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  1. MikeSerrano

    What do those little silica packets do?

    Image of Silica deposits on Mars: Is it a red planet due to salsa? Only science knows.
  2. MikeSerrano

    We lost Steve Tannehill

    This shows how out of touch I've gotten from the community. Just saw this now and am extremely saddened by it. "Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force." - Yoda Rest in peace my internet friend.
  3. MikeSerrano

    What do those little silica packets do?

    So it's been awhile since I've been here... and I must admit that it made me smile to see this thread.
  4. MikeSerrano

    Just call me 'Thread Killer' - The Revenge

    Me either. It's a meaningless metric. Now "Joined" date on the other hand... :)
  5. MikeSerrano

    Just call me 'Thread Killer' - The Revenge

    Yesterday I hauled out my first HDTV-"ready" CRT television to the garage as it hadn't seen usage in years and it got me to thinking all the the time and energy that went into the decision to buy it--and all the time I spent on HTF, lo those many years ago. (I call it my first, but it was like...
  6. MikeSerrano

    "TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" Season 2 Thread

    I've been anticipating the return of this show all summer. My interest had been piqued when the local Fox station recently ran the season 1 marathon in all its high-def glory. And now I tune in to find my stupid local affiliate is not showing the season premier in HD. Sorely disappointed...
  7. MikeSerrano

    So what is a good OTA HD STB these days?

    Yes. More information can be found here: www.tivo.com/desktop/
  8. MikeSerrano

    Is it too late to start getting into vinyl?

    It has been interesting for me to see this renewed interest in vinyl. Though I consider myself a child of the digital age, I can remember buying 45s with my weekly allowance in the mid-80s at the local Alco (long since closed thanks to Wal-Mart coming to town). My personal interest in LPs was...
  9. MikeSerrano

    Heroes season 1 thread

    The first 20 minutes was painful to watch... just awful. However, I stuck it out thinking to myself, "it has to get better than this". Thankfully, it started to get interesting and definitely shows some promise. I'll be tuning in next week.
  10. MikeSerrano

    2006 NFL Discussion Thread

    Denver's defense was their only saving grace--by all rights, they should have been losing 49-10 by the time the fourth quarter rolled around. Denver's D was put in bad positions all day long by an inept offense and did a hell of a job of keeping the team within a single score throughout the...
  11. MikeSerrano

    Little Miss Sunshine

    I actually liked the movie so much when I saw it two weeks ago, I did see it twice that weekend. :)
  12. MikeSerrano

    6:06 6/6/06 Where were you?

    Just like every other day: in my basement sacrificing goats.
  13. MikeSerrano

    Is Trademark monitoring really nessecary?

    In related news: Wal-Mart attempts to trademark the Smiley Face.
  14. MikeSerrano

    Is Trademark monitoring really nessecary?

    If you don't actively defend your trademarks, and your trademark becomes part of the everyday lexicon, you essentially lose your right to that trademark. This is known as trademark "dilution". Some famous examples of trademark dilution are Kleenex tissues, Scotch Tape, Xeroxing and Aspirin, as...
  15. MikeSerrano

    Favorite Cameos in a movie?

    Molly Ringwald in Not Another Teen Movie. "[email protected] teenagers."
  16. MikeSerrano

    Theft while I was home

    This level of paranoia is seemingly justified these days. *sigh*
  17. MikeSerrano

    Are You a Pretty Unbiased Person?

    Your data suggest little or no association between LIBERALS and CONSERVATIVES with Self and Other. Your data suggest a strong automatic preference for Idealism compared to Realism. I expected the first result, but I always thought of myself more of a realist than an idealist.
  18. MikeSerrano

    Theft while I was home

    Yesterday, while I was home, somebody had the balls to sneak into my (fenced in) yard, walk around to the back door of my garage, enter said garage, get into the trunk of my car, take the time to neatly disconnect my powered subwoofer (using my own tools), and then casually exit the garage via...
  19. MikeSerrano

    MOV Conversion Software

    http://www.videohelp.com/tools?convert=MOV%20to%20MPG http://www.videohelp.com/tools?convert=MOV%20to%20AVI -Mike
  20. MikeSerrano

    I think this covers everything

    Heh. Reminds me of George Carlin's "Advertising Lullaby". -Mike
  21. MikeSerrano

    No wonder the Jedi are "all but extinct"...

    It's "Loveline". Loveline. One word, no "s". Adam would send his attack crows to your house if he knew you were calling it "Love Lines". :) -Mike
  22. MikeSerrano

    Slow drivers in the left lane beware.....

    You may be on to something there. I'm surprised the thought hadn't crossed my cynical mind. -Mike
  23. MikeSerrano

    Slow drivers in the left lane beware.....

    I was elated when I first heard they would finally be going after these left-lane vigilantes. todd s, thanks for the post. However, it would be helpful to include the source for your quoted content: The American Spectator: Passing Fancy -Mike
  24. MikeSerrano

    What's your Star Wars name and title?

    If we are going for the worst porn name, I've got you all beat. Mine would be "Banji Highway-7". -Mike
  25. MikeSerrano

    Cropping 1280 x 768 wallpapers to 1024 x 768?

    Ask and ye shall receive. Here the are instructions for The GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program) (versions available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X) on how to letterbox a 1280x768 picture to fit into a 1024x768 space. Note: these are the instructions for the Linux version... other...
  26. MikeSerrano

    What's your Star Wars name and title?

    That's first thing I thought... I was surprised there wasn't a field for the last 4 digits of your SSN. I put in bogus data and got: Your Star Wars Name: Matce Gukan Your Star Wars Title: Onavan of Gem EDIT: Thanks for the formula George. At best this is more like a pseudo-Star Wars...
  27. MikeSerrano

    Whore College graduates class in San Fransisco

    Where's a rimshot smiley when you really need one? :) -Mike
  28. MikeSerrano

    Mary Kay LeTourneau...disgusting...

    Thanks, but I've been here for quite some time now. Come on in, the water's fine. :) -Mike