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  1. Brian Kidd

    Recommendations for analog video processor

    Hey, folks. I love my LG OLED C7P, but I have several older analog video components, like an LD player and even a CED player, and I'm finding that it often does a terrible job of deinterlacing the signal. It's hit-or-miss, but mostly miss. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive video processor...
  2. Brian Kidd

    Paddington 2 UHD drove me to stream

    I'm a big fan of Paddington. I loved the stop-motion shorts when I was a kid and think the first film is a bona fide classic family film. I missed the second one in theaters and was looking forward to purchasing the 4K disc when it released... which it didn't in the U.S. Sadly, even a 100% on...
  3. Brian Kidd

    LG UP970 Disappointment

    OPPO spoiled me. I have an OPPO BDP-80 that has served me faithfully for around eight years. It was an "I'm getting a divorce and am going to spend more money than I should on myself" purchase. I remember when it arrived, it was one of the few times when unboxing a new piece of equipment felt...
  4. Brian Kidd

    Films/Supplements not on Blu or DVD... but on Laserdisc

    Hey folks. Sorry if this is out of place, but seeing as it has been a while since HTF had a Laserdisc section (I feel so old...), I wanted to pick the hive mind of the membership about something. What are some really good films or supplements (commentaries, essays, featurettes, still...
  5. Brian Kidd

    Are there any cases where streaming is better than physical release?

    What I mean by the question posed in the thread title is, for a film/show where there is a comparable resolution release on both physical disc and digital streaming (i.e. Blu-ray and 1080p Digital), are there any cases where the digital release is a better version than that released on disc? As...
  6. Brian Kidd

    Belladonna of Sadness restoration on Blu-ray

    For fans of mind-bending animation that overwhelms the senses and pushes one outside of their comfort zone, the upcoming release of the restored Belladonna of Sadness on Blu-ray is a reason to celebrate. The 1973 animated feature by Mushi Productions was unsuccessful upon its release, causing...
  7. Brian Kidd

    As data caps spread, how will this affect streaming?

    I'm one of the "lucky" folks whose ISP, Suddenlink, has decided to instate data caps. You know, to "protect the quality of service for the entire network."
  8. Brian Kidd

    Some Blu-rays and DVDs on Amazon are now only available to Prime members

    Until recently, I worked for Amazon, though only as low-level leadership in their Customer Service division. (I only mention this as a matter of disclosure. I obviously in no way speak for the company.) A few months before I left, I saw that Amazon was making certain products available only for...
  9. Brian Kidd

    LOONATICS...or How I Started Worrying and Skinned the Bunny

    WB, in all their wisdom has decided that Bugs and the gang just don't speak to kids the way they used to. The solution? Why superpowers and action, of course! It's all so simple! Why didn't they think of this before? It's pure genius! The fact that the original shorts have held up for over sixty...
  10. Brian Kidd

    Still-frame supplements. I miss them!

    Back in the days of laserdisc, many supplements consisted of text supplements including images and the occasional video clip. A few dvds that were ports of earlier ld sets carried these over, i.e. T2, and THE SOUND OF MUSIC. I'm going to go out on a limb with what I'm sure is an unpopular...
  11. Brian Kidd

    Shut up and SMiLE!

    I just got my hot little hands on an advance copy of Brian Wilson's new recording of the long-lost SMiLE album. Some quick impressions: The Music Phenomenal. I am blown away by the melodies that are at once singable and complex. These songs were written by Brian at the hight of his...
  12. Brian Kidd

    Creepy Kids' Films

    We've all seen movies that were made for a young audience that , for one reason or another, possess a distinctly dark vibe that might actually have the result of creeping out their target viewers. What are your favorites? What are some obscure titles that are still worth a look? I know that I...
  13. Brian Kidd

    PD disc review #1 "Great Bloodsucking Vampire Movies"

    Public Decency Review #1 The Home Theater Forum is a great resource for all of us folks with too much time on our hands and too much disposable income which we tend to blow on DVDs and overpriced a/v equipment. The members and moderators have done a fantastic job of informing the great...
  14. Brian Kidd

    Brief DAWN OF THE DEAD Divimax review

    I picked this up yesterday for a very attractive $11.50 at... a store. Just a few quick notes. Picture This is the best that I've ever seen the film look. While it will never look as good as a big-budget epic from Hollywood, AB has done a fine job of presenting us with a sharp, clear...
  15. Brian Kidd

    Krofft Marathon on TV Land tonight!

    Just a heads up that TV Land will be doing a marathon of Sid & Marty Krofft shows from 8pm-Midnight tonight, 2/17. Here's the schedule: 8:00pm #1 Sigmund & The Seamonsters/'The Monster Who Came To Dinner' 8:30pm #4 Electra Woman And Dyna Girl/'Return Of The Sorcerer' 9:00pm #1...
  16. Brian Kidd

    Need help digitizing library vinyl collection

    Hey all! I work at a university library and have been charged with the task of digitizing our rather large collection of vinyl. The idea is to eventually make the sound files available through some type of media server. Does anyone have any ideas of what type of equipment I should request...
  17. Brian Kidd

    We've created a monster. NINJA SCROLL to have version "reformatted for widescreen."

    Sigh. From the press release:
  18. Brian Kidd

    What makes MICKEY MOUSE IN LIVING COLOR so valuable?

    I bought these discs when they first came out. While I find the cartoons very well-animated and mildly amusing, I just don't find them as entertaining as the Goofy shorts or even the Silly Symphonies. So why is this set selling for so much more than the other Treasures sets? I know that everyone...
  19. Brian Kidd

    MGM DVDs 2 for $9.99 at Circuit City

    I'm surprised no one has posted about this here. I read about it on another board and thought I'd share the wealth. There are some good titles and you can't beat the price! The deal is supposed to continue until August 26th. The list of titles: Hoodlum Get Shorty Original Sin Battle of...
  20. Brian Kidd

    Bob Hope dead at 100.

    The news just came on that Bob Hope passed away. He was a great comedian and a fine human being. Thanks for the memories, Bob!
  21. Brian Kidd

    Reno 911: Funniest new show on television?

    I caught the premiere of this show on Comedy Central last night at 10:30. I had heard nothing about it until I saw some promo spots for it last night. The promos weren't the best, but I noticed that the show featured former The State members Kerri Kinney, Thomas Lennon, and Ben Garant. I decided...
  22. Brian Kidd

    Dreamworks out of the 2D animation business!

    It's a sad day. Yet another studio has abandoned traditional animation. You can read the story here. This is truly sad. I love computer animation as much as anyone. Heck, I think that the Pixar films have been the finest group of animated films to come out since the classic Disney years of the...
  23. Brian Kidd

    What has happened to DAY OF THE DEAD?

    Anchor Bay still has this on their website as arriving in August but don't seem to have it available for pre-order. Does anyone have any info as to whether or not this is still coming in August? I just sold my old copy of it last week.
  24. Brian Kidd

    David Brinkley dead at 82. He was one of the last true journalists to work in broadcast television and a true innovator. He will be missed.
  25. Brian Kidd

    Listing of Disney release dates for the next 18 months!

    The entire list is over at Jim Hill Media but some highlights include: 01/27/04 Pocahontas - Special Edition 01/27/04 Alice in Wonderland - Special Edition 01/27/04 Lilo & Stitch - Special Edition 08/17/04 Mary Poppins - Special Edition Personally, I can't wait for ALICE and POPPINS...
  26. Brian Kidd

    What games in the XBOX Platinum line are worth buying?

    So many "bargain" games are cheap for a reason. I've found some that are great, like BUFFY and MUNCH'S ODDYSEY, but what other cheapo XBOX games are worth a purchase? I'm po, but I still needs my gamin' fix. Any suggestions?
  27. Brian Kidd

    Good news about Walt Disney Treasures!

    Bill Hunt over at had the opportunity to chat with BVHE President Bob Chapek at the premiere of INSPECTOR GADGET 2: DIRECT TO VIDEO CASH-IN,( ) and he had good news about the TREASURES line!
  28. Brian Kidd

    All-In-Wonder 9000???

    I just purchased a pc online from HP yesterday and it's coming with an AIW 9000. I've never heard of this model. Is it a foreign card that they're just sticking in a US machine? I'm basically wanting to use it to back up my home movie VHS copies to DVD or SVCD. Anyone heard of this one?
  29. Brian Kidd

    WARNING to anyone planning to see METROPOLIS in Cincinnati!

    I was so excited to see that our local art house (The Esquire) was running the silent classic METROPOLIS. I've been waiting to see this restored version for a while now and never thought I'd see it on the big screen. I'm still waiting, unfortunately. When the lights went down at...
  30. Brian Kidd

    Will there ever be Japanese-style RPG's for the XBOX?

    I own and XBOX and love what the machine can do. I enjoy the heck out of HALO, BUFFY and JSRF. However I don't think I'll ever be 100% satisfied with it until I can play a decent console RPG. I tried MORROWIND, but found it cluttered and waaaayyy too open-ended for my tastes. Is there hope? I'm...