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    "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: The Motion Picture"

    This is one of those projects that you're never really sure will ever happen, but it took a decent step forward today. David O. Russell (Three Kings, the upcoming The Fighter) has been hired as writer/director of the project, based on the current Sony video game series. If you've never played...
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    "RED," October 15, 2010

    Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren as a team of deadly retired ex-CIA agents? This looks like a lot of fun, why the hell is it slated for October?
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    "X-Men Origins: First Class"

    I'm conflicted as to whether this is worthy of a thread yet, but It's sounding like this is indeed the next X-film on the horizon, and it's not what I was expecting. If this is true; Then Brian Singer is directing and it will be...
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    "Chuck" Season 3

    I don't think there's a thread for Chuck's upcoming season yet. I just posted this elsewhere; Originally slated to return next March, "Chuck" may return much sooner thanks to the brilliance of NBC executives.
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    *** Official ZOMBIELAND Review Thread

    Saw it this afternoon. I was expecting to like it with all the good reviews, but now I can't honestly give one of my own. After the totally unexpected "B.M." segment, I became completely biased and will love this movie for the rest of my life. You rock "zombie" B.M.
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    Re: *** Official QUANTUM OF SOLACE Review Thread

    Patrick I didn't catch that about Agent Fields. That's one of the better Bond girl names in a while and I can't believe they left it out of the movie. I really liked her as well.
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    Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes"

    It was reported in June that Warner Bros. had hired Guy Ritchie to write and direct a new Sherlock Holmes movie. It's said to be more action oriented than traditional Holmes. Since then we've found out that Robert Downy Jr. will be playing Holmes. Awesome. Last week it was rumored--and...
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    "The Ultimate Matrix Collection" in October?

    A five disc set featuring the movies and The Animatrix, plus a bunch of extras. I can't find any information about it other than this site though... :: News
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    Batman Begins Part III

    Well, with two down it's that time again. IMO, the three biggest questions as of now are; What will it be called? Who will be the villain? Should they recast The Joker? P.S., Expect 'Dark Knight spoilers ahead...
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    *** Official CLOVERFIELD Discussion Thread

    Want to see the monster? These are renderings of the monster by people who have seen the film, they vary a bit but you get the idea. The first image is said to be the closest. They're good works by the way, not doodles or anything. It looks pretty bad ass too. Cloverfield Update: Fans Draw...
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    HELP! My Desktop is Fraked!

    I've just noticed that when I place an image on my desktop as a background the brightness/gamma/contrast is significantly darker than it should be. If I'm viewing the image in a browser or in any other application it appears normal. I have adobe gamma but it's not active. I use Nvidia Control...
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    Xbox 360 Blu-ray player possibility

    From BBC News Xbox's Neil Thompson on the possibility of a Blu-ray victory over HD-DVD "We prefer to offer the consumer choice." Microsoft sells a HD-DVD player add-on for Xbox, which plays high definition movies in a rival format...
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    GUEST REVIEW legit?

    You're right, he's taking himself way too seriously.