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    Petition for White Collar on Blu-Ray

    I've started a petition asking the current owner of Fox Entertainment (Disney) to release the whole series on Blu-Ray. DVD is OK, but Blu-Ray is way better and White Collar would really benefit from it. I have the first season Blu-Ray, and it's really quite good. It's a shame they didn't...
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    Lie to Me Blu-Ray

    Lie to Me never made it past the first season on Blu-Ray. But it was a horrible time for a Blu-Ray release. Blu-Rays were expensive, Blu-Ray players were very expensive ($1,000), and many people were hurting financially from the "Great Recession". Granted, the economy and job market are in rough...
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    Petition to Release Glades on Blu-Ray

    A&E's show The Glades was released on DVD years ago, but it never got a Blu-Ray release. I also suspect that I'm not the only one who has held off on buying the DVD in the hope that they may one day see fit to give it the Blu-Ray release that we cinephiles would love. I've started a petition...