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  1. Bill Kane

    THE WIRE season 3 (ongoing thread) (SPOILERS!)

    "The Game Remains the Same" Season Opener 9/19 ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER: “Yo, it’s not yer turn” Hah! This show’s richly layered script (novelistic, as today’s New York Time arts article describes) shows us again that no episode will be easy to watch, or follow. At the minimum, I find...
  2. Bill Kane

    Does this eBay billlook legit?

    After lying dormant for at least a year and a half, I used my PayPal account (having to email them for my password) two weeks ago to submit a donation for the current HTF fund drive. Subsequently, I have been “notified” twice by email they are billing me $15. WTF. The email is from EBAY...
  3. Bill Kane

    AD Program captured my Browser!

    In the past 24 hrs thru "regular" web surfing, my computer acquired a comml ad pgm that defaults my browser. In addn, a Microsoft Internet Explorer "problem" msg pops up. The prime culprit is Stotch.com and its comml/ad hanger ons. Unwanted (duh) Pop ups with "offers" appear during accessing...
  4. Bill Kane


    [color=red Beginners[/color]
  5. Bill Kane

    HDCD and Audio Cable Outputs

    Several posters recently have stated that analog audio cables are required for HDCD signal output, and I wonder if this is correct. (Since few AVRs that most of us use come with HDCD decoding, the most prevalent scenario wud be utilizing the CD player HDCD decoding.) My Denon DCM-370 manual...
  6. Bill Kane

    Local Public Radio Seems To Be Dying Out

    I've always been a fan of local public radio with its mixture of live programs with volunteer hosts and the mix of music found nowhere else over the air from classical to jazz and bluegrass. My local FM station, initially sponsored by the University of the Pacific, has had a good run, but now...
  7. Bill Kane

    my test 1

    this is a test.
  8. Bill Kane

    HomePage Too Wide

    Recently I see my opening or Welcome Page is too wide at the right margin by 4 characters. Going to a specific forum, it's then ok, fitting inside the right margin slide bar. This may be a MS/Windows thing, since I got a new puter and installed a new OS w/in the past month (WIN2000Pro)...
  9. Bill Kane

    RadioShack FusionAV Cable -- A Contendah?

    In looking around for 3 pairs of audio cable for new 6-Chl interconnects (got DVD-A capable DVDp)I ran across some new-to-me RS audio cables that push closer to audiophile quality -- FusionAV series. HERE is the 3-footer for $25. Like the Outlaw PCA Copper cables, these RS are twisted pair...
  10. Bill Kane

    Help Me Shuck Xupiter Program

    Somehow in October I allowed the commercial "browser-related" Xupiter Program to insinuate itself into my computer. I managed to rid (hide?) the toolbar display, and under RUN I went to msconfig to Start-Up and disabled Xupiter (two boxes) here. But it's still in there. For example, I find...
  11. Bill Kane

    How to Record/Watch Other on JVS S-VHS

    Trying this for the first time. My JVC 7800 S-VHS is connected to the AVR via S-Video and Audio cables; S-Video cable to TV. Plus I have RF cable linking S-VHS to TV ANT IN. I'll be able to record a channel on the S-VHS, so now I want to watch another at the same time. All I can figure is...
  12. Bill Kane

    sig test

    this is a test. bill
  13. Bill Kane

    Move thread?

    I'm such a thread killer-- even my own:b Can I try one more time by mods moving "Internal Test Tones" from Speakers forum to Tweaking forum? thx bill
  14. Bill Kane

    Do You Build "Friends" Systems?

    I seem to be losing patience helping others helping others. To me, it becomes a long-range exercise in futility, unless you just like to breeze about stuff. There was the guy who wanted to help his friend spend $80,000 for a Media Room in the $1.5M addition in the upscale Palos Verde area in...
  15. Bill Kane

    Managing Private Messages

    After getting an automatic email that my PM inbox was full, I now keep it deleted. However, I see this at the bottom: (You have 0 unread messages and 49 total messages in all your folders.) What are these "49 total messages" and do I need to "manage" them?
  16. Bill Kane

    "Braided" Speaker Wire

    I have no brand in mind here, but I've seen a reference that "braided" wire, such as 16gauge, exhibits more robust characteristics, say equivalent to 14 gauge. What gives?
  17. Bill Kane

    SVS Animation -- Too Cool

    ...found this on SVS-Ron's posting. Turn your computer speakers up! boom-BOOM
  18. Bill Kane

    DVD RP-56 Beginning to Shudder

    I brought the RP-56 home in December; it gets minimal play, NMT 3-4x a week, if that. No CDs are played in the unit. The first "symptom" was the "inability" to read the Sound&Vision test disk. Then last night I played a new-release DVD rental, and the disk drive began shuddering and...
  19. Bill Kane

    "Uninstalling" MS CriticalUpdate notice?

    minor distraction: somewhere, I opted to ask for MS Critical Update Notice, but now just get a generic EVERY 24 HOURS pop-up. I have the applicable Updates already! Anyone know how to uninstall this notice? (Win98SE/IE6)
  20. Bill Kane

    An Overview of Budget Surge Protectors

    Overview of Budget Surge Protectors Under $100 Much buzz is out there over larger, rack-style, surge protection black boxes ranging to $700. For those whose needs are more modest with midsized systems, who are not exposed to constant electrical/lightning storm activity, and who benefit from...
  21. Bill Kane

    Whole House/Computer network Wiring

    My cousin John recently suffered a house fire, one-quarter of it, and has a contractor to rebuild. John works at home in computer management information services and wants to wire multi rooms. I quickly suggested looking at SmartHome wire bundles, because I've seen it suggested here, but now I...
  22. Bill Kane

    Speaker Wire Gauge Question

    I biwired my mains from the get-go, and now have reverted by replacing the "gold" span plate behind the posts. I still have the biwires -- Monster XP -- connected to both sets of spkr posts. Let's just call the Monster XP 15 gauge, maybe 14? --does this effectively result in 12 gauge or thereabouts?
  23. Bill Kane

    More Slow Loading

    Dang, not even noon PDT and 670 people on board and SLOOOOWWW loading in the forums....
  24. Bill Kane

    Stacking Forum Favs

    I'm adding some periodicals to my fav and they land on top. If I Clear all my favs, then re-edit clicking the ones I want to start with, is this the best method to arrange them in the order I like?
  25. Bill Kane

    What's It All Really Worth?

    Jeez, I’m beginning to think we’re blinded by the prices of home electronics because, well, isn’t that just the market? I mean, the markup seems to be huge. Of course, this observation is based on the MSRP system, which everybody “knows” is unrealistic, right? (sarcasm) I see a surge...
  26. Bill Kane

    Fifth Anniversary Link

    this link popped up then disappeared after clicking, to "no page". I guess Parker is in the midst of modifying it? I'll be patient....
  27. Bill Kane

    DD Matrix 6.1/DTS ES

    My rcvr supports DD Matrix 6.1 and DTS ES. Since I've found so few DTS discs, I want to know if these modes operate off a 5.1 DVD that has a DTS track. (I have a Behind Enemy Lines rental right now without the original box label) IOW, does if have to COME as DTS ES as software to get the...
  28. Bill Kane

    Furman- Who Needs a Voltage Regulator?

    I started looking at the Furman AR-1251 15amp unit @$450 recommended by an enthusiast on another forum and it looks pretty well-rounded as a voltage regulator AND a surge protector. Furman is a pro-audio manufacturer. Here's web specs This is quite compact at 12lbs alongside the...
  29. Bill Kane

    Use a Surge Suppressor on Your Sub Amp?

    It seems logical to use a surge protector on a sub amp, like we do with the rest of the system's components. But I got to thinking about the potential downside of any "current limiting" since subs can be dynamically demanding at reference. I'm thinking about this since I'm using an APC 8/tel...
  30. Bill Kane

    HBO's "The Wire" 6/30

    This week's script writers take a run at how many times the "niggah" word can be used consecutively in a scene. It's in the context of one Project guy referring to others, mildly derogatorily, I thought. These cops are no Barney Miller types f'sure. I wasn't put off seeing the over-the-hill...