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  1. LeoA

    Easy way to hide blurry 4:3 pillarboxing?

    I've been enjoying classic Winston Cup races that NASCAR has been uploading lately to their official YouTube channel, but some don't have black pillarboxing. Instead they take portions of the 4:3 picture, blurs it, and use that for pillarboxing. I absolutely distaste this and find it distracting...
  2. LeoA

    Trying to remember a children's book

    It involves early streamlined trains from the 1930's and the style of the illustrations is a lot like the Fleischer cartoon Play Safe. I'm pretty sure it was an old book at the time I'd of been interested in it over 25 years ago. Would've been meant for early elementary school age kids, like The...
  3. LeoA

    Green Acres Complete Series 10/17/17

    Good news for the fans that likely were starting to give up hope. Now if we'd just see Petticoat Junction and The Beverly Hillbillies completed. :)
  4. LeoA

    Nintendo Classic Mini announced

    It's about time that Nintendo enters this market. Hopefully a Super Nintendo Classic Mini follows in 2017. :)
  5. LeoA

    Pillarboxing with LED LCD's?

    I see warnings about minimizing how much non-16:9 content you view on these as I scan various models. Are stuck pixels and uneven aging really that much of an issue, or is this just overly cautious manufacturers protecting their backs? I predominantly view 4:3 television shows, academy ratio...
  6. LeoA

    PEANUTS: EMMY HONORED COLLECTION Looks like 'Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown' won't be without its followup DVD special after all. Warner Brothers has announced a new DVD collection for this fall. Two more Peanuts specials are set to...
  7. LeoA

    Upcoming games that you're looking forward to

    Another forum I visit has such a thread and it's regularly visited by the regulars, so I thought maybe it would be a good fit around here. To kick it off, here's my list of games I'm looking forward to (Ignoring PS4/XB1 releases currently slated for this year, since I've yet to acquire...
  8. LeoA

    Bing Crosby Rediscovered

    This PBS special looks interesting for the many Bing fans out there. Hopefully it will barely have anything about the accusations that I imagine most of us don't put too much stock into...
  9. LeoA

    Watch TCM and Time Warner Cable

    Has anyone checked out this service? How well does it work? I was exploring TCM's website last night and clicked on this and tried to give it a try only to discover that Time Warner is apparently just about the only provider that doesn't have an agreement. I don't see why they should even...
  10. LeoA

    Best represented year for tv on DVD

    Someone around here had a list of shows from the Fall 1965 tv season that have been released on DVD as season sets, but I was unable to find it just now. Could someone post an updated version? Thanks Also, doesn't Batman's release add another season? Looks like it started mid-season in...
  11. LeoA

    Mrs. Miniver CBS tv movie

    Is the 90 minute CBS movie adaptation from 1960 with Maureen O'Hara as Mrs. Miniver, extant? If so, does it happen to be available anywhere for viewing such as at the Museum of Television & Radio? I suppose it's just wishful thinking that this might be on DVD, even if it's just a public domain...
  12. LeoA

    1970's WWII documentary series GI Diary from Time Life narrated by Lloyd Bridges

    Any chance of this ever happening on DVD? It was a tv staple through the mid 1990's (I last saw it on the Discovery Channel where it was a regular part of their schedule for several years) and then vanished. Was excellent and seemed to be well liked. Would love to own it on DVD. I only have a...
  13. LeoA

    Loretta Young Show: Collecting all the released episodes...

    I own season 1 from Timeless and have four more episodes on a single disc release from a label called Critic's Choice. Would the 17 disc release from Timeless from last year give me everything that's already on DVD for this program? Or do I also need the season 2 and season 3 & 4 sets that...
  14. LeoA

    Is there video of Diane Renay singing Navy Blue?

    Wish I could find video of her performing this back on the day on something like Shindig, the Ed Sullivan Show, etc. It's one of the few favorites of mine from that era that I don't have a nice video of. Anyone know if she ever performed this on tv back then?
  15. LeoA

    Wii U gamepad doesn't always start the console?

    Anyone have this issue? Seems to come and go, forcing me when it does to start the system manually or with a Wii remote. Buttons are fine, gamepad always turns on, always stays connected once it's connected to the console, always turns off correctly by the power button, etc. Just sometimes...
  16. LeoA

    Road to Rio/Road to Bali; Did they ever make their way out on Blu-Ray?

    This HD-DVD release from a few years ago looked pretty nice. Did it ever find its out on the competing and ultimately victorious format? Tempted to track down a HD-DVD Xbox 360 drive just for this.
  17. LeoA

    Is 'Since You Went Away' on Blu-Ray?

    I could've sworn I've seen this promoted on Turner Classic Movies before. But a search just now didn't locate anything about such a release. Is this movie on Blu-Ray or in the plans for a Blu-Ray release? It certainly deserves the treatment that several notable classics like Mrs. Miniver have...
  18. LeoA

    Peanuts on DVD... Where are the last two movies?

    Not strictly TV on DVD, but like Looney Tunes and such, they're largely associated with the many tv specials so I'm posting this question here. Are there some sort of rights issues holding these up? Did the rights perhaps stay with Paramount instead of following the tv specials to Warner? It...
  19. LeoA

    Is there a replacement disc program for the M*A*S*H complete series collection?

    I got this as a gift several years ago. It was well known for the horrible packaging that didn't keep the discs secure and sure enough there were lots of "floaters" when I opened it. I went through each disc and the first episode seemed to play just fine and then I put it away since I had just...
  20. LeoA

    Help trying to remember a old movie.

    There was a movie I remember watching years ago that I'd love to see again. I don't remember many details, but it was B&W, the family wins a sweepstakes, their front yard gets filled with things that salesmen are trying to sell them after winning, etc. I thought Rosemary DeCamp was in it, but a...
  21. LeoA

    Dick Van Dyke Show - Season 3 cut episode?

    I've mentioned this here in the past, but in the Christmas episode titled "The Alan Brady Show Presents", I'm all but convinced something is cut. Almost exactly 15 minutes into the episode (Both on the DVD and what Hulu has available for viewing), the transition from Buddy and Sally doing...
  22. LeoA

    A-Team music intact on DVD's?

    There was a surprising amount of music on this program. I was curious if anyone has ever gone through and noticed when it's been kept intact and where it's been replaced? Was watching a episode on tv the other day that started with Surfin' USA from the Beach Boys and remember many other...
  23. LeoA

    Mister Ed Season 2 from Shout

    Something's strange with the runtime they listed. 780/26 equals 30 minutes per episode.Given that it's doubtful they're including over two hours worth of bonus material when they didn't even give us something approaching a uncut release of season 1 (Edit - I see season 1 did have some nice bonus...
  24. LeoA

    CVS Pharmacy Gets Exclusive 'Christmas Tales' DVD

    I wonder what the logic is of making this a store exclusive. It doesn't appear on CVS's website for sale and there isn't a retail location anywhere near me as best as I can tell, while pretty much every other drugstore I can think of has a location around here (Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kinney Drugs...
  25. LeoA

    Cheers DVD's - Are they uncut with no music substitutions?

    This is a series I'd like to start picking up, but I always wanted to find out how well they turned out first. I never saw it addressed in reviews as each season released, but is the music intact? Occasionally, licensed material such as songs played a prominent role on the show. From "Monster...
  26. LeoA

    Fraggle Rock - The Animated Series: Complete Collection

    Was hoping to solicit some opinions on this series. I've never seen a animated episode of Fraggle Rock, but have loved the well known main series utilizing muppets since watching it as a child when it first was syndicated on TNT in the late 80s. I think I could enjoy Fraggle Rock even if I...
  27. LeoA

    The King Family Show - Is it available on DVD?

    I'd love to get this on DVD, I've enjoyed what I've seen of it and would like to get the series on DVD. Has there ever been any releases of any episodes? There are clips of it on their official website, do they own it or does ABC retain the rights to it? I'd hope the family does, then maybe...
  28. LeoA

    DId fixed season 1 releases of Adam-12 and Emergency1 ever get released?

    Recently gone back to season 1 of each of these programs and am getting frusturated again at these poor quality disc. Did they ever fix these with a later run that is identifiable as fixed, or offer a disc replacement program for fixed versions of these disc? All the freezes are annoying on...
  29. LeoA

    The Dick Van Dyke Show - Are all episodes uncut?

    Been watching a lot of this excellent series recently and have gotten up to about the halfway point of season 3. So far, everything has seemed uncut and in excellent condition through seasons 1 and 2, and season 3 has been excellent for the most part. Besides the end credits for the season 3...
  30. LeoA

    Hogan's Heroes - The Complete Series

    Couldn't find a old thread with a title suitable to bump to discuss today's news, so I figured I'd create a new thread. This show is one of several that are on my radar of sets I'd like to eventually acquire, and I had a few questions about the DVD sets that I've been meaning to ask since I...