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  1. Tim Markley

    Guild Wars

    Anyone playing Guild Wars? I cancelled my WoW account a while ago because I just don't have the time for it. I'm now thinking about picking up Guild Wars since it seems like something that you can sit down and play for an hour or two and still have a lot of fun. I was in on one of the early beta...
  2. Tim Markley

    Panasonic 32" HDTV for local sale

    Panasonic 32HX40 Flat Screen HDTV ready TV. I'm moving out of the state and I don't want to move this TV because it's really heavy. About 3 years old and works great! Cost over $1400 new. Will sell for $700 OBO. Local pickup only! Call me at 408-445-8799 if you're interested. The...
  3. Tim Markley

    B&W DM604s2 and B&W LCR6s2 for sale

    I don't really want to do this, but I'm putting these speakers up for sale. They're just too big for my new house and I'm afraid that my 13 month old son is going to start messing with them. All speakers are in like new condition and have the black ash finish. I also have the original boxes that...
  4. Tim Markley

    Anyone who's played an MMORPG

    Check out this article on Gamespy. I about died laughing! :D I've never played SWG but I swear that I've grouped with people exactly like that in DAoC.
  5. Tim Markley

    New Infiniti FX45

    I bought one of these this weekend and just wanted to share some pics. :D My wife and I were looking for something to replace our BMW 323ci with more room and easier in and out for our 6 month old son and his car seat. 315 HP and I love the looks of it. You've got to see it in person to really...
  6. Tim Markley

    How can I get rid of a spammer?

    A spammer is sending me at least one email message a day with attachments. I'm managed to get his email address and ip address. His isp is Charter.net (or charter.com). I've tried sending him an email but (surprise) his email box is full. I've tried forwarding the spam to [email protected] with...
  7. Tim Markley

    Any experiences with Saab?

    I'm looking to buy a new car and one of the cars that I like is the new Saab 93 sports sedan. I've never really liked Saabs previously (thought they looked weird) but this one's real nice. Unfortunately I don't know anything about them. Their quality appears to be in the same category as BMW...
  8. Tim Markley

    Why do people get so excited about getting a tax refund?

    I've often wondered about this. Every year around tax time I hear friends, relatives, etc. bragging about how much money they're getting back from their taxes. Don't people realize that the only thing they've accomplished is giving the governement an interest free loan with their money? Sure...
  9. Tim Markley

    I thought the CBS football playoff games were supposed to be in HDTV????

    There was an announcement a few weeks back that all of the CBS football playoff games were going to be broadcast in HDTV. I turned on the Steelers-Browns game today and no HDTV! WTH??? -I just re-read the original announcement and I guess they're NOT covering the wild card game in HDTV. Not...
  10. Tim Markley

    Any football being broadcast in HDTV this year?

    I know that last year there was a college game every week that was broadcast in HDTV but I didn't have my HDTV receiver yet. What about this year? I haven't heard anything about HDTV football for this season, pro or college. All of the major sports should be getting broadcast in HDTV by now...
  11. Tim Markley

    Looking for Sopranos season 1 & 2

    I'm looking to buy The Sopranos Season 1 & 2 in good condition. Contact me if you have either of these to sell.