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  1. Angelo Colombus

    Studio Canal Ran 4K UHD

    On July 7th Studio Canal will release on 4K UHD 3 disc set of Kurosawa's Ran in the UK & France. Lionsgate will release a 4K digital version here in the US but no disc version yet.
  2. Angelo Colombus

    Charles Grodin has passed away at age 86.

    Actor Charles Grodin has passed away at age 86. Liked him in Heaven Can Wait, Midnight Run, Catch-22, Taking Care of Business and my favorite Real Life with Albert Brooks. Rest in Peace.
  3. Angelo Colombus

    The Go-Go Boys: The Inside Story Of Cannon Films on Blu-ray

    I love documentaries and have on my shelf the excellent Electric Boogalo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014) which talked about the rise and fall of Cannon Films. On July 20th another documentary on Cannon Films "The Go-Go Boys: The Inside Story of Cannon Films" (2014) will be...
  4. Angelo Colombus

    International Matt Helm box set coming to Blu-ray

    Looks like Matt Helm is coming to Blu-ray. On April 5th Mediumrare Entertainment will release the Matt Helm Lounge with all four films. The set is a UK region B and the extras have not been announced yet but it could be the same as the dvd box set which contained only some trailers...
  5. Angelo Colombus

    The Last Blockbuster coming to Blu-ray

    On February 2 Passion River will release on Blu-ray a documentary on the world's sole remaining Blockbuster in Bend, OR. Will check this one out and would make a good double feature with another documentary All Things Must Pass which talked about what killed retailer Tower Records...
  6. Angelo Colombus

    PBS turns 50

    PBS was launched 50 years ago on Oct. 4, 1970 and since i was a kid have watched many of the programs and below i have some of my favorites. I hope they will continue to produce more quality programing. 1) This Old House 2) Classic films that were broadcast in the late 1970's 3) British shows...
  7. Angelo Colombus

    Michael Lonsdale passes away at age 89

    French actor Michael Lonsdale who played the Bond villain Drax in Moonraker has passed away at age 89. He was excellent in Day of the Jackal, The Bride Wore Black and The Remains of the Day.
  8. Angelo Colombus

    Diana Rigg passes away at age 82

    Diana Rigg who was in the tv series The Avengers and briefly the wife of 007 in the Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service passed away at age 82.
  9. Angelo Colombus

    The Plot Thickens. TCM podcast on PETER BOGDANOVICH

    Watching TCM i see the promos for the podcast on director Peter Bogdanovich so a few nights ago i decided to start listening to them. About to listen to Episode five and have to say an excellent series with Peter talking about his film career with host Ben Mankiewicz and his relationships with...
  10. Angelo Colombus

    UHD Disney stopping 4K/UHD releases for most Catalog Titles?

    Interesting article on the website The Digital Bits about Disney's internal decision to suspend the 4K Ultra HD release of live action catalog titles from both their own vaults and those of their newly acquired 20th Century Fox label. https://thedigitalbits.com/columns/my-two-cents/080720-1600
  11. Angelo Colombus

    R.I.P. Composer Johnny Mandel

    Composer Johnny Mandel who scored films like MASH, The Americanization of Emily, The Last Detail, The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming, and Being There passed away at 94 years old.
  12. Angelo Colombus

    Vinegar Syndrome Picks Up Some MGM Catalog Titles

    Blu-ray.com is reporting that Vinegar Syndrome have confirmed that they have licensed various genre titles from MGM that will be added to their catalog. "According to the label, all upcoming releases will be sourced from brand new restorations". Social media announcement:
  13. Angelo Colombus

    James Lipton, Inside the Actor's Studio host passed away

    James Lipton who hosted Inside the Actor's Studio series on Bravo Channel for many years has passed away at the age of 93. I saw and recorded many of his shows including my favorite with Robin Williams & Paul Newman.
  14. Angelo Colombus

    Voodoo Macbeth 2020

    Website Wellesnet has a nice post on the recent premier of the movie Voodoo Macbeth at the University of Southern California. Voodoo Macbeth chronicles Orson Welles' groundbreaking Harlem production of Macbeth with an all-black cast in 1936. https://www.wellesnet.com/voodoo-macbeth-premiere/
  15. Angelo Colombus

    Bob Dorian, AMC Host Passed Away at Age 85.

    Bob Dorian, TV host who introduced cable viewers to movies back when AMC was known as American Movie Classics died June 15 in Florida. I remember watching him along with Nick Clooney in the 1990's introducing movies like TCM would do later.
  16. Angelo Colombus

    Removal of Lillian Gish name from University theater

    Wellesnet is reporting that the Bowling Green State University is removing the Gish name from the theater but retain the Ohio native’s endowment and personal memorabilia because of Lillian Gish’s role in D. W. Griffith’s controversial 1915 film The Birth of a Nation. In removing the Gish name...
  17. Angelo Colombus

    Tim Conway Passed Away 1933-2019

    Tim Conway who made it more fun to watch The Carol Burnett Show past away this morning at age 85.
  18. Angelo Colombus

    David Picker 1931-2019

    David Picker who was studio head of United Artist, Paramount, and Columbia past away on Saturday. He won the rights to the James Bond novels and recommended United Artists to make a movie about The Beatles which became A Hard Day's Night. He also brought European filmmakers such as Federico...
  19. Angelo Colombus

    Michel Legrand 1932-2019

    Oscar winner composer Michel Legrand has passed away at his home in Paris. Won three Oscar's and five Grammys and recently did the score to Orson Welles's The Other Side of the Wind.
  20. Angelo Colombus

    Bernardo Bertolucci 1941-2018

    Great director who made my favorites The Conformist & The Last Emperor.
  21. Angelo Colombus

    Mel Gibson to direct The Wild Bunch remake

    Mel Gibson has been set by Warner Bros to direct a new version of the 1969 classic Western. Gibson is co-writing the script and will be executive producer. I guess it was going happen sooner or later!
  22. Angelo Colombus

    Ermanno Olmi 1931-2018

    Just finished watching for the first time Il Posto (1961) and what a great film and latter he made his masterpiece The Tree of the Wooden Clogs (1978) both on Criterion disc. Did some research and found out that he did past away earlier this year. By the way the female lead in Il Posto is the...
  23. Angelo Colombus

    The Great Buster (2018)

    As posted on Wellesnet Peter Bogdanovich will be a guest of honor at the Lumière 2018 Grand Lyon Film Festival in France on October 13-21 and will show his new documentary about silent-screen legend Buster Keaton called The Great Buster. Great news for fans of Keaton and i hope to see something new.
  24. Angelo Colombus

    Fellini's The Voice of the Moon Blu-ray

    Just saw for the first time one of the very few Fellini films I have not seen. Arrow Video has released on Blu-ray a great looking print of The Voice of the Moon (1990) which I liked with some great images and characters. Not his best but worth seeing and giving this film a second chance since...
  25. Angelo Colombus

    Bruce Brown 1937-2017

    Not sure if there is another post on this but just found out the passing of Bruce Brown who directed one of my favorite documentaries The Endless Summer (1966).
  26. Angelo Colombus

    R.I.P. David Cassidy (1950-2017)

    Have childhood memories of watching The Partridge Family. May he rest in peace.
  27. Angelo Colombus

    Jeanne Moreau 1928-2017

    Great actress in films like Jules and Jim, The Bride Wore Black, Chimes at Midnight, The Train, and many others.
  28. Angelo Colombus

    Al Jarreau & SCTV

    Saw the news about the passing of the great singer Al Jarreau and it made me think of his appearance on SCTV movie of the week parody The Jazz Singer and he was very good in it.
  29. Angelo Colombus

    International Tarkovsky's Stalker (1979) blu-ray

    Stalker is one of my favorite films from Andrei Tarkovsky and had the Image/Ruscico dvd for many years with a ok print of the film and I know there were production problems and also he had to reshoot the beginning of the film because the film lab ruined the negative. Was hoping the new region 2...