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  1. Ennsio

    Some help for my brother's FP basement HT

    I'm in the process of helping my brother build his home theater in the basement of his townhouse, and he wants to install a projector so he can get the big screen effect. I'm pretty well versed in the audio side of things from my personal experience and my involvement here on the forum, but not...
  2. Ennsio

    Question about Homer Simpson's aging montage last night

    For anybody who caught last night's Simpsons episode... There was a really cool montage of Homer Simpson growing up over the years that just had his head in the middle of the screen while the action in the background changed to reflect what he went through as he got older. It was pretty...
  3. Ennsio

    Loud Disc Drive on XBOX 360

    My friend just bought an XBOX 360 recently to upgrade from his regular XBOX and was telling me last night that the 360 is very loud when it is playing the game disc. He says it sounds like a helicopter. Is a loud disc drive a common issue with the 360? Is there any way to make it quieter?
  4. Ennsio

    Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote $100

    Saw this on the Canadian Dell website today. Usually sells for $188.99, now $99.99. I don't know how long this price will last or if it is relevant to shoppers in the U.S., but there's often interest in good, cheap universal remotes so...
  5. Ennsio

    No pricing now on Paradigm's website

    I looked on Paradigm's website out of curiousity to see if there was still such a discrepancy in prices between their speakers in Canada and the US, and noticed that they are no longer posting MSRP for their speakers on either the Canadian or American websites. Hmmm. Is this a move to reduce...
  6. Ennsio

    Cheap component cable from Monoprice

    Has anybody ordered component cable from Their prices are so much lower than anywhere else that I've looked, so I was wondering if the quality is much lower, or if there is something significant missing from the cables' construction. For example, prices for a 6ft component...
  7. Ennsio

    DVD Players that remembers your place in the movie?

    I have an older model Panasonic DVD player, and my wife constantly gets frustrated that she has to find the place in the movie or tv episode that she is watching when she turns on the DVD player again, compared to video where the tape would stay at the spot where she stopped it. Does anyone...