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  1. Andrew_Ballew

    AudioQuest CinemaQuest YIQ-2 Component Cables- 6 feet

    For sale... A set of AudioQuest CinemaQuest YIQ-2 component video cables. 6 feet in length. Standard RCA connectors. Paid something like $200 for these things at a brick and mortar store a few years back. I was told these were about the best around. Indeed, they do seem to work flawlessly...
  2. Andrew_Ballew

    FS:Outlaw ICBM

    For sale is one Outlaw ICBM in very good condition. It has a couple of scratches on top from being in the rack. Other than that it performs flawlessly. Asking $120.00 Andrew [email protected]
  3. Andrew_Ballew

    FS:Outlaw ICBM

    A few minor scratches is all, otherwise a perfectly working Outlaw ICBM bass management controller. $150 plus actual shipping. Andrew [email protected]
  4. Andrew_Ballew

    ATI 1504 amplifier for sale. Mint. 4 x 150 watts.

    Mint condition ATI 1504 amplifier for sale. Built like a tank. Seemlingly limitless reserves of power. 4 channels x 150 watts. $500 + shipping. Andrew Ballew [email protected]
  5. Andrew_Ballew

    NEC 9PG HDTV CRT projector for sale.

    This is an NEC 9PG in near mint condition. This thing throws a KILLER image. As I am sure you know, it is electromagnetic focus, and is probably better than all but a handful of CRT projectors in existence. If you are considering a Sony 12xx series or similar, you owe it to yourself to check...
  6. Andrew_Ballew

    Panasonic PT-L300u 16:9 LCD projector- 240 hours- $1600.00

    For sale My almost new Panasonic PT-L300u digital LCD 16:9 widescreen projector. 240 hours on bulb- all in low power mode. Up to 5000 hours per bulb in low power mode. No dead pixels- no dust blobs. Perfection. All original accessories. $1600 PLUS shipping Andrew B...
  7. Andrew_Ballew

    FS: My personal Runco IDP-900 (NEC 6PG)- excellent- reduced to $1100.00

    For sale One Runco IDP-900. Same as the NEC 6PG--- plus model, I believe. Hour meter has been reset, but tubes are in near mint condition. Little to no visible wear. Buyer to pay for shipping costs, or pickup in the Knoxville, TN area. $1100 Thanks [email protected]
  8. Andrew_Ballew

    FS: Monter HTPS7000. Mint. $650.00

    Get a KILLER deal on this Monster HTPS7000 balanced power line conditioner. Used for 6 months. Selling because our power is very clean to begin with- using the funds to upgrade other parts of the home theater. $650 + shipping
  9. Andrew_Ballew

    FS: JVC JX-S111 video switcher

    JVC JX-S111 video switcher. There are 3 component video inputs and 2 inputs for composite or S-Video. There are also 2 sets of outputs (1 Component Video and 1 for composite or S-Video). The component bandwidth is sufficient for HDTV. $75.00 + shipping
  10. Andrew_Ballew

    FS: Sony VPH-1272q CRT projector. Tubes in great shape! $995

    I am selling my personal Sony VPH-1272q CRT projector. It has approx. 3500 hours on the Green and Red tubes, approx 700 hours on the Blue. Good for line doubling, tripling, quadrupling. HDTV is awesome on this! See screenshots of it in action at www.geocities.com/andrewb773ncc/index.html...
  11. Andrew_Ballew

    FS: Mint Quadscan Pro scaler $399

    One mint condition Quadscan pro scaler, the half-rack version. $399 Andrew_Ballew [email protected]
  12. Andrew_Ballew

    FS/FT: Yamaha DVD-CX1 flagship DVD changer

    For sale: One slightly used Yamaha DVD-CX1 DVD player! This is a beast of a player, with great picture and outstanding DVD-audio performance. 5 disc changer, Sage/Faroudja DCDi chip, 12 bit video DAC, dvd-audio. This beast weighs 23 pounds! Is very hefty and substantial for a DVD player...
  13. Andrew_Ballew

    FS: Dish Network 5000 with HDTV modulator

    Record HDTV by plugging this into your Firewire set-top box. Mint condition. $50 for the Dish 5000 $350 for the HDTV modulator. [email protected]
  14. Andrew_Ballew

    Sherwood Newcastle AVP-9080r

    For sale- Sherwood Newcastle AVP-9080r. mint condition. Great sound, great bypass mode. $400 shipped. [email protected]
  15. Andrew_Ballew

    FS: Carver AV-806x 6 channel amp

    Rare find--- Carver AV-806x THX certifed 6 channel amp. 133 underrated watts per channel. Any two channels can be bridged for 360 watts per channel. Near mint condition. Is a workhorse of an amp. $650 shipped. [email protected]
  16. Andrew_Ballew


    For sale Slightly used Rotel RSP-1066 pre/pro. Black version. 1.37 firmware. EX logo on front. Owned for less than two months. Perfect. $1250 shipped to anywhere in the continental US. Thanks Andrew B.
  17. Andrew_Ballew

    WTB: Sherwood Newcastle AM-9080 amp

    I want to buy a Sherwood Newcastle AM-9080 amp in good condition. Thank you
  18. Andrew_Ballew

    Yamaha DVD-CX1

    Was able to pick up on close-out (Yes- close-out, I thought this player had only been out for a few months, now) a Yamaha DVD-CX1 for $899. I thought it was cool that my receipt rang up "flagship" DVD player. I have never owned a "flagship" product, so to speak, so that was cool. :) I had not...
  19. Andrew_Ballew

    FS: Panasonic TH-AE100 16:9 LCD projector

    No longer for sale- Thanks
  20. Andrew_Ballew

    FS: Rotel RSP-1066 pre/pro (BLACK)

    I am selling my Rotel RSP-1066. It is black, and has 1.37 firmware. It is in perfect condition. I am selling to "downgrade" my system and cut costs. $1200 plus shipping. Thanks Andrew B. [email protected]
  21. Andrew_Ballew

    Best receiver to replace seperates with?

    I am in the midst of a financial pitfall, so I must unfortunately "downgrade" my home theater, so to speak. I currently am running a Rotel RSP-1066 mated with a Carver 806x amp. I want to know this- are there any receivers out there that will provide comparable sound quality and impact...
  22. Andrew_Ballew

    FS: Carver AV-806x 6 channel amplifier

    133 watts/channel x 6 channels THX certified Perfect condition Great sound- $600 + shipping to your area Andrew B.
  23. Andrew_Ballew

    Philips DVD724AT anyone?

    I was perusing Best Buy's website and saw this player- the Philips DVD724AT. The player only costs around $160, and according to the website, had the Sage/Faroudja chipset inside!! Unfortunately, I can find almost no information on this player, and to confuse matters more, the Philips info page...
  24. Andrew_Ballew

    Just got my RSP-1066- initial impressions

    I have not had a lot of time to mess around with it, but here are my first impressions- Sound: A tad bit better than the Rotel RSP-976 it replaced. Honestly, the difference is small enough that I am kind of disappointed. The dealer did say he thought the RSP-976's sound quality was on par...
  25. Andrew_Ballew

    FS: Rotel RSP-976 pre/pro

    One used but mint condition Rotel RSP-976 pre-amp/processor. DTS, Dolby Digital, 5.1 bypass, SGHT recommended class A product. Includes manual and remote. Let me stress that this unit is PERFECT functionally and cosmetically. 10 out of 10. $699 or make a reasonable offer. Andrew B.
  26. Andrew_Ballew

    Latest Outlaw Update letter

    Well- I must say I am quite pleased with the new Outlaw estimates on ship dates for the 950. I reserved in April, and was certain that my unit would not be ready until late summer or early fall. Well, now it looks like if everything goes as planned, I will have my 950 in hand in late June...
  27. Andrew_Ballew

    Philips Q50 review in S&V- laughable!!

    I still cannot get over the review of the Philips DVD Q50 in the latest copy of Sound and Vision. If I had known this kind of junk content was a trademark of this magazine, I would never have subscribed. Well, I do like to look at the pretty pictures. Of course, the Q50 got an absolutely...
  28. Andrew_Ballew

    B&K Reference 30 opinions?

    Damn you, seperatists! Haha!! :D :D You have given me the fever, and it seemingly unquenchable. Never again will an integrated receiver be in my home. I am very satisfied with my amp, but have been through 4 pre/pro's now in a matter of months. I can never, ever find satisfaction. (I have...
  29. Andrew_Ballew

    OK! Its May 1, 2002. Who has their HDTV?????

    By May 1, 1999, all stations in the top 10 markets affiliated with the major networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC) were required to be broadcasting a digital signal. All ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC affiliates in the top 30 markets were required to have their digital signals on the air (though most filed...
  30. Andrew_Ballew

    Half bit-rate DTS soundtracks inferior?

    As I move up into the world of seperates and the quality bar is raised bit by bit (No pun intended), I am noticing a real trend. I am noticing that DTS soundtracks encoded at the 754kbps bit rate sound very compressed and shrill in the upper frequencies. So much that it can be ear-shattering...