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  1. Boris_V

    Should i upgrade my B&Ws 300?

    My current setup consists of four B&W DM303 for L/R/Surround, one LCR3 for the center and an active subwoofer (Jamo D7 Sub). Now i'm quite happy with these speakers (i'm speaking of the B&Ws, not the sub which is superb), they can play pretty loud and produce a fine sound and are quite possible...
  2. Boris_V

    My PC as a pre/pro

    I am not sure if this is the right place for posting this. If not the mods have the permission to move it . Now, currently i own an Onkyo 595 receiver but in recent times it is more and more evident to me that it's power isn't sufficient to drive my speakers at higher volumes so i have decided...
  3. Boris_V

    Are NAD and B&W a good match?

    I ask since i'm about to buy one of the new NAD receivers (my current receiver is the Onkyo 595 but i want to upgrade), the T752 or T762, because i have heard good things about these receivers, especially for music reproduction (my main interest lies in home cinema but music is also important...
  4. Boris_V

    Receiver anomaly?

    Greetings! Something strange happened with my receiver. Suddenly all the controls went dead. The receiver was still working but I was unable to change any settings do to the fact that nothing happened after I pressed a button on the remote control and on the unit itself. I had to turn my...
  5. Boris_V

    Annoying hum

    For my taste there is to much hum that is produced from my speakers. When i come very close with my ears i can clearly hear the hum in the sound (receiver volume is set to 50), when i carefully listen i can swear i can hear it further away (normal listening position), too. If the volume level is...
  6. Boris_V

    Bass and treble

    I read in the manual of my Onkyo TX-DS595 receiver that the bass and treble adjustments are only for the plain stereo material (for the front two speakers), so i listened to some music (in direct mode) and found out that they don't do nothing at all. It makes no difference at what position i...
  7. Boris_V

    Crackling sound

    I'm a happy owner of a new home theater sound system. As i was listening to my new speakers for the first time my only reaction was: WOW!!! It was 10 times better than the sound my previous system was capable of producing (it was a cheap surround speaker system for the computer for about 130...
  8. Boris_V

    How to connect PC to receiver?

    How do i connect my soundcard to my receiver to transport digital material to it? I will use the digital out of my soundcard and the digital coaxial in of the receiver. The only cabel i found in stores is the jack to cinch (two of them - the cable splits at the other side so you actually have...
  9. Boris_V

    Front speaker placement

    My dilemma is the following: the center speaker will be about 0.5 meter above my head (off-axis). I know that's not the best position, since the tweeter and the midrange driver should be at the same level as the listeners ears, but it's the only option in my room. Now should i move the...
  10. Boris_V

    Center speakers

    Just a thought: Why have the center speakers often worse characteristics then the others, at least on the paper. For example they can't play that low, probably becouse of the smaller bas drivers they have. But isn't the center channel the channel where most of the action takes place? So i for...
  11. Boris_V

    100-inch projector for under 20$ !!!

    Have anybody tried this at Does it really work? I can't believe that you can build a 100-inch projector for less than 20$. Why then you must spend a whole fortune to get one in a store? If there is someone who possess the instructions already could this...
  12. Boris_V

    Crossover point

    I was just curious about one thing: i read that receivers have a fixed crossover point to the subwoofer (at least some of them). Now let us think you have speakers which are capable of playing sounds decent down to 150 Hz, but the crossover point on your receiver is 80 Hz, so you lose (you'll...
  13. Boris_V

    How to connect a subwoofer to the soundcard?

    I have a Sound Blaster Live 5.1 and the DTT2200 speaker system. The sound is really OK to me, only the bass is not strong enough so i decided to connect another active subwoofer to my soundcard. How could i do that?