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  1. Museum Pieces

    Blu-ray Review The Father Blu-ray Review

    To me this is a great example of a horror movie. It's scared me more than a lot of movies whose sole purpose is to scare me. I mean *really* scared me. A lot of that is the superb writing; most of it is Hopkins. I can't think of anything fundamentally scarier than living through this experience...
  2. Museum Pieces

    Disney+ Loki (2021)

    So what I am hearing is a preference in timeline, not the idea of pre-destination. I only watched episode 1 of Loki once, but it smacked of pre-destination, which I neither care for or believe in. The idea that a certain timeline is protected because it is more just is not a bad idea as long as...
  3. Museum Pieces

    Disney+ Loki (2021)

    This was the most underwhelming of the first episodes of the three series so far for me. My problem can be summed up in one question: The branching timelines the Avengers created were supposed to happen but Loki's was not. Why? This is never explained. It seems the answer is "Because we said...
  4. Museum Pieces

    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ Indiana Jones - 4-movie collection -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    In my opinion the DVD is a more faithful representation of the movie than the Blu-Ray. haven't seen the 4K but believe it to be an improvement over the Blu-ray. Think I'll stick with the DVD simply because it feels more congruent to the way I saw it in the theater and on VHS..
  5. Museum Pieces

    Press Release PHE Press Release: Indiana Jones 4-Movie Movie Collection (4k UHD) (Blu-ray)

    Thanks. I hope he's right this time. He said the BD was beautiful, too.
  6. Museum Pieces

    Press Release PHE Press Release: Indiana Jones 4-Movie Movie Collection (4k UHD) (Blu-ray)

    I had to buy it to be sure. But that's not my issue. My issue is that it's now impossible to see the movie in HD the way it was color timed when originally released in 1981, on VHS and on DVD if you only have a BD player and no 4K. And this is a crime against cinema. Has anyone seen the 4K? Is...
  7. Museum Pieces

    Press Release PHE Press Release: Indiana Jones 4-Movie Movie Collection (4k UHD) (Blu-ray)

    I bought the single Raiders Blu Ray that was just released today hoping it would be mastered from the 4K source. Looks to me like it's the previous BD release. It's blown out with loss of detail from the negative. This is profoundly sad for me. Owning Raiders in overexposed HD missing detail...
  8. Museum Pieces

    Fugitive comes to DVD in a 33 disc set on Nov. 1st 2011

    Thanks for the help, Scott and Harry. I also found a video about it on YouTube that is fascinating. Looking forward to revisiting this show after many decades. I think the last time I saw it was in the 90s off A&E.
  9. Museum Pieces

    Fugitive comes to DVD in a 33 disc set on Nov. 1st 2011

    I would love to see this show again. I remember it being very very good. But I would have no idea which set to buy to avoid replacement music, or even if I bought the right set, if it had all the right discs. Can someone guide me without too much trouble? Thanks.
  10. Museum Pieces

    Pre-Order I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I'm waiting to see if season 1 is B&W before I double dip.
  11. Museum Pieces

    Blu-ray Review Mission: Impossible 25th Anniversary Edition

    Thank you for your review. Because of your review I watched this again last night and like you said, enjoyed it more than the one-and-only time I saw it in the theater 25 years ago. I had too many expectations back then that it could never live up to (I remember walking out of the theater angry...
  12. Museum Pieces

    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    Correct. It's near the end of the episode, right after Kirk says shore parties will commence beaming up after more of his crew checks in. I selected it because one thing an actor is never supposed to do is look at the camera. Shatner not only looks, he smiles right before the shot cuts away. I...
  13. Museum Pieces

    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    This is actually a screen grab from a Star Trek episode, not a publicity shot. Can you name the episode?
  14. Museum Pieces

    Let’s have a Mayberry Blu Ray pack.

    I love that people are still dreaming about it. I hope the dreamers are right. No one wants an uncut Little Girl Blue from Gomer Pyle more than me. But I'm pushing sixty and I've made peace with the episodes I have. Mostly satisfied with TAGS, not happy with Gomer music deletions, Have RFD...
  15. Museum Pieces

    Is there any way to appeal Facebook's disabling of an account?

    When dealing with FB it's always helpful for me to remember that I am not the customer. I am the product.
  16. Museum Pieces

    Blu-ray Review Mission: Impossible: The Original TV Series Blu-ray Review

    I have found that Blu-rays are far more resistant to scratches than DVDs. While it's true I have taken each disc out of its cardboard sleeve only once to convert it at original quality into MKV files, I had no compunction returning it to its terrible sleeve since these discs seem capable of...
  17. Museum Pieces

    Johnny Crawford Passed Away

    Angela Cartwright just posted that Johnny Crawford passed away. The Rifleman was one of the first TV shows I ever saw, and the first I remember ever watching with my father. No matter how good or bad I'm feeling, when I play "Mark's theme" from The Rifleman, I feel at least fifty percent...
  18. Museum Pieces

    What do you do when you discover a disc issue?

    Season 2 disc 2 of THE WIRE is bad in my set, but it's a complete series set that has actually increased in price over the years. All I can find for a season release for season 2 is DVD I need a replacement BD, and have had no response to my queries to SONY or HBO. I have downloaded the...
  19. Museum Pieces

    Adam 12

    I don't think there is a stinker episode in this entire series, and I'm not sure there are any other shows that ran even half as long that can make that claim. This is an exemplary show, in my opinion.
  20. Museum Pieces

    The COVID Vaccination Thread

    I don't think you can, not as long as there are others who play on their fear for political reasons. Conspiracy theories are self-sealing, so there's no way facts can penetrate them. The best argument I found was a friend who said someone she knew had a stroke after taking the vaccine, so she...
  21. Museum Pieces

    The COVID Vaccination Thread

    Got my second dose of Pfizer. They tell me two weeks and I'll have as much immunity as I am going to get. I fully expect to have another shot in six months or a year probably for the rest of my life. I expect to wear a mask and social distance for most of the rest of my life (because of...
  22. Museum Pieces

    I Care a Lot (2021)

    I keep thinking the old mother was going to take revenge. Then that plot line was dropped. It's a perplexing movie to me because the craft level is high, the performances are stellar, but IMO the script is fractured. I watched it all the way through, wasn't sorry I did when it was over, but in...
  23. Museum Pieces

    Vintage Television Soundtrack Corner

    I got my TT set today. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying it (the fidelity has me grinning). I used to put my little cassette recorder up to the TV just to record these shows, mainly for the music. To have a high quality set like this, along with Voyage, Giants, LIS, TOS, WWW, it's a dream...
  24. Museum Pieces

    Vintage Television Soundtrack Corner

    Mine finally shipped today. Bring on the dancing girls.... I have a book called Project Tic Toc from Alpha Control Press which is all about TT. Does anyone else have it? I haven't opened it in years but have been reading it while waiting for my set.
  25. Museum Pieces

    Vintage Television Soundtrack Corner

    Mine's been awaiting shipment since Thursday....
  26. Museum Pieces

    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    Another reason they were self-published is for the same reason Michael Piller's book on writing Insurrection never got commercially published: the Powers don't want behind-the-scenes scoop made public.
  27. Museum Pieces

    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    I don't have a problem with people who were in the room getting things wrong; I'm simply asking for a journalist to quote them and then offer the facts. A journalist whose attitude is, "It doesn't matter what I think, this is what the records show from multiple independent sources." It's not too...
  28. Museum Pieces

    Pre-Order Safe House (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Happy for those excited about this but when I saw the title of the thread I was hoping it was the other SAFE HOUSE with Sir Patrick Stewart (which I assume was shot on 35mm). I enjoyed this movie okay.
  29. Museum Pieces

    George Segal dies at 87

    I can't testify as to the accuracy of any details, but I do know I saw THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT in the theater when I was just a wee tot. Much younger than I should have been. I can't remember if my Mom thought the movie was for kids based on the title or what. I'm almost certain it was the...
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