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  1. MattFini

    What are the chances of MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME coming to Blu-ray?

    I watched the first two installments of the trilogy on Blu-ray this weekend and was crushed to have to revert back to the DVD to cap off the series. Warner has been pretty good about getting catalog titles out on Blu-ray. What do you suppose the chances are they'll release Beyond Thunderdome?
  2. MattFini

    Salt (2010) Blu-ray on December 7th

    DVDactive, digitalbits and HighDefDigest are saying Sony will be releasing Angelina Jolie's action flick on December 7th in an unrated, extended version. Personally, this is my most anticipated release of the year behind Inception. Wasn't expecting much from it, but found it to be a...
  3. MattFini

    *** Official SORORITY ROW Discussion Thread

    Travis, I agree with you about Hatchet. It's not an awful film, but its balance of humor and horror is consistently tipped toward comedy - something that didn't happen with "old school" slasher flicks until the last few years of the 80s, really. I can't help but feel as if that film was a...
  4. MattFini

    *** Official SORORITY ROW Review Thread

    Loosely adapted from Mark Rosman's minor 80s slasher "classic", The House on Sorority Row, the 2009 version take a similar story (college prank gone horribly awry) and runs with it. And while there's nothing terribly "new" or "groundbreaking" to be found within the confines of this film's 101...
  5. MattFini

    Orphan (2009)

    Title: Orphan Tagline: Can you keep a secret? Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery Director: Jaume Collet-Serra Cast: Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman, CCH Pounder, Jimmy Bennett, Margo Martindale, Karel Roden, Aryana Engineer, Rosemary Dunsmore, Jamie Young, Lorry Ayers...
  6. MattFini

    The Sopranos - Season One Coming this Fall?

    We all know that Amazon's placeholders mean absolutely nothing which, unfortunately, is ultimately where this rumor stems from. But even Blu-ray.com has this title scheduled for Fall 2009. www.blu-ray.com/movies/movies.php What do you think? Any chance we might be getting this during the...
  7. MattFini

    Friday the 13th parts 2 and 3 - Any Comments on the Blus?

    Paramount's Blu-rays of Friday the 13th part 2 and Friday the 13th part 3 are due out this Tuesday - and I'm chomping at the bit to get 'em. I was just curious if any HTF members managed to get their hands on these titles early and, if so, what's the word. I've read Rhett's overall positive...
  8. MattFini

    Repo! The Genetic Opera Blu-ray

    I'm not surprised that there hasn't been a topic about this one yet since Lionsgate essentially dumped it on disc yesterday with very little fanfare. I picked up the Blu and while I haven't had the time to watch the whole thing, the sound and picture were excellent. Vibrant colors, good...
  9. MattFini

    The Stendhal Syndrome - thoughts on the Blu-ray?

    With Dario Argento being one of my favorite filmmakers, there was no possible way to pass on the first high definition release. I watched the disc over the weekend and was taken aback by how grainy it was. Now, I'm not someone who wants OR needs every Blu-ray to "POP." It's just that I've...
  10. MattFini

    *** Official VALKYRIE Review Thread

    Saw this one last night. I haven't been paying much attention to the reviews but I understand they're mixed. Personally, I thought this was an excellent film in every regard. Having written a thorough research paper on von Stauffenberg for my senior year of college I'll admit, Tom Cruise...
  11. MattFini

    Any thoughts on X-Files: Fight the Future or I Want to Believe?

    I'm surprised there hasn't been anything written about either of these films. I got my two pack in the mail yesterday but I won't get around to them until the end of this weekend (if I'm lucky). Kinda wanted to hear what the HTF folks had to say about these titles. The AVS forum wasn't...
  12. MattFini

    Do you find yourself skipping SD titles and 'waiting' for Blu-Ray?

    As a big horror fan, September and October have been the most exciting times when it comes to DVD releases. As I look at this year's releases only a few really catch my eye. I'm very excited about MGM's Child's Play disc and their Pumpkinhead SE. Normally I'd plunk down the cash for these...
  13. MattFini

    "Death Sentence"...Blu?

    Is Fox seriously not releasing this on Blu-Ray? This is one of my favorites of the year. A fantastic revenge-thriller with some fantastic suspense and a terrific performance by Kevin Bacon. It sadly slipped by with very little fanfare this past fall, and I was really looking forward to...
  14. MattFini

    What are our chances of getting Paramount to release FRIDAY THE 13TH on HD DVD?

    Probably not very good, huh? At least not now. As a child of the 80s, there honestly aren't many films I've seen more than the Friday the 13th franchise (especially the first six). They're some of my favorites (seriously). I still remember how exciting it was when Paramount released parts...
  15. MattFini

    Devil's Rejects/Stir of Echoes/American Psycho?

    I couldn't find reviews in this forum of these Blu Rays, but I'm going to be sending in for my 5 free titles and this subsection is giving me the toughest decision. I love all three of those films and own the SD's of each. Now I've heard that all three of these are rather lackluster HD...
  16. MattFini

    Sharp BD-HP20U

    So I'm thinking about picking up the Sharp BD-HP20U as my first Blu-Ray player. On other forums I've heard it's a nice little player but I'm torn between this and the PS3's impending $399 40GB release. Does anybody have this player yet and if so, is it worth the purchase?
  17. MattFini

    Any Player/Blu Ray Deals going on right now?

    I'm seriously considering going format Neutral in the very near future. But I don't want to get a PS3, I'd much rather get a player. I haven't seen any promotions of late where you can buy a player and get some free Blu Rays with it. Are there any around right now or should I stand by...
  18. MattFini

    Looking for a new receiver

    So I've noticed that when I'm watching my HD DVDs on my current surround sound set up (an old AIWA receiver that I've had for just about 10 years) that the dialog tracks tend to be MUCH quieter than the rest of the sound. Does it seem likely that this is because my receiver is so old and isn't...
  19. MattFini

    *** Official HALLOWEEN (2007) Review Thread

    I've now seen both versions of Rob Zombie's "Halloween" and let me be the first to say that the workprint cut is easily the better of the two versions. And that's not saying much, really. Either way you slice this, Rob Zombie's Halloween is an unmitigated disaster of a film. It doesn't...
  20. MattFini

    Blue Underground?

    I'm wondering if they even have the financial capability to bring their titles into the HD fold? As much as Starz, this is of the most concern/interest to me. I own most of their SDVD titles and would probably double dip on about half of those. I cannot even imagine how incredible...
  21. MattFini

    First Blood, French HD-DVD release

    Has anybody picked this, or the other two Rambo movies up yet? Xploited has all three, and I've been thinking about getting the trilogy for sometime now, but I was hoping to get some opinions on them before I do. I like the packages too...cool to see the painted artwork on the covers in...
  22. MattFini

    Looking for an audio splitter for my Aiwa receiver.

    Hey everyone, I'm currently in the market for an audio splitter. I'm still using an old surround sound system, as my receiver is the Aiwa AV-DV75. I purchased it back in '99, and while it isn't the greatest, it's served me fairly well over the years. The biggest limitation on it...
  23. MattFini

    Wireless Network Problem

    Hello everyone. I've recently run into problems with my wireless network insofar as my wireless computer (a laptop) suddenly cannot connect to the Internet. My wired PC is fine and there doesn't appear to be any troubles with the router. My wireless network is secured, so nobody is stealing...
  24. MattFini


    Anybody going to check this one out come Friday? I know it was moved up in release and such, but a part of me is still excited about seeing a killer alligator movie in theatres again. I know that Lake Placid wasn't too long ago, but this looks to be a bit more serious than that one. The...
  25. MattFini

    Twin Peaks Season 2 slated for DVD this November...in Austrailia

    This comes from Moviehole.net: Excited. Gotta get fresh ones out of the laundry, excited. What’s all the dampness about? Give ya a clue : “Diane, 11:30 a.m., February Twenty-fourth. Entering the town of Twin Peaks, five miles south of the Canadian border, twelve miles west of the...
  26. MattFini

    The Exterminator DVD (new Tango release)

    Hello all, I apologize if this thread is a repeat, I did a search and couldn't find this topic so I thought that I would post a heads up regarding Tango's November release of the 80's revenge classic, The Exterminator. I posted this brief review over at the IMDb as a heads up to all the fans...
  27. MattFini

    Am I the only one who can NEVER find what they're looking for at Circuit City!?

    Seriously...I perfer to go to Circuit City because I have one in the town where I live. My closest Best Buy is about 20 minutes away, in Worcester. I don't have a problem with making the drive there to get what I want, but I just see no reason why Circuit City can't compete with their selection...
  28. MattFini

    X-Files Fight The Future-any chance of a SE release?

    I'm sorry if this has been a topic of discussion on the HTF at anytime in the past. I did a few searches to see what I could find and came up with nothing. I was just curious if there had been any rumblings of an X-Files movie SE on the way? I know Fox re-released this film with an...
  29. MattFini

    Asian Editions of The X-Files DVDs

    I apologize if this topic has been discussed somewhere in this forum before, I tried searching for the topic and didn't find it. Has anybody seen or heard anything about those X-Files DVDs that you can get on ebay with the Asian writing on the packaging? I only ask because you can get the...