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    International International shipping from amazon US

    Hello. I'm not sure if i can post this here but I wanted to ask something: it's been very long since I ordered blurays from amazon us. When I did, i had 3 options for shipping: standard, expedited and amazonglobal. Now, with whatever bluray I try, it gives me only one option: amazonglobal. Does...
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    Something I haven't understood about HDR

    Excuse me for starting a new thread about this. Didn't know where to post my question. I haven't understood something about UHDs and this HDR business. I have a 43 inch 4K monitor that doesn't support HDR. So, is it possible for me to watch UHDs with this screen (of course I should have a UHD...
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    International Morituri (1965) (Brando, Brynner) coming in France

    I've recently watched this film and loved it. Saw that it is coming in a French bluray with a new HD master. Don't know if it has hard subtitles or not.
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    Beautiful colored films set in spring

    I started this thread hoping I get some recommendations from the good folks here, who are aquainted with classic Hollywood cinema. So, i'm looking for films (mainly 30s-60s), in color, that are set in spring, depicting nature in bloom, beautiful countryside etc. The first such film that comes to...
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    To Mr. Robert Harris: 10 films you'd like to have restored!

    I just thought that this would be interesting to know. So, Mr. Harris, what are your top 10 films you'd like to have restored? These could be personal favourites, films you feel are important for cinema, obscure films with bad original elements, etc..
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    12 monkeys coming from Arrow!

    I'm not sure if you missed this news or not, but since many people check only US blurays and news, thought to post it. Arrow has hinted that 12 monkeys will be coming this year. I assume it will be a new scan (hopefully 4K from the negative), but we don't know yet if it will be UK only or US...
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    International Altman's IMAGES (1972) coming from Arrow

    Although there's no official announcement yet, I thought to post this here. I'm so excited for this upcoming release. This film has a unique atmosphere and score by John Williams. I love the wintery scenery and of course...
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    Batman: The Animated Series coming from Warner in 2018! Wow! Great news! I've been waiting for this!
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    Difference between 1080p and upscale to 4K

    Hello. I wanted to ask something from the more knowledgable members here because I don't know much of these things. I currently have a 24'' monitor where I watch my blurays. I don't have a TV, and I'm thinking of buying a larger monitor for my pc (43''), where I will also watch my blurays. I...
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    Barefoot Gen 1 & 2 (1983/1986) coming from Diskotek Media

    I don't see much love around here for anime and it's a pity because there are many great films to discover. One of them is Barefoot Gen, which is coming along with its sequel on bluray. I loved the first film more than the more "popular" Grave of the Fireflies. I definitely wouldn't suggest...
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    How much do you usually pay for blurays at customs?

    This question is addressed to either Americans ordering from non-USA countries, or Europeans ordering from USA. (mostly the 2nd) I live in Greece, and lately something's changed and I think you pay very high prices at customs when ordering from USA. Someone reported that for a purchase of 2...
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    Does anyone have experience with 50-inch pc monitors?

    Hello. I started this thread here, because i'd like to ask if anyone here has a 50 or above inch monitor and how is his experience with it. I was thinking of buying one in the future for these reasons: -I don't have a TV, and instead of buying a TV and a new monitor, thought to buy just one...
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    Erik the Conqueror (1961) - Italian Peplum from Arrow!

    I thought to start this thread here, because I was very happy that one of my favourite genres that we have refered to here a few times, gets - what I think is - the first release on Bluray with English subtitles! (correct me if I'm wrong but i don't remember any other bluray release of italian...
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    Top 10 favourite animation films that haven't been released on Bluray

    Since animation is my favourite genre, I thought to start this thread (similarly with the other "decades" threads). if you like you can include anime, but I don't because i would need another top 10 there! So, here we go: Gandahar The Prince of Egypt Starchaser - The Legend of orin Emmet...
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    International THE RIVER (1984) UK Bluray Has anyone got this? It's been out for a couple of months but I can't find any review with screenshots., I would assume it's the same quality with an HDTV version that was out long ago.. It would be great with a 4k remaster though! I...
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    TT's 2 Sinbad Movies (OOP Blurays/lower than list's price)

    The Golden Voyage of Sinbad Sinbad and the Eye of Tiger OOP Region Free Blurays from Twilight Time Limited to 3000 Condition: Used, Like New (played once) Price: 60 euros for both + Shipping from Greece + paypal fee Reviews...
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    "Fievel Goes West" (1991) & "Balto" (1995) - Walmart Exclusives

    It seems these have just been released under the radar! Fievel Goes West screenshots: Balto screenshots: well, IMHO, the blurays look just good, but not reaching the high...
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    Recommendations for Irish-themed films (1930-1990)

    Hello. With St. Patrick's Day approaching, I was wondering if you could recommend Irish-themed movies of this particular period I'm mentioning in the title thread. Searching in the net I always find lists which mention films after 1990. So, does anyone have any good suggestion except the films...
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    Alice in Wonderland (60th anniv. w OOP slipcover) for sale

    Hello. I'm selling my US BD/DVD combo of Alice in Wonderland (60th anniversary) with the OOP slipcover and all inserts intact, in excellent condition.(the upper left corner is not torn or anything as it may seem in the picture. It just has a slight crease) I haven't watched the complete Bluray...
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    Top 10 favourite 30s films that haven't been released on Blu-ray

    I hope I'm not starting a duplicate thread, but searching couldn't find such thread, like the others we have done for 40s-90s. Love these threads because they offer the opportunity to discover new movies, and also maybe labels see them and see the tendencies out there. So, my list includes...
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    How to find out the Region of a Bluray disc?

    Hello. I have a problem and looking for an aswer in the net I can't find anything definite. I want to sell a bluray, that says on the back cover it's Region A. (want to sell it in European territory and someone expressed interest) It's this one...
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    International THE THING (1982) coming from Arrow!

    So excited for this announcement that has just been made (and I'm glad I waited), since Arrow is usually most competent in the quality of their releases!
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    Film Posters in bedroom decorating ideas

    Hello. I was curious to ask the opinion of members here. Since I love films so much, I'd like my apartment to reflect that, and I'd like to hang some film posters. Thought to start from the bedroom because I bought a new bedroom recently, and some great handmade table lights, and the thing is...
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    Digitally available old TV shows in HD: Will they come on Bluray?

    Hello and Happy Holidays. I was wondering this: I've seen recently that there are many old TV shows that are available in digital format in HD. Shows like Dynasty, Wonder Woman, The Waltons, Chips, Hawaii Five-0, Kung Fu, Gilligan's Island, I dream of Jeannie, Cheers. Do you think they will...
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    Which label suits you?

    I hope I'm not starting a controversial or argument inducing thread. This is not a topic about the Blurays' quality, price, availability etc. This is a topic about the films themselves, so I would be curious to know what (boutique) label (please pick only one from the US and European labels)...
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    Warner Archive sale at deepdiscountdvd & wowhd!

    There is currently a sale in the WAC blurays in these two sites! :) Deepdiscount has also a 10% off code (SNOW) for use till 11/4. Though the total price for the same Blurays comes cheaper (at least to me) at wowhd because there is no shipping fee! (I'm not sure if it would be the same for US...
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    Suggestions for wintery films (1930 - 1990) released on Bluray?

    I hope I'm not flooding the forum with this personal request, but it's like this: I have a thing (like an OCD or something :P), by which I like to watch films relevant to the season we are in. So, it's difficult for me to watch a summer movie in winter or vice versa etc. Out of all the seasons...
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    The "Film Movement Classics" thread

    Since there isn't any thread about this label, I thought to start one, because it seems it releases high profile titles on bluray and foreign films at that. Upcoming titles in 2017 include the Oscar awarded for Best foreigh film, Pelle...
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    Searching for a very rare animation film (Odyssea -1985)

    Hello. I hope this is the fitting sub-forum to write this. I'm searching everywhere for this film: Apparently it's a czech-east german co-production. I had watched this in my childhood. Does anyone know if it exists on home video? I thought maybe someone...
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    International Shaka Zulu - The Complete Series (1986) - October 24, 2016 This will be supposedly released by Revelation Films in UK. I'm not sure if it will be eventually, since another release has been announced since years now, and it always gets pushed back. About the duration of the...