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  1. Dave Simpson

    Can't Connect To Home Wireless Network; Dummy Needs Help!

    Thanks for replying, Parker. Turns out my mobo doesn't support wireless, so off I go to get a PCI adapter or a USB thingie. Problem solved, so kindly delete or lock this thread as you see fit. Cheers. DS
  2. Dave Simpson

    Can't Connect To Home Wireless Network; Dummy Needs Help!

    Hi Dudes, I'm using Windows 7, and I can't connect wirelessly to my home wireless network. Win7 doesn't even give me a list of available wireless networks in the vicinity, just shows that I'm connected by ethernet cable (doesn't show the name of the network, either). The host PC is in the...
  3. Dave Simpson

    Let's see your desktop

    Similar to above...
  4. Dave Simpson


    I get the funny feeling that I've seen this movie before...or not, I can't really be sure. Cheers. DS.
  5. Dave Simpson

    How Much Do You Know About the World?

    Thanks for the clarification, Greg. I've had this movie on the shelf for greater than a year now and I've yet to watch it. And upon re-reading the post with which I took issue, I think I've been a little thin-skinned; it indeed reads like a poke at the ravenous appetites and incredibly expanding...
  6. Dave Simpson

    How Much Do You Know About the World?

    At least there's no mystery here. Unless you're quoting out of context some bit from a movie, this post is offensive. This board may be populated largely by a (North) American audience, but come on, man. Not for nothing is it called the "World" wide web. Cheers. DS.
  7. Dave Simpson

    Whose been served?

    Great post, Shane! Almost makes me miss the biz. Best of luck with your new gig. Cheers. DS.
  8. Dave Simpson

    Any vintage soild state fans here? Post pictures inside. I'll start first.

    Quote Steve Adams: "I have a marantz 2280 and they are nothing like that. btw my 2280 is for sale if anyone out there is interested...." Don't think Marantz ever made one by that model number, Steve. 2270, yes. 2275, check. 2285 and 2285B (
  9. Dave Simpson

    Mail-In Rebates......

    In my world, any item offered with a rebate=no sale, no exceptions. If the big boxes are selling it that way, chances are good I can get the same item, or acceptably similar, for the same cash price after rebates elsewhere. And my own personal info, and its exclusion from so many marketing...
  10. Dave Simpson

    X-Men 3 - October 3rd

    Wow, I just can't find the answer to this very simple question: does either version of the R1 X3 disc have a DTS track, or not? Fox's site says no, Amazon says yes, DVD Active says no, IGN's review says yes... little help? Cheers. DS.
  11. Dave Simpson

    Willie Nelson busted

    As Gil Fisher, The Fishin' Musician might have said, "There's our guide Willie Nelson caught up in the weeds again...". Cheers. DS.
  12. Dave Simpson

    Rock Star: Supernova

    How about Skunk-Boy And The Burn-Outs? Cheers. DS.
  13. Dave Simpson

    Paradigm or SVS??

    Wow, straight from the horse's mouth! Thanks for the news, Ron. I'm pretty sure my fellow Canucks will be thrilled. Cheers. DS.
  14. Dave Simpson

    Paradigm or SVS??

    Is SVS establishing a dealership in Canada? Cheers. DS.
  15. Dave Simpson

    "Alot": Something the Internet informed me about.

    Mike, I guess I don't really talk so good :D Thanks for the correction, sir. Cheers! DS.
  16. Dave Simpson

    "Alot": Something the Internet informed me about.

    Brett and Mark, Whoa guys, consider me illuminated. Other than my twin brother, I can think of no one with whom I could enjoy such a discussion, so thanks for that. Cheers. DS.
  17. Dave Simpson

    "Alot": Something the Internet informed me about.

    Mark, I'm not nearly well educated enough to debate this one way or the other, so I'll take the easy way out: in this news item, the full sentence read, "None were wearing life jackets, had nothing to hold on to and were within seconds of going under", so nothing preceded the offending phrase...
  18. Dave Simpson

    "Alot": Something the Internet informed me about.

    Each of these examples is grammatically correct, however the first is a perfect illustration of what I was getting at; I think many people, and media outlets, would phrase it incorrectly as, "That pack of barking dogs are driving me insane". Why, here's a bit from the web-site of my local news...
  19. Dave Simpson

    "Alot": Something the Internet informed me about.

    Here's a Wiki entry about the Kleenex/Xerox/Coke thing. Can't help with the ATM acronym, however. Cheers. DS.
  20. Dave Simpson

    "Alot": Something the Internet informed me about.

    Quote Mike Frezon: "The wide number of vagaries in the language compel me to want to grab hard and fast onto any firm rules to create some basis of foundation onto which to build." I'm not aiming to start any arguments with anybody around here, 'specially those more erudite than I, but Mike...
  21. Dave Simpson

    Cartoon Theories that don't make sense...

    Sam Jackson, Long Kiss Goodnight. Cheers. DS.
  22. Dave Simpson

    B & K DT-1 RF demodulator

    I bought one used four or five years for $25CDN. And the Pioneer 704 player from the same dude was only $125CDN. I still use 'em both. Cheers. DS.
  23. Dave Simpson

    The Movies' Greatest Action Sequences

    It's a pretty good scene John, no doubt. But Wyatt doesn't call him a 'turd'; he calls him a 'cur'. Cheers. DS.
  24. Dave Simpson

    Police Squad on 7th November !

    I'll bite...Cheers. DS.
  25. Dave Simpson

    The Movies' Greatest Action Sequences

    Great picks, gang. For me, the scene depicting the missle attack on the jet in The Incredibles is likely the most exciting sequence I've ever seen, in greater than 30 years of movie-watchin'; leaves me slack-jawed, with my heart in my throat, which ain't a pretty sight. This bit, for my money...
  26. Dave Simpson

    Movies That Never Were

    As I'm currently reading Bob Boodward's Belushi bio Wired, I'll cite Sweet Deception, aka Noble Rot, intended at once as a light-hearted, slap-stick, Hitchcockian yarn of wine-tasting and diamond heists. It likely would have been a bomb, given Belushi's state, and his lack of suitability to the...
  27. Dave Simpson

    Another "Oldies But Goodies" Receiver Thread...

    Quote: "Are we to believe...that you are a receiver man through and through?" Not necessarily, Adam. I've always made do with a receiver, and I've always been pleased with them (most of them, anyway; I used Sony and Technics models about 15 years ago that each had their share of difficulties...
  28. Dave Simpson

    Another "Oldies But Goodies" Receiver Thread...

    Quote: "I did not mean "vintage" equipment in the line of your Marantz, I meant modern-day surround decoding gear, in the spirit of home theater and this site" Adam, Perhaps it is I who should have been more clear. I gathered your point from the get-go; I invoked my vintage units simply to...
  29. Dave Simpson

    Another "Oldies But Goodies" Receiver Thread...

    Yamaha 795a, purchased Oct 99, here. Have used it with, and without, outboard amps (currently without). It's been a real champ the whole time I've owned it, other than the motor-driven volume knob sticking (and eventually unsticking itself) from time to time. I've also got a Yamaha 1500 going...
  30. Dave Simpson

    Panasonic PT-AE900U Projector - How can I get a rebate in Canada?

    I assume you two fellas will each be getting a spare bulb via the mail-in offer? Steve, I bought a Sanyo Z1 from Richard at Quebec Acoustic a couple of years ago (for the same price as your Z4, and no spare bulb; price:performance ratio has really improved, eh?). The lens shift mechanism was...