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  1. Michael Shannon

    Who's your Inner Rock Star?? -Test

    http://www.emode.com/tests/rockstar/ Where is my Dr Dre CD?!?!? ------------------ View MShannon's DVD Collection If You Want "The Five Heartbeats" Go Here: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/uub/...ML/001946.html Petition for Eddie Murphy Films GO HERE...
  2. Michael Shannon

    Al Green and Stevie Wonder-What are the best recordings to own?

    Looking to replace my older CD's with remastered greatest hits or remastered original recordings. Where should I start in regards to both artist? Thanks in advance for replies! ------------------ View MShannon's DVD Collection If You Want "The Five Heartbeats" Go Here...
  3. Michael Shannon

    Die Hard 5 Star Sealed and others for trade

    Die Hard 5 Star(Sealed)for want list title Robocop CC Contact SE Red Dawn Cool Runnings Chain Reaction DTS Cutting Edge Keeping the Faith Psycho CE Bait V The Mini Series Special Edition The Crow CE Looking for: Juice The Warriors Disappearing Acts(Snipes) The...
  4. Michael Shannon

    Requiem For A Dream(Unrated),Criterions, and more to trade

    I have the following to trade Requiem for A Dream(Unrated) Robocop Criterion Silence of the Lambs Criterion Face Off Fight Club Rear Window CE Just Cause(Sealed) Contact City of Angels Keeping the Faith Looking for Do the Right Thing Criterion Big Trouble in Little...
  5. Michael Shannon

    Paramount Petition****Remaining Eddie Murphy Films****

    Paramount you have one hell of a Catalog when it comes to Eddie Murphy. Some of his best work still not on DVD. I would like to take this time to campaign for the following films: Boomerang Harlem Nights Trading Places Raw Delirious Vampire In Brooklyn Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy...
  6. Michael Shannon

    Please Post 100 replies for this Title!!!!The Five Heartbeats

    Fox could you please release this to DVD?