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  1. Travis Hedger

    Toshiba to produce Blu-ray Disc Player

    It's officially official. Hitting all the news wires today! http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iEIzDh7j2jM9lXEuW7TFxLWKmrlQD9A01QP80 http://www.toshiba.co.jp/about/press/2009_08/pr1001.htm
  2. Travis Hedger

    Circuit City closing down 150+ stores in midwest (and now all of the stores)

    The ripples of DIVX finally hit the shoreline. I wonder what Dick Sharp thinks about all this.
  3. Travis Hedger

    Anyone else think 120hz makes film look like video?

    To the OP, I noticed this exact same phenom today at Best Buy. They had a nice Samsung display setup with a Blu Ray player playing some scenes of Batman Begins. Lots of the interiors shots looked "fake" as in not movie like but sports video like. And I dont mean fake in a bad way, it just didnt...
  4. Travis Hedger

    24fps/120hz question(s).

  5. Travis Hedger

    24fps/120hz question(s).

    Why would it matter if it was Blu Ray considering its the same encode for both HD DVD and Blu Ray using VC-1?
  6. Travis Hedger

    I fixed my mitsubishi TV - dm board repair

    Bookmarked for future reference. I have the 65 inch model and had the same issue about a year after purchase. However I had purchased the 5 year warranty and had the authorized repair guy do the board swap out. Not a problem since.
  7. Travis Hedger

    24fps/120hz question(s).

    I went to a local Best Buy on my lunch today to have a look around and apparently they had a Blu Ray player hooked up to a Samsgun 50 inch display with a model number ending in 71. This is a 1080p set with 250:000 contrast ratio with 120hz capability. They were playing some demo scenes...
  8. Travis Hedger

    Do you fear the imminent approach of Turkey Knapp?

  9. Travis Hedger

    Heeeee's Baaaaaaack...

    Im glad to see one of the mainstays of the HTF returning this year after being gone for so long!
  10. Travis Hedger

    How to diassemble 65" CRT t.v.

    I would check with Mitsubishis website and look for the PDF manual for that model. I remember seeing some diagrams that talked about proper disconnections of the cabinet and such. The closest I could find is for the WS-65809. http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/j/i/183...17&f1=2002&s=3
  11. Travis Hedger

    Denon AVR-3808CI: An Overview

    This is getting crazy. There are so many great choices now in receivers that I really have no idea which way I am going to go. Choices from Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo. Its just crazy all the things these new receivers do and all seem to do equally well. Ill be looking to upgrade from a 9 year old...
  12. Travis Hedger

    HTF HD-DVD Review: Transformers (Highly Recommended)

    Absolutley can't wait for my copy to get here! I was really surprised as the wife realllly like this movie in theaters too.
  13. Travis Hedger

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Bram Stoker's Dracula -- in BD

    I have never seen this movie, but have wanted to get it for a long time. And after hearing from the original post about its video quality I will finally pick this movie up and experience it for the first time in high definition!
  14. Travis Hedger

    Report: Best Buy Sells Most Blu-ray, HD DVD Titles

    Ugh, Best Buys prices are insane for high def media. $29.99 to $34.99 is the NORM. I only buy high def media from BB if they have a sale. Most of the rest has been from Amazon. Also, returns for Amazon are easier than returns to a store. When I got TMNT, it was scratched to hell as it...
  15. Travis Hedger

    PS3 deal at Amazon - 60GB + 8 movies ~$475

    Oh for the love of all things holy why did this sale have to come now! I just did the Xbox 360 HD DVD 8 free movie promo. This would have been a great way for me to get format neutral but Ill have to wait.
  16. Travis Hedger

    HD DVD at Amazon. Toshiba player and 8 free movies as low as 238.88

    Dont let that sour you on the format as a whole. The Gen 1 and Gen 2 players are all very capable and do a great job. A DoA unit happens in ALL fields of consumer electronics now and then. Yes, it sucks, but dont let it paint your vision of the format just yet.
  17. Travis Hedger

    Finally, the cheap Chinese HD DVD players that we've all been expecting

    Cant find an MSRP on this thing on any of the news or press releases.
  18. Travis Hedger

    HD DVD at Amazon. Toshiba player and 8 free movies as low as 238.88

    Same thing with the 360 add on player. $179, it includes King Kong, you pick 2 more and after delivery send off for 5 from a list. I purchased the above today to add to my PC as I already have an HD A1 for the livingroom. Lots of free software!!!!
  19. Travis Hedger

    Farewell Mike Knapp and HTT

    I think I classify as remembering some of the classic Knapp posts. You will be missed.
  20. Travis Hedger

    Why do I get the impression Blu Ray is "winning?"

    You can get HD DVD for $309 shipped now. Well, when you compare having 50% off and 2 for 1 sales during a period of time when there simply wasnt much new HD DVD content to purchase I would call it a wash.
  21. Travis Hedger

    Samsung announces combo player

    How is this pointless? Seriously. A single box, with 100% support for both formats, means the consumer wins in the end. They wont be locked out of either camp.
  22. Travis Hedger

    Samsung announces combo player

    Beat me to it on this. Where is PeterTHX. He stated quite vocally, that there will NEVER be a combo player. EVER. LG has one, while a bit crippled due to no HDi support, audio/video wise, it gets the job done. Now Sammy here, who was the first to announce a combo unit, then to pull...
  23. Travis Hedger

    LG BH100 HD DVD / Blu-ray hybrid player (merged thread)

    How cany they call it HD DVD if it does not support everying that the HD DVD spec defines? Not that I use the special features that much, I am in it for the video and sound. But to have a combo player drop the ball like that is inexcusable.
  24. Travis Hedger

    LG BH100 HD DVD / Blu-ray hybrid player (merged thread)

    Where is PeterTHX? He has stated many times that a universal player would NEVER EVER happen.
  25. Travis Hedger

    Nov. 7th. The release of the 360 HD-DVD add-on

    If sales rankings at Amazon are any indication, "Amazon.com Sales Rank: #2 in Computer & Video Games" That...is not a shabby number by any means.
  26. Travis Hedger

    Superman: The Ultimate Collection DVD Set

    Oh man, why cant this be all HD DVD? Oh well.
  27. Travis Hedger

    Universal Player in 2007

    LG actually had a press release on their plans for some time. An actual press release hosted on THEIR servers. Then decided against a combo unit. So it was in the works for some time. One will eventually happen though.
  28. Travis Hedger

    What makes Fox beholden to Blu-Ray?

    If that were to happen are you saying it is good business practice to not shore up that other possible 25% of revenue and miss out on millions of dollars in additional profit? December may be too early, but as I said. Give it time.
  29. Travis Hedger

    What makes Fox beholden to Blu-Ray?

    Which will be fine and all, but look at Divx. They will follow the money. When they start seeing key segments of HD DVD sales and how well they will do, share holders will not be too happy that they shun the market of potential increased revenue. Give it time people. Give it time.
  30. Travis Hedger

    The "Anti HD-DVD/DVD Combo" thread

    I will only buy Combo discs when the price is the same as other HD equivalents. $38 bucks for a single movie is way too much.