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  1. J

    Sony contact details for replacement?

    Hi guys Long time break from HTF (I barely have time for movies, let alone forums about movies unfortunately!). Does anyone have a contact email (generic is fine, I'm not asking for anyone's personal contacts!) to arrange for a replacement item through Sony USA? Much appreciated - I've tried...
  2. J

    This is Spinal Tap - Criterion - is mine a bootleg?

    Hello, I've just received a copy of the Criterion Tap from eBay. Just wanted to confirm a couple of details that I was unsure about. Basically, the slick, case, and booklet appear to be legit, in so much as they match the quality. The disc's info rings (on either side) read: "SIDE 1...
  3. J

    BMWfilm.com Presents The Hire - anyone got defective discs?

    Okay, so a couple of years ago a friend of mine ordered a couple of copies of The Hire when BMW offered them for shipping cost. This was the third version of the films, including The Follow, and all of the first and second seasons, so 8 shorts in total. We haven't watched it in ages, and we...
  4. J

    Zodiac: 2-Disc Director's Cut - missing features... what's the story?

    I searched for "Zodiac" in this forum, and only came up with a thread about the theatrical release hitting bare-bones DVD, and the editing choice appearing like a defect on the 2 disc. Apologies if I've missed the appropriate thread. Okay, so initially, this was announced as having (according...
  5. J

    Question re: Friedkin's Cruising - disc art?

    Hello, My copy of Cruising (purchased through Amazon) appears to have misprinted disc art (the top half of the disc art side seems to be scratched away around the top half's outer rim), and I was wondering if anyone can confirm it's meant to be that way, or if mine just is defective. I'm...
  6. J

    Wall Street: 20th Anniversary Edition

    well, thanks very much Fox Home Entertainment. apparently advertising an "All New Commentary" by Oliver Stone in your press release simply meant re-using the old one. Bastards. Oh, and having the booklet (yes, there is a booklet in this release) stuck together by 2 circles of glue is...
  7. J

    THX Ultimate Demo Disc - Cover Art?

    Okay, before this thread becomes a "oh, remember the lovely days of DVDcoverart.com before the mouse tagged the lawyers", does anyone have a copy of the artwork posted for the THX Ultimate Demo Disc. It was formatted for a regular keepcase, all black, with essentially just the logo on the...
  8. J

    Transformers: G1 (1980s)

    I'm trying to find definitive information on which is the preferred version of Transformers... I've checked a few threads and not found what I'm looking for. Anyway - there's the Rhino releases (now OOP), the Metrodome UK box, and the (Chinese?) release in the wooden box. Out of these...
  9. J

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    If anyone is interested, David Nutter is directing the pilot for this series. Sounds interesting, and can't be any worse than Blade: The Series... http://www.tv.com/story/story.html&s...gumballs;img;1
  10. J

    HD compatible projector query

    I'm trying to find out what projectors I should investigate for hiring for an event. There's a film screening at the post-graduate film school I'm currently attending, and we're investigating what possibilities we can use to project our films in HD. The films are shot and edited in Sony's...