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  1. RobCar

    BOSE speakers blown to smithereens! Possible?

    Well, from the title of this thread, it's clear the poster has done some reading ... which is why the value of this thread is questionable.
  2. RobCar

    Boston VR-B vs CR-85

    I have many CR speakers, including the 85s, and have been very happy with them. The 85s are particularly good on the low end (as are the 95s, which I also have). Your challenge will be finding them, since they're discontinued. I do look to the VR series every so often, out of curiosity, but I...
  3. RobCar

    A/B Switch On Receiver

    Generally not a problem. I do it without worrying too much about damaging anything. One reason I do it is so that I can hear tunes in two parts of the house without cranking it in the living room, which means that when I play it through A + B, it's at a lower volume. One thing I used to do...
  4. RobCar

    Speaker selectors?

    A and B both work at the same time. I believe "zone 2" would also work at the same time, in theory providing tunes to three rooms. But correct me if I'm wrong (I have a Yamaha RX-V2300).
  5. RobCar

    Speaker selectors?

    But for three locations, can't I run: 1 pair off the A terminals 1 pair off the B terminals 1 pair off zone 2? Or is it simply better to go with a speaker selector?
  6. RobCar

    Speaker selectors?

    Hi. I'm interested in having audio in a few rooms, but am wondering about the best approach. I currently have 5.1 in the living room running from my Yamaha RX-V2300. Should I simply run another pair of speakers off of the B terminals and a final pair off of Zone 2? Or should I get a speaker...
  7. RobCar

    Speaker wires

    Not entirely related, but as long as you're pre-wiring, I'd also run Cat-5 everywhere. Easier now than later ...
  8. RobCar

    Help choosing Bookshelf speakers

    Boston Acoustics match up VERY well with Yamaha, and Boston offers a wide range of bookshelves. I'm into the CR line myself. Excellent bang for the buck. Check out their web site ...
  9. RobCar

    Equipment and Direct Sunlight

    This might be a dumb question, but is it ok that my audio equipment is exposed to three hours of direct sunlight every morning? The inconvenience for me is that I have trouble seeing what each piece says (e.g., what radio station the tuner is tuned to) when the sun's right on it, but I use the...
  10. RobCar

    Yamaha Upgrade...worth it?

    I recently upgraded from an RX-V496 to an RX-V2300, which I got a great deal on because it's last year's model. I use it mostly for music but also for the occasional movie. Was it worth it? For me, yes. The sound is similar but fuller and more powerful with the newer receiver. And the bass...
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    Tweeter/Boston Acoustics

  12. RobCar

    Yamaha RX-v2400 vs. RX-v1400

    Here ya go:
  13. RobCar

    Yamaha RX-v2400 vs. RX-v1400

    I downloaded it to my home computer. I'm at work right now, but I'll post a link to it when I get home. It's basically a control panel that lets you adjust all these different settings. Looks really, really cool. I think it's really only intended for installers, though (in other words, they...
  14. RobCar

    Yamaha RX-v2400 vs. RX-v1400

    Any other thoughts about the 1400 vs. the 2400? I'm about to pull the trigger on one or the other. I had a look at the Windows XP app that you can use to tweak the settings of the 2400 using that RS232 port, and it looks pretty cool. Not sure if that alone is worth the extra dough, though.
  15. RobCar

    Yamaha 2400 & Zone 2

    I thought Zone 2 and B speakers were different. Can someone clarify?
  16. RobCar

    Yamaha 2400 & Zone 2

    If the speakers on the deck are hooked into the B speaker terminals on the receiver, then simply turn on the B speakers and turn off the A speakers on the front panel. And that's it. You shouldn't be using a separate amp or anything. The B speakers are different from Zone 2 or 3.
  17. RobCar

    Boston or Bose? which should I keep

    See this review of the Boston setup. They speak especially highly of the CR95s. I have the CR95s with the CRC and am very pleased. Great bass response. And I also use a Yamaha reciever. Sound very good together.
  18. RobCar

    Boston Acoustics anyone?

    I have CR-85 mains with a CRC center and am very pleased (using CR-6 speakers for rears). Agree with everything said so far -- good match, and great sound. Also using a Yamaha receiver and agree with what was said about these brands together. See this link for a very informative review of...
  19. RobCar

    Looking to upgrade my old Denom 1800. What should I get? (MERGED THREAD)

    I've heard that Yamaha tends to match up very well with Paradigms but not, for example, with Klipsch. I know from personal experience that Yamaha sounds great with Boston Accoustics. Anyway, I think it's personal preference and something of a toss up. Can't go wrong with either.
  20. RobCar

    Boston Acoustics Receptor Radio?

    I haven't heard one but have read a few good reviews of it. Apparently it sounds much better than the wave radio but for a good deal less.
  21. RobCar

    Yamaha HTR vs. RX-v

    The RX-V equivalent of the HTR5590 is the RX-V1300, which of course has been replaced by the 1400. (However, one difference btwn the 5590 and the 1300 is that the 5590 does not have pre-outs for an amp.) Anyway, glad to see there's a FAQ about this one, given how often it comes up.
  22. RobCar

    Yamaha RX-V630 vs. RX-V2300

    Plus, that's a GREAT deal for that unit! Definitely go for it!
  23. RobCar

    Yamaha RXV-1400 with aragon 2005 power amp?

    I'd buy the 1400 and use it by itself first, then get the amp later if you still feel like you need to. The 1400 will have a lot more power than the 440. Plus, Yamaha and Boston sound really good together.
  24. RobCar

    Problems with my Yamaha...

    I'd have someone look at it. Couldn't hurt. If you can spend 50 bucks fixing it, that's a lot better than the 500 minimum you'd have to spend to replace it.
  25. RobCar

    refurbished audio components
  26. RobCar

    Denon AVR-3803 or Yamaha

  27. RobCar

    Yamaha HTR-5550, Now what about speakers?

    I have Boston Acoustics with Yamaha and it sounds great. See this link for a review: http://webcenter.soundandvision.nets...aid,266,00.asp (Although note that I have the CR-85 bookshelves as mains instead of the CR-95s.) I've also heard that Infinitys and JBLs sound good w/ Yamaha.
  28. RobCar

    Why are Yamaha receivers considered bright?

    Detailed, yes. Bright, no. And of course, speakers have a lot to do with it. In my case (I have Bostons), the matchup is great. I tend to characterize the sound as smooth.
  29. RobCar

    Where to live?

    Boulder, CO~! (how would forbes know, he's old!)
  30. RobCar

    Problems with reception and radio

    Although I should add that I've discovered the music channels on digital cable, and I might never go back to the radio. It's 24/7 music, no ads, no station identification, never a single crackle of repection problems.