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  1. Gruson

    New Conan the Barbarian DVD coming?

    I see this was released in region 2: http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page...2&title=101246 5.1 sound and LOTs of extras...why has this not been released in region 1???!!! I would love to have this. The current release is anamorphic and looks VERY good but I this set looks even better.
  2. Gruson

    Dallas, TX question on NORTHPARK 1 and 2

    I was in love with this theater. They always gave the best performance possible from a movie. It was always projected flawlessly and the sound was simply AMAZING. Northpark 1 was also one of the very first two THX theaters back in 1983. Sadly, it was shut down a couple of year ago. I have...
  3. Gruson

    Where is The Boy Who Could Fly!??!?

    I love this movie and really would like to see it in it's OAR. Has anyone heard anything?
  4. Gruson

    RP91 and non-enhanced DVDs...WOW!

    I finally bought an RP91 as my second DVD player for my home theater. I had heard it's scaling features were really good for non-enhanced DVDs. That is an understatement!!!! I put in Top Gun and it looks like an anamorphic DVD now. Before my RP91, non-enhanced DVDs looked horrible on my...
  5. Gruson

    WTB Panasonic RP91 (black) $300

    I am looking for a Panasonic RP91 DVD player. Please email me if you have one for sale: [email protected] I am looking to spend $300.
  6. Gruson

    FS: Paradigm Studio ADPs (black) dipole speakers

    SOLD I have a pair of Paradigm Studio ADP's v2 for sale. I am asking $570+ shipping. I still have original box as well. I am in Dallas, TX. Please email me for pictures. [email protected] Thank you, JWSOLD
  7. Gruson

    Rear speakers are "hissing" please help

    I have a 7.1 set up, using a Yamaha RX-v1000 receiver. I am using the 6.1 (rear center) preout from the Yamaha and running it to an old Sony receiver (acting as an amp). I then have the rear center speakers connected from the Sony's MAIN (L-R) speaker output. This works great but for some...
  8. Gruson

    Should I mount my Studio ADPs or use stands?

    I just received my Paradigm Studio ADPs. I will be using them as SIDE speakers in a 7.1 set up. Studio 40s will be used as the rears (about 3-4 feet behind me). Now, should I keep the side speakers at ear level, on a speaker stand, like the rest of my set up? Or should I mount them around...
  9. Gruson

    Front Effects Speakers

    I am very curious about these. My receiver does not support them, at least I do not think it does (Yamaha RX-v1000). I hear you are supposed to space these further apart and higher up than main front L & R speakers. Do they really add that much? I have a 7.1 set up now and I guess adding...
  10. Gruson

    Need Service Menu code for 36" Toshiba

    Ok, my 36" Toshiba has always looked too purple. In order to correct it, I need the service menu code. The model number is CZ36V51. Thank you and what value should I adjust?
  11. Gruson

    WTB: Paradigm Studio 20s (pair) and Studio ADPs (pair)

    Speakers must be black :) Please email or PM me. [email protected] Thank you!
  12. Gruson

    Suggestions on rear speakers (Paradigm)

    I use Studio 40s and a Studio CC for my fronts. Sub is a PW-2200. Right now I am using some old Cerwin Vegas for the four rear speakers (7.1 set up) Which Paradigm speakers would you guys suggest for my rears? Four Studio 20s or Studio 40s? Or should I go with another type of Paradigm...
  13. Gruson

    Paradigm Servo-15 vs. PW-2200

    I own the PW-2200 now. However, I am wondering how much better would the Servo-15 sound..if at all. I listen to my movies above reference level and I love the bass that the 2200 gives. I do not listen to music on my system and I have heard that music is what the servo-15 is really great at...
  14. Gruson

    Friend has $1500 to spend on a complete system....

    Ok, my friend is fixing to purchase some speakers and a sub. He loves my Paradigm set up but cannot afford it. What would be a good alternative, not going over $1500? He would need 7 speakers and a sub, as I will be installing a 7.1 system in his condo. What would you guys get with this...
  15. Gruson

    Paradigm 2200 sub is bottoming out.......

    First off, I love my Paradigm 22000 sub. For over 2 years now, it has really provided me with plenty of bass. I even compared it with some SVS subs and I still preferred the Paradigm (it never bottomed out when the SVS subs did). Well, after 2 years, it is now bottoming out when I least...
  16. Gruson

    Need a new progressive DVD player, please read.

    Ok, I love my Toshiba 6200. However, I want one of those newer players, like the Panasonic RP91, that will make non-anamorphic DVDs look better. Of course, the player has to be progressive too and I would prefer it to hold 2 DVDs (like the 6200). The new player will need to also...
  17. Gruson

    Jingle all the Way recall?

    Anyone know what they are talking about? : In other quite interesting news, grab those copies of Fox's Jingle All The Way while you can. Due to a recent lawsuit, Fox has issued this notice to retailers: "Because of an adverse court ruling against Fox in a copyright infringement case...
  18. Gruson

    What store are you guys finding Pearl Harbor at?

    I loved this movie and really want to see it this weekend. What store/chain are you finding it at? You can email me if you do not want to post it: [email protected] Thanks!
  19. Gruson

    Iscan Pro....some questions using it

    Hey guys, I recently purchased an Iscan Pro to use with my non-anamorphic DVDs and more importantly, my laserdiscs. I do not thing it improved the picture that much. My equipment is: Mitsu. 65907 HDTV Pioneer CLD-704 LD player (using composite out) Toshiba SD6200 DVD player...
  20. Gruson

    ***Official TPM Audio thread (Lasderdisc comparison, Volume probs, charts, etc)

    Bad news guys, as others have said, the audio on SW: The Phantom Menace is VERY low and VERY lacking. I own the LD and have always been amazed at the quality of the sound. I finally found the DVD yesterday and put it into my player. I read reports about the DVD being lower than the LD but I...
  21. Gruson

    Quality of the E.T. box set (laserdisc)

    I own the 2 sided, CLV version of E.T. and the video quality is not too good. I have been thinking about buying the limited edition box set. How is the video quality of it for those who own it? Thanks, JW ------------------ Equipment: Mitsubishi 65907 65" HDTV ISFd Steve Martin...
  22. Gruson

    Question for those who work at home theater stores...(sales)

    I know some of you guys have jobs selling home theater gear at stores like Tweeter. How do you like it? Are you paid a base + commision? Do you get a big discount on products? What are the normal hours? I love this hobby and was thinking about getting a job selling it to others, etc. and...
  23. Gruson

    Problem: laserdisc player will not play side B now

    Well, I own a Pioneer 704 LD player. It is a player that can play both sides of a LD (so you do not have to get up and flip the disc over). Well, now I have to get up. For some reason it will not play the other side now. I used to be able to push B and it would flip over to side B. Even...
  24. Gruson

    Star Wars Trilogy in 6.1 (laserdisc) OH YEAH!

    First off, I am one of those fans that did not like the special editions. I have always just owned the original version of the trilogy on laserdisc (THX remasters and The Definitive Collection). Both of these as you know are not in 5.1. Well, I decided to buy the special edition for the...
  25. Gruson

    Yet another home theater page, please check it out.

    Link Removed Thanks all, JW
  26. Gruson

    Will I see a major difference with a newer progressive DVD player?

    Hey all, I am currently using a Toshiba Progressive DVD player, the 6200. Now, I have heard a lot about the new players using the Faroudja chip. Will I see a big difference if I upgraded to a newer player? I love my Toshiba but if there is something out there that will give me better...
  27. Gruson

    Need advice on which 5 or 6 channel amp to buy....

    I finally have my Studio 40s up and running but I had to turn down all of my other speakers to match them. I am now thinking that these babies need an amp. Any suggestions? Thanks and my equipment is below.... ------------------ Equipment: Mitsubishi 65907 65" HDTV ISFd Steve Martin...
  28. Gruson

    Hissing coming from EX channel...

    Ok, I think I know what the problem is but I want to make sure before I do anything. My receiver is a Yamaha RX-V1000. I am running the EX surround channel output to my old Sony receiver. (I use 2 speakers for the EX channel). Then I have the speaker wire going out from the Sony to the...
  29. Gruson

    Adding Polks to existing Paradigm set up...need suggestions.

    Alright, my main speakers are Paradigm (Studio 40s and the Center is the Studio CC). Now, I can get a pair of Polk RT55s for $120 through a friend. I was planning on using these as my rears. Would the Polks sound good with the Paradigms? Or should I save more money and buy some more...
  30. Gruson

    Paradigm PW-2200 vs Servo-15 sub

    Hey all, I own the Paradigm PW-2200 and love it. I am thinking about adding another sub. It is going to be either another 2200 or a Servo 15. Does anyone have any comparisons between these two subs? I have heard that my 2200 can give the servo a run for it's money. But, if the servo can...