s a Living (covered in another...
  9. Frank Soyke

    Rarest sitcoms of the 60s

    Would love to have Our Man Higgins and Many Happt,Returns. WA has said Many Happy is a possibility and don’t know who owns Higgins but both will prob never come out
  10. Frank Soyke

    Rarest sitcoms of the 60s

    Ok Crackerby
  11. Frank Soyke

    Rarest sitcoms of the 60s

    I was collecting heavy in the 90s and was only able to find 2 eps of Baileys of Balboa in circulation with collectors and the quality was complete garbage. If half the run was around, they weren’t common with most collectors.
  12. Frank Soyke

    If only 5 more could be released...

    Runner Up 5: Richard Diamond It’s Your Move Silver Spoons Hillbillies (5-9) Trapper John MD
  13. Frank Soyke

    If only 5 more could be released...

    Run For Your Life Hawaiian Eye T.H.E. Cat He and She Tightrope
  14. Frank Soyke

    RIP Bradford Dillman

    Great character actor. So many classic roles from the vintage tv years.
  15. Frank Soyke

    Questions about series pilots from the 1960s & ‘70s

    Run For Your Life pilot was an a episode of Kraft Suspense Theater the year before the show premier (65)
  16. Frank Soyke

    What are your Home Video plans for 2018?

    My dad is in poor health right now and I’m taking care of him and having 3kids and two jobs preclude me from making too many big plans. Maybe a small vacation and I did get tickets to see a Creed Bratton concert later this month. With regard to the collection; picking up some of the new stuff...
  17. Frank Soyke

    Merry Christmas!!!

    I know what you mean. My father is dying and it made this Christmas very diffferent to say the least.
  18. Frank Soyke

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas to all my fellow classic TV fans and board posters and your families.....
  19. Frank Soyke

    Jim Nabors Passes Away At 87!

    I don’t remember the episode title where I first heard him sing but I think it was the ep where the platoon was appearing a movie called flying leathernecks and Carter kept,messing up a line that was something like “3 cheers for Captain.....”
  20. Frank Soyke

    News. News. We need News.

    Maybe a third wave of VEI releases from the shows CBS doesn’t want to finish. Hillbillies, Petticoat, My 3 Sons, Love Boat, Happy Days and the remainder of the 2 westerns.
  21. Frank Soyke

    Jim Nabors Passes Away At 87!

    RIP.....great comedic actor from a bye gone era of great clean wholesome TV.... that and he are both sorely missed.
  22. Frank Soyke

    Silver Spoons

    I think It’s Your Move is part of Embassy as well. Love to see that,one come out.
  23. Frank Soyke

    Silver Spoons

    Really surprised Shout hasn’t put this out. Seems in their wheelhouse. Maybe a music rights problem series otherwise can’t figure out why. First season came out long ago.
  24. Frank Soyke

    Two seasons left to go before we can put this on the completed list. Diff'rent Strokes S7 out2/27/18

    I remember watching the final two seasons first run. They were really poor as I recall, especially the final season.
  25. Frank Soyke

    How Is That Not Out? Biggest Head Scratchers By Decade.

    Gotta confess film elements and the technical stuff is not my field of expertise. What exactly is "ghosting?" My guess is the black outline that appears behind characters that I have seen in early videotaped black and white shows.
  26. Frank Soyke

    How Is That Not Out? Biggest Head Scratchers By Decade.

    I know the early 70s marked a clear change in the colors used in films as well. They went from that bright technicolor Disney look of the mid to late 60s to that drab colorless stuff in the early 70s. I remember how drab Love Story (71) looked in particular and many other films of that era. TV...
  27. Frank Soyke

    How Is That Not Out? Biggest Head Scratchers By Decade.

    I always enjoyed the bright colors of the mid 60s shows. Jeannie, Gilligan, F Troop, etc. That bland garbage coloring of the early 70s on shows like All In The Family, Odd Couple, Room 222, etc I found quite depressing. I wonder what precipitated the change.... seemed kind of arbitrary. I wonder...
  28. Frank Soyke

    How Is That Not Out? Biggest Head Scratchers By Decade.

    I gotta say that I watched NOTG on Cozi for the first time a while back. Never had seen it in reruns . I was optimistic given the stellar cast, but no offense to fans of the show, but I found it very boring and slow moving. I was very disappointed
  29. Frank Soyke

    Warner Archive In 2017. Take A Shot!

    Hawaiian Eye... the complete series
  30. Frank Soyke

    Shows I Would Buy With Zero Chance Of Release

    It's Your Move was my favorite show in high school. I was pissed off then because I thought it should have been renewed and I'm Pissed now cause we still have no DVD release despite the presence of Bateman in it.