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  1. Pete Mazz

    Birth of a Media Center

    My project is winding down. Here's the pics. Just waiting on furniture. Pete
  2. Pete Mazz

    Tube sub with a twist

    Capsuleri asked me if I'd be interested in doing a tube sub with him. Anxious to try my hand at one, I agreed. His one criteria that made this one a little different was that he needed to be able to lay it on it's side or stand it up, depending on his final room layout and positioning. Several...
  3. Pete Mazz

    I guess I have to build a Tumult after all!

    Well, after finally watching LOTR last nite, I am now forced to build a new sub.:) That soundtrack has really insane levels of really low bass. I'd like to see a waterfall plot of some of those scenes. My dual Tempests have cruised thru The Haunting, TS2, U571 and all the rest, no pro-blemo...
  4. Pete Mazz

    FYI: Adire's new CC kit is done!

    Check out Adire's site for the new WTMW center channel. $229 if ordered before June 1. Pete
  5. Pete Mazz

    Anybody else having trouble getting SS 9500s?

    I've had these on BO from PE for a month. Called today and found out they weren't going to be back in stock for over another MONTH!!! Checking other sites seemed to indicate everyone's out of stock. This is the Eros project from the Rev's site (Speakerbuilder.net). It's an MTM using the Vifa...
  6. Pete Mazz

    How much would narrower baffle affect HF response?

    I just tested a new kit I picked up. The original plans had a 9 1/2" baffle with a 1 1/2" rad on one corner and a 3/4" rad on the other. Throwing together a test box of 8 1/2" width with square corners yielded a response that was 10 dB down at 1.2 kHz to 10 kHz. Would the difference in baffle...
  7. Pete Mazz

    ETF Mic vs Radio Shack SPL Meter

    As promised, I compared the calibrated ETF mic and pre-amp against the RS SPL meter. I had already done the LF mod to the RS meter, so unless you've done the same, disregard the LF. All samples were taken with both mics at about 1 meter and pointing directly at the speaker. The line out from the...