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  1. Ray_Rogers1979

    4K & HD Codes for sale. PayPal only.

    Codes from 4K UHD disc releases Different Code letters just means the physical release I purchased had an extra code inside the case. Since I don't use these, might as well sell both or more codes! The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection $27 (MA) - ONE CODE FOR FOUR MOVIES!! THE BIRDS, PSYCHO...
  2. Ray_Rogers1979

    Ultraviolet & Digital Copy Codes for Sale! Paypal Fees Included.

    NOT BUYING OR TRADING! All ULTRAVIOLET unless some have Digital Copy included: Paypal fees included. All prices are FINAL AND NON-NEGOTIABLE. NO FRIENDS AND FAMILY THROUGH PAYPAL! (Expires = MUST redeem code before then. No Digital Copy discs included, CODES ONLY! Along with the numbered...
  3. Ray_Rogers1979

    Used to be a member here. Rejoining.

    Hopefully there won't be anymore bad blood anymore due to my return. Was last a member here back in 2004 or 2007. Been a member at Blu-ray.com since August 8th, 2009. If an Administrator or Moderator would prefer to Private Message me, please do so.