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  1. Sean Conklin

    Insignia 37" LCD 1080P

    Hi, been a long time, anyways after like 8 years I got a new TV, it was pretty cheap and has an awesome picture. I like it. I was using a Samsung 30" Tube widescreen and a Sharp 26" LCD 720P. Ive heard good and bad things about these TVs. But so far, after a calibration (do these things ever...
  2. Sean Conklin

    Directors Best and Worst DVD Transfers

  3. Sean Conklin

    Total Recall

    Is this DVD Anamorphic? Is says remastered 16x9 but I have seen that before only to find out the transfer isn't anamorphic. It's on sale at Wal*Mart for $9.44 and I think it's a good movie. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Mod's, please feel free to delete after confirmation, unless...
  4. Sean Conklin

    Is it just me or what?

    I have noticed that some Anamorphic DVD movies look better on my widescreen while being played "Interlaced" rather than "Progressive" Only a few movies though, anyone else find this to be true?
  5. Sean Conklin

    Thank you Fox for Anamorphic "Ever After"

    Thank you so much! And also thank you for the new anamorphic release of "Never been Kissed". Awesome!
  6. Sean Conklin

    Non Anamorphic stuff.......

    I got a new High definition Widescreen, and progressive scan DVD player. It's awesome, but what is the best way to watch non anamorphic widescreen DVD's? So far it seems like zoom works the best. I guess non anamorphic is being squeezed and I either have to set my TV to 4:3 or zoom...
  7. Sean Conklin

    "Breaker 19, you got a copy on me" CONVOY!!

    Convoy. I want this on DVD!! Please? whichever studio is responsible for this great film, please consider releasing this on DVD! Please? I need it badly.
  8. Sean Conklin

    Does anyone remember..........

    Sir Graves? He was a host of scary movies. I lived in Michigan and as a boy I watched him every saturday afternoon. He was kinda like Elvira. Anyone remember him?
  9. Sean Conklin

    Real Genius

    Great news! Real Genius is slated for release on DVD 6/11/02! Thank You Columbia!
  10. Sean Conklin

    Curtis Mathis 32" TV DOES do the squeeze

    I used the search function but could not find my post on the Curtis Mathis TV at K-Mart in which I questioned it's ability to squeeze anamorphic DVD. Anyway my friend just bought this 32" Curtis Mathis TV at K-Mart for $399. And I can report that is does indeed do the squeeze, pretty cool...
  11. Sean Conklin

    How many people have you personally converted to OAR lovers?

    I have personally converted 3, My brother, and 2 of my friends, all of which I picked out a DVD player for and gave them a seemingly unending seminar on the advantages and superiority on OAR/Widescreen. Well it has paid off, all 3 of these people will settle on nothing but OAR! And they were...
  12. Sean Conklin

    "Superbit" DVD's available at Wal-Mart

    My local Wal-Mart in Montana here is now carrying "Superbit" DVD's, I saw 4 titles "Air Force One", "Desperado", "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", and I can't remember the other one. I picked up "Air Force One" Superbit for $19.96. Sorry if this has already been brought up, but I haven't seen a...
  13. Sean Conklin

    Anyone here live in the (St. George, Hurricane),Utah - Mesquite,Nv Area?

    Hi, I was just curious if there is anyone from this area. I doubt it but worth a try, I am thinking of relocating to this area and would like a little info on Rental Houses, cost of living and some job market info.
  14. Sean Conklin

    How many divorced or single people do we have here?

    Well, it looks like the end of my marriage has come after 13 years, I am both happy and sad. The only problem is we have a 3 year old daughter that I wanted to raise together. I believe my wife is bi-polar and we just don't get along. of course I'm completely normal.;) yeah right! Out of the...
  15. Sean Conklin

    Gun Crazy: low budget excellence?

    "Gun Crazy" My wife and I were at WalMart and I came across this low budget Drew Barrymore DVD for $5.88. I didn't buy it because it says full frame version:frowning: I didn't tell my wife why I declined to buy it because I had already got a new DVD earlier that day.
  16. Sean Conklin

    What kind of Cars do you guys have?

    Rick Radfords thread in the Software section inspired me to start this thread. So what kind of cars do you have or are you building? Cars you HAVE not want.:) I am a HUGE MOPAR enthusiast! For me it's MOPAR or NO CAR, except for my old Pick up. I have: 1969 Dodge Dart: 2 door, 273 cubic...
  17. Sean Conklin

    Help, I cannot watch playoffs on TV! Need web link

    I am a huge NFL fan, and as luck would have it, my damn cable co. cannot get our town a feed for ABC :angry:, so I am missing the playoffs, does anyone know of a website or have a link where I can watch the game, Raiders vs. Jets on the web?
  18. Sean Conklin

    For my 2000th post I would like to:

    Thank everyone for putting up with my Crap! And thank the great owners Ron and Parker, and the awesome staff and members for supporting and fighting for OAR on DVD, after all, this is the most important aspect(no pun) to our hobby! And let's not forget how cute and cuddly Drew Barrymore is;)
  19. Sean Conklin

    Is it possible to meet with:

    Drew Barrymore?
  20. Sean Conklin

    I need recommendations for mushy tearjerkers

    Hi, I am a sucker for love stories. Anyone else want to admit to loving mushy, tear invoking films? My 3 favorite movies that really move me, and make me gooey inside are: Ever After The Wedding Singer Never Been Kissed I would like to know if there are any other romantic movies...
  21. Sean Conklin

    Which films are EPIC to you personally?

    I have certain favorite films that I consider EPIC to me. Mine are: Titanic Armageddon Braveheart Gladiator Lawrence of Arabia 2001: A Space Odyssey Cast Away Contact Deep Impact These do not necessarily reflect my very favorite movies but are EPIC adventures for me. I'll try to...
  22. Sean Conklin

    What is the highest grossing film ever made?

    Was it Titanic, or has anything beat it yet?
  23. Sean Conklin

    Shouldn't other HT forums promote OAR?

    I am putting this in the After Hours Lounge because I don't think it belongs anywhere else as it is not beneficial to the Hobby. It is just a rant and maybe a useless post, but I am somewhat discouraged. I belong to this "other" HT forum called *** Home Theater ****(shall remain nameless)[not...
  24. Sean Conklin

    How often do you use your VCR?

    Since I moved back to Montana and finally built a dedicated HT room about 3 months ago, I had to leave the VCR in the living room. So for 3 mo. I have not had a VCR in my HT room, I thought I didn't need it because I have DVD. Well yesterday I bought a $47 Symphonic 4 head HI-FI VCR from...
  25. Sean Conklin

    Has anyone viewed "The santa clause" on DVD yet?

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone has seen this on DVD, and if you have what do you think about it? I think Tim Allen is great in this. And where did you get your copy?
  26. Sean Conklin

    Anyone heard about a release for "Secret Admirer"?

    "Secret Admirer" (C.Thomas Howell, Kelly Preston) Has anyone heard of a possible DVD release for this movie. This is another guilty pleasure movie for me and my wife, and we just wanted to know if anyone has any info.
  27. Sean Conklin

    Mods - Can you please fix my thread in Studio Feedback?

    OOPS! I accidentally posted a thread asking Universal to release "Fletch Lives" but I see that it is an MCA release on the VHS version. Please rename it to MCA, if MCA still owns it, didn't MCA merge with Universal? If not could you change it to read correctly if i'm wrong? Thank You!
  28. Sean Conklin

    Universal - Please release "Fletch Lives" on DVD

    Universal, Thank you so much for the beautiful release of Fletch!!!!!! Would you please consider releasing Fletch Lives? If there has been a release date, or if anyone has any news on this please let me know!
  29. Sean Conklin

    Who has the most posts per day on average? Now we can see!

    Ok, with the new software we can see how many posts per day we average. Mine is 9.43 posts per day! Whats your average?
  30. Sean Conklin

    trippin on the V bulletin

    Trippin out on the V bulletin