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  1. Jim Rankin

    Universal going Blu too?

    I didn't see this mentioned but I was researching stocks tonight and came across this article: Universal Ending Its HD DVD Exclusivity: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
  2. Jim Rankin

    The Wire Season 4

    Just noticed Amazon has The Wire Season 4 up for pre-order. Looks like a December 4th release. I can't wait to get this one - definitely one of my favorite seasons for this show.
  3. Jim Rankin

    Holy Smokes - November Criterion!

    Wow November is normally a good month for Criterion but this one takes the cake. 1. Berlin Alexanderplatz - Fassbinder 2. Sawdust & Tinsel - Bergman 3. Drunken Angels - Kurosawa 4. Lady Vanishes - Hitchcock What a great slew of films - definitely looking forward to the Fassbinder and...
  4. Jim Rankin

    December Criterions

    The Criterion Collection has announced some releases for December: Symbiopsychotaxiplasm Take One The Beales of Grey Gardens Grey Gardens http://www.criterionco.com/asp/coming_soon.asp Hopefully for me personally this is not the extent of their December releases. I was sort of...
  5. Jim Rankin

    HBO's Empire Falls

    Just wondering if anyone else checked this out? I thought it was pretty engrossing - great performances in particular from JoAnn Woodward and Ed Harris. I never read the original book so I couldn't say how faithful the mini-series was to it. With nothing else on right now, there are worse ways...
  6. Jim Rankin

    Criterion Chat?

    Just wondering if the Criterion chat is still scheduled for tonight? If it is could someone please give me a link to the info as to what time etc?? Thanks
  7. Jim Rankin

    Yasujiro Ozu Criterion Centennial Project

    This just recently posted on Criterion's website: Criterion Honors the Centennial of Ozu's Birth In honor of the 100-year anniversary of the birth of renowned Japanese filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu (b: December 12, 1903; d: December 12, 1963), Criterion has acquired several of his most...
  8. Jim Rankin

    Quality of Kino's The Blue Angel??

    Just got done watching Josef Von Sternberg's The Blue Angel, (taped if off TCM Imports last night). I really enjoyed this film and would love to have it on dvd - but the picture was extremely grainy with a lot of dropouts, which I realize is common for a film from this era. Is Kino's version...
  9. Jim Rankin

    The Cranes are Flying

    Just saw this on Sundance, what an amazing film! I have been holding off on renting/purchasing this disc because I wasn't familiar with it - I am definitely adding this one to my collection! Excellent performances from the cast, and a very engaging story to boot. This is one of those rare films...
  10. Jim Rankin

    More Criterions on the Way! (New Hitchcock)

    Cool- Spellbound finally announced for release - coming in September, along with another film Man Bites Dog. Click Here for the details.
  11. Jim Rankin

    TCM's Italian Cinema - June

    Normally I know these types of threads don't generate a whole lot of interest, but if information I find helps me, then maybe it can help someone else! TCM is going to show films from Italian cinema the whole month of June - Here is a cut and pasted schedule: Jun 07 08:00 PM My Voyage to...
  12. Jim Rankin

    Sundance Summer Film Series 2002 (Criterion)

    I want to credit Ashirg over at the Criterion DVD message boards for posting this news that came from digitallyobsessed.com. Criterion and Sundance are teaming up to bring Classic World Cinema during July and August. They include films that are not part of the normal Sundance rotation - here is...
  13. Jim Rankin

    Passon of Anna?

    Hi, I just watched this film for the first time last night,I very much liked it even though some of the darker scenes were a little difficult to watch. For all you die hard Bergman fans out there, how does the animal brutality depicted fit into the overall storyline?? Did they ever identify the...
  14. Jim Rankin

    Truffaut's Breathless on TV

    Seems like I was relaying faulty information, my apologies - moderator if this post can be deleted - please do. Thanks.
  15. Jim Rankin

    Nights of Cabiria/Wages of Fear on Sundance

    Just wanted to post a heads up on these films. Wages of Fear directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot is on Sundance tonight (May 1st) at 6:30 p.m. Nights of Cabiria directed by Federico Fellini is on Sundance on May 2nd at 11:35 a.m. I know that Criterion has both of these films in their...
  16. Jim Rankin

    3 New Criterions Announced (More Kurosawa!)

    Just checked out Criterion's official website - they have 3 new releases for July - including the eagerly anticipated Red Beard directed by Akira Kurosawa. Also on the slate are two films from Rene Clair - A Nous la Liberte and Under the Roofs of Paris.
  17. Jim Rankin

    Fox Lorber The 400 Blows

    Hi, I had noticed this week at Amazon that they released the Fox Lorber edition of Francois Truffaut's The 400 Blows is this version any good? Anyone that has personally reviewed it or has a link to a review of it, I would really appreciate it! Regards, Jim
  18. Jim Rankin

    Fellini & Bergman films?

    I am trying to further my cinema horizons and would like input from this forum on their films. I have seen part of Nights of Cabiria - and The Seventh Seal on either Sundance or IFC - both films have stayed with me over the course of the last few weeks. Normally when I tackle a director's films...
  19. Jim Rankin

    Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt

    Hi - Just got done watching this film (my first time) and all I can say is WOW!! Very good film. When major releases such as last year's Rear Window or Criterion's Notorious come around I generally don't pipe in because it's obvious they are masterpieces, but when a lesser known film comes along...
  20. Jim Rankin

    Sealed Universal CE of Hitchcock's Marnie for Trade

    Hi - Got 2 copies of Marnie for gifts, didn't have receipt to take it back - I would like to trade one of them - it's still sealed and in excellent shape. I would like to trade it even up for another Hitchcock Universal CE such as Shadow of a Doubt, The Man Who Knew too Much or Rope-I already...
  21. Jim Rankin

    Sony STR-725 Dolby Digital Receiver FS

    Hi, I have a Sony STR-725 Dolby Digital home receiver for sale. I have upgraded to a newer receiver, and don't need this anymore. It is 2 years old, in great shape has remote,manuals everything. I am looking for $100.00 + shipping costs. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions...