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  1. MikeEckman

    Win a copy of American Sniper on Blu-ray

    My favorite Clint Eastwood movie is also the very first one I saw... Unforgiven
  2. MikeEckman

    Best 50" Plasma available today or soon

    I am by no means an expert, but at the local Best Buy the Pioneers have the most impressive picture amongst the Plasma sets, but theyre also the most expensive.
  3. MikeEckman

    Please help Pioneer CLD-D503 scratches discs

    I bought a used Pioneer CLD-D503 Laserdisc player about 4 years ago and use it occasionally. I've probably played about 50 movies in it since buying it with no real problems. Sometimes when I would insert a disc, the display would sit there on CLOSE, and it wouldnt realize the drawer had closed...
  4. MikeEckman

    My vote for worst packaging ever goes to Gallagher..Watermelon collection

    Comparing this to the original "babboon's arse" packaging of the Total Recall SE, which is what I consider to be the worst DVD packaging ever...how would it rate?
  5. MikeEckman

    Disappointed in WWE Wrestlemania Anthology

    They sell them as a complete set of all 20 of them or you can buy them in 4 volumes, which I assume is 5 Wrestlemanias each. Since I lost interest in wrestling in the very early 90s, I only bought Volume 1 since it has 1-5. I guess I just expected a little more effort put into this. I wasnt...
  6. MikeEckman

    How do you view your DVDs?

    [Napolean Dynamite] I watch whatever I feel like I'm gonna watch....GOSH!!! [/Napolean Dynamite] :D Seriously though, if I'm in the mood to watch something, I throw it in. Sometimes I get 20 minutes into it and decide I didnt want to watch it, and if that happens, I pull it out...
  7. MikeEckman

    DVD's with uncompressed audio tracks?

    The Trans-Siberian Orchestra DVD has a 2 channel PCM track. The DVD is pretty good (although it could have been a lot better had they included a whole concert) and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a nice Christmas themed DVD.
  8. MikeEckman

    Disappointed in WWE Wrestlemania Anthology

    I've always had a fantasy of being able to own some of the older Wrestlemanias on DVD, and when I heard about the Wrestlemania Anthony that came out last week, I was thrilled to be able to get the older ones on disc. I ordered Volume 1 for $38 and got it the other day. It has Wrestlemanias...
  9. MikeEckman

    Donner Superman 2 SE (merged thread)

    I keep hearing about this "RIC" version of this movie. What is that and how hard is it to get a copy of it?
  10. MikeEckman

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Season of the Witch

    Wow. I knew this movie wasnt considered to be one of his better films, but I had no idea that it was perceived to be that bad. I find it interesting though, that it seems like there is always SOMEONE who loves a film, no matter how bad it is. So where are you? Who will be the person to...
  11. MikeEckman

    Titanic picture problem

    Dont even bother with a zoom mode. The new edition is so much better than the original, I'd just say turn your old disc into a coaster, or give it to someone who only has a 27" or smaller TV and pick up the new one!!!
  12. MikeEckman

    Office Space SE problem

    I was watching the new Office Space SE last night, and encountered my first ever freeze on a DVD. It happened right after watching the theatrical trailer. The entire trailer plays, and when its over, it goes to a black screen and just stops. All functions on my remote don't work. I let it sit...
  13. MikeEckman

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The War of the Worlds (1953) - Special Collector's Edition (Recommended)

    I already own the WotW CAV Laserdisc and love the movie, so I'll definitely pick up this new SE since its only $8.99 at Circuit City. Regarding the strings... While I do agree that if Pal had the technology that we do today, he would have preferred to not have the strings visible, I think...
  14. MikeEckman

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Wizard Of Oz - Three-Disc Collector's Edition (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    Zack, regarding the wire, on the commentary track, they actual make mention of some of the wires that show up much more clearly in the movie after the restoration. They mention during the "King of the Forest" song in the Emerald City. The Cowardly Lion is standing in front of a darker background...
  15. MikeEckman

    Napoleon Dynamite SE???

    Maybe they could include some quesadi-ll-as! :D
  16. MikeEckman

    HVD titles (chinese)

    Looks interesting. The player prices are considerably cheaper than what the first wave of HD-DVD or Bluray players will be. Knowing that this is destined to be a doomed format though, I would be very skeptical to buy anything though.
  17. MikeEckman

    The Big Lebowski: CE - 10.18.05

    Julian, Although you are right that any number of editing related flaws may be present on the frame before and after a cut, wouldnt you think that they woudl be present on either version of the DVD? If a movie was edited, and there was a bad splice, that bad splice would show up on any...
  18. MikeEckman

    Somewhere in Time Re-re-release? (MERGED THREAD)

    This is one of those rare examples where although I am disappointed with the A/V presentation of the film, it is good enough that I will own it no matter what. I know thats not a very good example to give to the studios, but I dont care. Somewhere in Time is definitely one of my favorites, and...
  19. MikeEckman

    The Big Lebowski: CE - 10.18.05

    At first I wanted to get this, then after seeing the lackluster extras, I was on the fence. Then thinking that if they follow the same pattern they did with the 12 Monkeys SE, this will probably be $9.99 on release date at Circuit City, so for $10, I'll pick it up. Yeah, I know the website...
  20. MikeEckman

    Old Universal discs no longer play !?

    Other original non Universal discs that reportedly have stopped playing are the original Ghostbusters SE, and Contact. Although I don't have it, I believe the original version of U.S. Marshalls has been reported to stop playing for no reason. I am going to guess this is a glue thing, rather...
  21. MikeEckman

    Re-editing flops for DVD

    I suspect that the reason that a shorter Alexander selling more than the theatrical version is because most uninformed consumers associate an "unrated director's cut" to be the better of the two so thats what they buy. I doubt it was because it was shorter. I guess it doesnt bother me as much...
  22. MikeEckman

    March of the Penguins to DVD Nov. 29

    Yeah yeah yeah guys, fine you dont like in character talking animals and you dont like propaganda in your nature flicks. This is the HT Software forum, lets get back to talking about the DVD itself. Leave your opinions about the content at the door. Does anyone have any specifics about what...
  23. MikeEckman

    March of the Penguins to DVD Nov. 29

    I was absolutely amazed at this documentary both at the look of it, but moreso how the filmmakers were able to capture such intimate sequences with the penguins. I would love to see a very comprehensive documentary on the making of the film. This film also begs for reference audio and video...
  24. MikeEckman

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Batman Begins - Two Disc Deluxe Edition (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    Very nice! I cant wait to pick this up. I saw this openining night at a theater near my house with my dad. We loved it so much, we walked into the next room and watched the movie again! :) I am happy that Warner is handling this with their usual excellent A/V presentation, and nicely done 2...
  25. MikeEckman

    Beautiful Motorcycle + New Digital Camera =

    Hey guys, I dont visit the After Hours Lounge often, but I have a couple interests other than Home Theater. I just recently bought a new digital camera, the Canon Powershot S2 IS. Its by no means a top of the line camera, but in the $500 range, its quite nicely featured and allows a lot of...
  26. MikeEckman

    What Classic Horror/Sci-Fi missing on DVD but available on LD

    I doubt anyone would consider this a "classic" horror film, but I think Scared Stiff (1987) should be released on DVD. I have it on Republic Picture's Laserdisc. I find it to be a well written and original horror movie, that is effective as a creepy film, while still maintaining that cheesy...
  27. MikeEckman

    Release Dates of ALL Disney Animated Films?

    Is there a comprehensive list of release dates for ALL of Disney's animated films? Including everything from their major classics like Cinderella and Bambi, to the minor classics like Lady and the Tramp and Dumbo, to the lesser known sequels... I was just curious if a list is maintained...
  28. MikeEckman

    Band of Brothers - Two Disc 3s

    Thanks for the advice guys! I went back to Circuit City and they exchanged the disc with no questions asked! Now I can resume the miniseries and see how it ends! :D
  29. MikeEckman

    Band of Brothers - Two Disc 3s

    I did a search here looking for a similar problem, but didnt turn up anything. I picked up the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers a couple weeks ago from Circuit City, but had it sitting on the shelf til I had some free time to watch it. I just cracked the seal on the box today and upon...