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  1. ChrisBEA

    *** Official THE STRANGERS Review Thread

    I really liked this movie. From my review: There is something about this movie that gets under your skin. It is more than the fact that someone is breaking into your home, more than the fear of the dark, it is the way everything builds up. The fact that the attack is random, with no...
  2. ChrisBEA

    *** Official 30 DAYS OF NIGHT Discussion Thread

    The worst part was when they "skipped" a reel. After Hartnett returns to the station which cuts to the overhead shot outside...
  3. ChrisBEA

    Gojira in September!

    Oh Happy Day! http://www.godzillaondvd.com/
  4. ChrisBEA

    *** Official THANK YOU FOR SMOKING Discussion Thread

    I'm looking forward to seeing this one!
  5. ChrisBEA

    Warner sets: Hitchcock Sig. v Controversial Classics

    I am thinking of getting one of these two sets. I know I should get both, but at the moment only one is in the cards, which would you take first? Thanks!
  6. ChrisBEA

    Guinea Pig box set

    Has anyone seen this set that came out recently? I've been interested in checking these gore-fests out, and would love to hear from anyone who may have seen them.
  7. ChrisBEA

    Borders coupons

    thought you may be interested in these coupons. 1 is for this weekend, the other is for next weekend. Only 10% but anything helps ;) http://a676.g.akamaitech.net/f/676/7.../coupon2a.html
  8. ChrisBEA

    DVDprofiler.com down?

    Can't access the site or download new profiles.... Just curious if it's just me. Thanks.
  9. ChrisBEA

    Seven Samurai question?

    I watched this for the first time today, wonderful film. My question concerns the running time. I have the Criterion edition and the case indicates a running time of 203 minutes. I checked IMDB and the longest cut indicated there is 206 minutes. But it ran for 234 minutes! How could this...
  10. ChrisBEA

    Asian Cinema on DVD

    Someone in another thread mentioned an idea of startinga discussion of Asian cinema on disk. Well, I thought it was a good idea, so let's kick up a discussion, OK? ANyway, I have a growing love for Asian films, although I don't have extensive knowledge, I am willing to try just about...
  11. ChrisBEA

    Columbia Tristar contacts?

    I just discovered something that has made me unhappy. Some months ago I picked up a copy of Johnny Mnemonic, reading on the back that it had both full and wide versions. Now I go to watch it and discover that it is only pan and scan :angry: Any idea if contacting CTHV will do me any good...
  12. ChrisBEA

    Dexter and Samurai Jack?

    Anyone know of plans to release either of these shows? I know the released the premiere of Jack and I think an episode or 2 of Dexter on Powerpuff Girls disks. But I was hoping for season sets or even best of's?
  13. ChrisBEA

    Experience with layoyo.com?

    Anyone ever ordered from this site? They seem to have very good pricing. I am just curious as to anyone's experiences before I place any orders... Thanks!
  14. ChrisBEA

    DDDHouse.com down?

    Haven't been able to access these guys for a couple of days. Anyone else having the same problem? Just wondering, I placed an order with them last week and received notice that it shipped, but now I can't get into the site....
  15. ChrisBEA

    Fox's Asian Film Releases

    So far Fox has released 2 waves of Asian films: 1st wave: City Hunter, Hong Kong 1941, Naked Killer, Magnificient Butcher, Magnificient Killer. 2nd wave: Duel to the Death, My Lucky Stars, Heart of Dragon, In the Line of Duty 4, Eastern Condors. I own both lines, haven't watched all of the...
  16. ChrisBEA


    Has anyone ever ordered directly from Fox? I am thinking of purchasing their 2nd line of Asian titles and they have the best online price I've found yet at 7.98 each. I haven't found them in stores yet and don't think they would be any cheaper there. Any info would be appreciated....
  17. ChrisBEA

    Looney Tunes: BIA coupon in the Golden collection

    Has anyone used the movie pass in this set? and do you really need to be, or have, a child in order to use it? Probelm I'm neither but would like to take advantage of it...
  18. ChrisBEA

    Uneducated clerks

    I thought you all would like to hear an interesting encounter I had earlier today: I was purchasing Finding Nemo, the price rang up higher than I had expected (I misread their flyer) I asked if the price matched because 2 competitors had a lower price. She replied that they(the competitor)...
  19. ChrisBEA

    13 Ghosts Illuision-O Glasses?

    I picked this up the other day and discovered that it did not come with the 3-D glasses. I read somewhere, not sure where it was, that someone else had the same thing happen and had gone through a couple copies with no glasses. Does anyone know if this was a limited time thing? that only a...
  20. ChrisBEA

    AMC Monsterfest disks?

    Has anyone seen these? I picked up 3 of them in WalMart's 5.88 bin. They are all 2 DVD/4 Movie sets. They are: Cult Classics Vol 1 Cult Classics Vol 2 Roger Corman Classics Vol 1 Roger Corman Classics Vol 2 Boris Carloff Classics Bela Lugosi Classics Vol 1 Bela Lugosi Classics Vol 2...
  21. ChrisBEA

    Any reviews for Demon Knight?

    This is getting re-released next week. Does anyone know if it's the same transfer, or if there are any extras? I haven't seen anything yet.... Thanks in advance...