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  1. jayME61

    I'm Dickens, He's Fenster Volume 2

    I too am still waiting for Volume 2. I enjoyed Volume immensely !!
  2. jayME61

    Blu-ray Review Damn Yankees Blu-ray Review

    I just ordered my Blu-Ray copy on Amazon...they aren't out of stock.
  3. jayME61

    Packaging Complete Series Sets

    I had to return my Schitt's Creek Complete DVD...I got to the last disc and it skipped...so I returned it...I wasn't about to rebuy..I will wait for a Blu Ray Release...LOVED the series but not the box set... 15 discs in a 10 disc case.
  4. jayME61

    Time/Life Press Release: The Soul of The Midnight Special

    These "Soul" Midnight Specials have been out before. This must be the first time together in a 5-disc set. They should be on Blu Ray for this release or its just another repackaging. They show Aretha at the end of the Promo Trailer but she isn't in the alphabetical order listing...