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  1. MikeSerrano

    Just call me 'Thread Killer' - The Revenge

    Yesterday I hauled out my first HDTV-"ready" CRT television to the garage as it hadn't seen usage in years and it got me to thinking all the the time and energy that went into the decision to buy it--and all the time I spent on HTF, lo those many years ago. (I call it my first, but it was like...
  2. MikeSerrano

    Theft while I was home

    Yesterday, while I was home, somebody had the balls to sneak into my (fenced in) yard, walk around to the back door of my garage, enter said garage, get into the trunk of my car, take the time to neatly disconnect my powered subwoofer (using my own tools), and then casually exit the garage via...
  3. MikeSerrano

    My "Thank You" to the HTF (part 1)

    Of all the websites on the Internet, I really like the Home Theater Forum. I've used the forum's collective knowledge of electronics to research such topics as DLP projectors, subwoofers, receivers, cables, HDTV, and DVD players among others. I've enjoyed the many debates over speaker wire...
  4. MikeSerrano

    Save a tree... shoot a koala

    Call to shoot 20,000 Australian koalas No animals were harmed in the making of this post. -Mike
  5. MikeSerrano

    World's Largest Subwoofer

    I tried using the search function and found no reference to the following item: Royal Device has on its own developed and built the biggest subwoofer of the world. -Mike EDIT: D'oh! Beaten to the punch by PaulT. Mods, you can close this thread.
  6. MikeSerrano

    Looking for arcade-style controller for your PC/XBox/PS2/GCN... Check this out!

    It's a bit pricey ($200-ouch!), but it's too cool to ignore. http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/gaming/5988.shtml (Click picture for more info.) -Mike
  7. MikeSerrano

    CBS wants your input on widescreen broadcast of sports (OSU-MSU)...

    CBS is broadcasting the OSU-MSU game in widescreen in low-def in addition to the HDTV broadcast. Go to http://www.sportsline.com/u/cbs/sports/ to let CBS know what you think of the widescreen broadcast. -Mike
  8. MikeSerrano

    Amazon posts profit; Kmart files for bankruptcy

    While browsing the Net, I come across the following headlines in the "In The News" section of Yahoo!. Kmart files for bankruptcy Amazon posts first-ever profit Dot-coms having been pretty much dismissed as viable businesses and B&Ms being more in the favor of investors, I found the above...
  9. MikeSerrano

    The Chair

    So what did you all think of "The Chair"? -Mike
  10. MikeSerrano

    Why is there such hatred for Wil Weaton (Wesley Crusher)?

    Looking for intelligent discussion here... topic says it all. -Mike
  11. MikeSerrano

    How to enter service mode on Sharp televisions (34N-WF5H)?

    I've searched high and low and have come up empty for nearly a year. If anyone has any information that may be helpful, please post. TIA, -Mike
  12. MikeSerrano

    Search page feature request

    On the old UBB system whenever you clicked on the Search link while within a particular forum (for example, Home Theater Hardware), the current forum would be the default search forum. Now whenever you do a search, it always defaults to All Open Forums, which is a pain if you are doing several...
  13. MikeSerrano

    Local Best Buy promotes Grinch widescreen...

    Yesterday while at my local Best Buy (Westminster), they had the obligatory Grinch cardboard display. What caught my attention was that the widescreen version was priced at $19.99 while the full-frame (sic) version was priced at $22.99. I don't know if it was a mistake or if they were both...
  14. MikeSerrano

    Internal Server Error...

    I thought you'd be interested that this thread: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/uub/Forum10/HTML/003753.html
  15. MikeSerrano

    Corey Haim B-Movies...

    Flipping through the channels last night, I ran across the E! Hollywood Story for Corey Haim. I then realized I have seen (and even liked!) many of the that Haim has been in (many of which are considered B-movies). Some of my favorites include: License to Drive Dream a Little Dream Fast...
  16. MikeSerrano

    Need thread title edited in Software

    This thread: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/uub/Forum15/HTML/031521.html
  17. MikeSerrano

    Anyone else buying 'Thumb Wars: Phantom Cuticle'

    30 minutes of spoof that may be more entertaining than the original... http://www.dvdempire.com/Exec/v4_item.asp?userid=20215313470398&item_id=37026 Thumb Wars: Phantom Cuticle -Mike ------------------ God Bless America--and all people who stand for freedom.
  18. MikeSerrano

    sig test

    test... ------------------ God Bless America--and all people who stand for freedom. .o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o 0o. void *: Finger to spiritual emptiness underlying everything .o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o 0o.
  19. MikeSerrano

    REQ: Integrate Regional DVD into HT Software

    In this thread: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/uub/...ML/000478.html I speculate as to why Non-R1 software was removed from HT Software and I give reasons why it should be put back. Comments? -Mike ------------------ .o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o 0o. void *...
  20. MikeSerrano

    Naive question as a result of the PAL-speedup thread:

    PC DVD-ROM a possible solution to PAL speedup? The way I understand it, a PAL DVD contains all of the individual frames of the original film but instead of playing 24fps, they are sped up to 25fps. What technological barriers are there to just slowing down the playback of the frames to 24fps...
  21. MikeSerrano

    Region 2: Star Trek V, Star Trek VI anamorphic?

    Can anyone confirm whether or not Star Trek V: The Final Frontier or Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country are anamorphic in region 2? -Mike ------------------ .o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o0o.o 0o. void *: Finger to spiritual emptiness underlying everything...
  22. MikeSerrano

    South Park season box sets - R2 PAL or R2 NTSC (or other?)?

    Now that it is apparent that AOL/Time-Warner will not be releasing the South Park episodes in order (and have opted for the idiotic "best of" method) in Region 1, I have decided to look elsewhere. Season sets seem to be the way to go, and I have recently discovered that there are both PAL and...